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Mar 1, 2023, 8:18:35 PM3/1/23

Hi everyone,

Cursive 1.12.8-eap3 is out. This release fixes some more annoying REPL usability issues, this time around the REPL history search function.

Historically, the popup for the history search has had all sorts of rendering problems when there were large items in the history. Cursive now limits the displayed size of the items in the selection list, as well as displaying the namespace in which the form was executed. Filtering on typing still filters using the full text, also visible in the preview panel below. It's also now possible to delete items from the history from this popup, which also helps work around weird problems, for example issues saving settings when there are non-XML-safe characters in the REPL history.

There is one more change which might trip current users up. Previously, selecting a history item would cause it to be copied to the REPL editor, and you had to use shift to execute the form immediately. Since I added this feature, it has become clear that the workflow preferred by most people is executing forms directly from an editor rather than typing into the REPL editor. In that spirit, the default action is now to execute immediately, and you have to use shift if you want to copy the form to the editor. I apologise for the (hopefully brief) annoyance this might cause users with muscle memory already built up.

There is also a new action in the REPL menu, "Execute Bookmarked Form". If you have particular lines bookmarked, you can now quickly execute them in the REPL using a popup similar to the REPL history one. This is a little experimental, and I'm interested in feedback on how useful it is and how it might be improved. In particular, there's currently no support for executing a particular form quickly using the mnemonic shortcut for a particular bookmark - that's something I plan to add. As with the history popup, the forms are shown with the namespace in which they appear, and when executed they'll be executed in that namespace, as if they were sent from the editor.

Here are the issues:


  • Support Evaluating Bookmarked Forms #2623
  • Add ability to delete items from REPL history #1383


  • Sometimes unable to view diff on test failure #2723
  • REPL History window opens on secondary monitor #2294
  • REPL history hangs Intellij #1325
  • REPL Search History Renders Incorrectly #971


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