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May 21, 2022, 6:30:58 AM5/21/22

Hi everyone,

Cursive 1.12.4-eap1 is out. It contains support for the new 2022.2 IntelliJ EAP, which looks great since its bundled JVM is now a Java 17 one, which should have a lot of performance benefits. You can see some details in their release announcement under “JetBrains Runtime”.

This release also features a fairly major upgrade to the interactive testing facility, which fixes a lot of long standing issues. Cursive no longer tries to show you the diffs in tooltips, which would frequently lock the UI if the diffs were too big. There’s also an intention to show the diffs, which means that you can now do that using the keyboard. Context from the testing macro is now shown in the tooltips and in the title bar of the diff window, along with the assertion message, if any. Multiple diffs for a single assertion are now also handled better. Finally, this release also adds support for using test.check macros, and will mark them in the editor and allow you to see the shrunk case in case of failure. There’s still more to do here, which will be in the next EAP.

There are also some small upgrades to AOT compilation (mostly for my benefit, I suspect), and a couple of other bug fixes.

Here are the issues:

  • Add support for 2022.2 #2697
  • Identify context from deftest and clojure.test/testing in assertion failure #2387
  • “Show diff for error” intention #2229
  • Better test.check support #2170
  • Add feature to run test.check defspec under caret #632
  • Allow configuring AOT compilation to skip tests #2685
  • Multiple options not supported when creating lein projects from templates #2692
  • Cannot load file in REPL with an :as-alias require that would be a cyclic dependency if it were loaded #2690
  • Compiler error messages not correctly reported #2684
  • deps alias with segments in namespace provokes failure #2536
  • Displaying a very large diff for failed test completely hangs IDEA #2396
  • Large test result previews don’t display #2032
  • Limiting output in test tooltip/test results #1680
  • REPL logs error when running defspec #1525


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