deps project w/ git coords is very slow

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Howard Lewis Ship

Feb 24, 2022, 3:14:13 PMFeb 24
I'm on a bit of an outlier case, but we have a large multi-module (50
modules!) project and it is using a good number of :git/url
coordinates for external libraries, and it can be slow (20+ minutes)
to synchronize when a deps.edn file changes.

Previously, we used :mvn/version dependencies for the external
libraries, and it was much faster (and deps.edn support was faster and
more stable than leiningen support, previously).

This has become a real pain point for me, and I wondering if Cursive
can do any parallelism or caching to speed it up.

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Senior Mobile Developer at Walmart Labs

(971) 678-5210
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