Cursive 1.11.0-eap2

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Aug 17, 2021, 11:13:08 PMAug 17

Hi everyone,

Cursive 1.11.0-eap2 is out. It fixes two serious bugs and also adds better support for the spelling checker in IntelliJ.

The first bug affects Deps projects. Recent versions of Deps have changed how the git support works, and that had broken support for this dependency type due to an API change (new versions of Deps now return :git/sha instead of plain :sha over the API). This is now fixed.

The second bug was that the test support markers would sometimes disappear soon after appearing for some users. Sometimes they would then reappear and sometimes not. This was due to a misunderstanding on my part of how to use one of the IntelliJ APIs, combined with some platform changes in 2021.2. The problem was only provoked for users who had other plugins installed which used a related IntelliJ API.

Finally, there’s now better support for the Grazie spelling and grammar checker built into IntelliJ. Clojure code will be checked if you configure it in the settings, and it will correctly distinguish between string literals and comments etc. Since this API changed significantly in 2021.2, this is only available from IntelliJ 2021.2 onwards.

Here are the issues:

  • Add support for Grazie grammar checker #2579
  • New versions of Tools Deps breaks git SHA support #2581
  • test markers not staying visible in gutter #2574


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