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May 5, 2011, 8:39:20 AM5/5/11
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Same here, seems to freeze every hour...
not possible to find if frezing is because of communication between
metering unit or in bridge..
someone at cc who know about this?


May 7, 2011, 2:13:47 AM5/7/11
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I would guess if your saying every hour - check your dhcp lease time,
I will bet 100 quatloos your lease time is 1 hour ;)

change your lease time, use a different dhcp server - what are you
using now for dhcp, your router - which one?


May 9, 2011, 2:46:20 AM5/9/11
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Hi - lease time is set to 24 hours, can't be problems at that side I

My Router is a Linksys RV042 , normally working with ststic IP's, but
for this case set the dynamic IP-range to 1 IP, also fixed to the MAC
of the CC-bridge..

Also tried connect the bridge to a multimodem/router for ADSL, didn't
work at all. The bridge didn't fetch an IP,although all other PC's and
printers connected works fine..

Do you know something about how this is programmed? Is the bridge just
an ethernet adapter with software in display or also software
downloaded to bridge?

BR. Kjell
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May 9, 2011, 4:19:59 AM5/9/11
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OK - I've read your link

pretty good :)

I set lease time to 15 minutes - seems to be better.
Suppose this also explains why I didn't get the bridge to fetc new IP
when connecting to other router - bridge remember old IP for 24 hours?

Maybee the briudge should have had some timeout set for "not getting
IP - try renew" ?
Cfr. your link....

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