Java on Path required for deps?

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Bernd Haug

Jun 5, 2021, 5:08:39 PMJun 5
I (intentionally) have no java on the PATH these days; many JDKs
installed and I want to control what gets run in which, mostly to avoid
upgrade surprises when some SDK manager defaults to one or the other at
various times.

Cursive seems to have problems creating new deps projects that way - it
doesn't use the SDK selected for the project in IDEA but just emits:

2021-06-05 22:57:46,257 [ 381854]   WARN - #cursive.deps.DepsSettings -
Output from /usr/local/bin/clojure -Sdescribe: Couldn't find 'java'.
Please set JAVA_HOME.

Is there a way to make it use project SDK, or to set JAVA_HOME
specifically for it, or do I have to have some Java binary on the path

Colin Fleming

Jun 7, 2021, 3:09:45 AMJun 7
to Cursive Group
Hmm, yes, Cursive doesn't do this at the moment (set JAVA_HOME to the project SDK) when running -Sdescribe, but it probably should. I've filed In the meantime, I think you'll probably have to set JAVA_HOME for the IntelliJ process, at least, so that the subshell will pick that up.
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