Where'd my maps go?

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Richard Carter

Nov 6, 2021, 3:05:07 PM11/6/21
to custom-m...@googlegroups.com

I write this as I'm standing literally in the woods, hiking. I rely on this app for my hiking map. All my maps have disappeared and I can't figure out how to load them again. I'll be ok but please tell me how to load back all the maps I created...

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
No SD card slot
Verified I still have Custom Maps folder in internal storage and app has storage permission.


Marko Teittinen

Nov 6, 2021, 3:13:42 PM11/6/21
to Richard Carter, Custom Maps users

Sorry about that. It seems Samsung phones remove the storage access permission when the app is updated to 1.8.1. Google Play Store rules require me to move all maps to the internal storage of the app instead of using the "public" internal storage on the phone.

All your maps are in a folder named CustomMaps in the phone's internal public storage. Not under Downloads, but "next to"  (at the same hierarchy level as) Downloads. There are two ways you can get them back:
  1. Open Google Files and navigate to the CustomMaps folder in the internal storage. Then tap each of the map files (they have .kmz extension) and they should open in Custom Maps. Other file managers may work, but unfortunately Samsung's "My Files" does not understand kmz extension and cannot be used.
  2. Uninstall Custom Maps app. Then reinstall it and before opening the app, give Custom Maps storage access permission by long pressing its icon and selecting "App info". Once it has been granted storage access permission, open Custom Maps and it will automatically migrate all the maps into the internal storage of the app.

Marko Teittinen
Author of Custom Maps

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Richard Carter

Nov 6, 2021, 3:27:32 PM11/6/21
to Marko Teittinen, Custom Maps users
Whoa, thanks for the quick reply! I did #2 and indeed it imported my maps! I'm still on my hike and now I know exactly where I am again.

Thanks so much for your help.

Diana Todd

Nov 9, 2021, 5:05:52 PM11/9/21
to Custom Maps users
Thank you Marko!  I had the same problem, used your fix #2, and got all my maps back.  Phew!
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