Cursive 1.12.3

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Apr 28, 2022, 1:45:10 AMApr 28

Hi everyone,

Cursive 1.12.3 is out. It’s a primarily a bugfix release, fixing bugs from 1.12.2, some older ones as well as one serious one affecting symbol resolution customisation. There are also related changes to the Optimise Imports feature, which is now less aggressive when removing requires in the presence of unresolved symbols, and a small quality of life improvement when creating new deps projects.

Since IntelliJ 2022.1 is now released, this is the last release with support for 2021.1 and 2020.3. I had maintained those longer than usual due to some bugs affecting the last releases.

Here are the issues:

  • Make Cursive more forgiving in cases of unresolved symbols #2682
  • Create src dir when creating new deps project #2675
  • Symbol resolution customisation bug #2683
  • Cursive 1.12.2 doesn’t handle multiple requires of same ns correctly #2678
  • Nested requires not resolved in 1.12.2-2022.1 / IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 #2676
  • spec alias shows as not being used when you import it via clojure ns in clojurescript #2673
  • Babashka REPL environment vars not getting set #2670
  • Run configuration with deps.edn alias fails #2617
  • Alias :main-opts not respected for nREPL configuration #2322


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