Connect to Web Bridge and P. C.

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Apr 25, 2011, 12:49:55 PM4/25/11
to Current Cost
Is it possible to connect to the Web Bridge and to your P. C.?


May 3, 2011, 11:01:37 AM5/3/11
to Current Cost
It is possible with a data cable modification. We do not currently
sell the cables. However, you can splice a Data Cable into the small
bridge cable. This will allow you to grab the XML via the Data Cable
and the bridge at the same time.

Keith McLaurin

May 3, 2011, 2:38:57 PM5/3/11
to Dan, Current Cost
I have a PC and bridge running off of a single Envi by having the PC
provide a serial port signal out to the bridge while receiving the
ENVI data stream from the CC USB cable. I had an Envi data connection
before the bridge was introduced and rather than replace the PC I
added the bridge. The PC I use is a laptop and uses about 15 watts of
power 24/7. The connection between the PC and the bridge uses a
hardware modified (cable cutting and RJ plug attachment) CA-42 'Nokia
USB phone cable' which uses a similar USB interface to the Envi. The
serial data stream is 'multiplexed' using virtual serial port emulator
(VSPE) and some python scripts to the current cost google power meter
client on the PC, the bridge through the modified USB serial
connection and UDP packet for other PC software development.
Additional data logging by SQLite and recording the XML data stream
are also done by the PC. I will be implementing a local web server to
http broadcast the local 6 second line power readings to allow a hand
held device (eg smart phone) to be used as a "wireless Envi display"
to provide real time feedback for investigating power consumption by
device and by phase -- line1 or line2. When the new current cost
board goes mainstream and provides some file support / attachments I
will provide the python scripts and any other details. Eventually I
hope to replace the PC with an Arduino and a pogoplug (Dockstar).

Match Fairy

May 16, 2011, 9:39:55 AM5/16/11
to Current Cost
Wouldn't a small phoneline splitter do the same thing?


May 10, 2011, 9:46:13 AM5/10/11
to Current Cost
I had the same issue, trying to connect both the bridge and my PC at
the same time. I successfully created a cable today, it seems to power
the bridge ok whilst the USB/PC cable still works.

I made a Cat5 cable with 3x RJ45 female sockets - one at each end, and
one spliced into the middle. Then patched the middle outlet into the
bridge, one end into the display and the last into the PC USB/Serial

In hindsight, the easiest way would have been to use a brand new
network cable - punch down each of the 8 wires into an RJ45 outlet in
the middle, then plug 2x female2female RJ45 connectors onto each end.

That would only require the outlet in the middle to be done by hand,
everything else just clipping together (using one of these at each end
of the cable

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