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May 13, 2011, 7:10:08 AM5/13/11
to Current Cost
I have the current cost meter and bridge set up and I have it enabled
for Google PowerMeter. Both the and the Google
interfaces work fine and I can see data on both.

I am currently trying to download the consumption data directly
through google power meter and I have it nearly working through a
provided python script from google. The only thing I seem to be
missing is a variable name which I need to append to the end of this
argument "/user/12406511174510224903/12406511174510224903/variable/
currentcost.CurrentCostBridge.3046" to download from Google power

So basically the entire argument to run the script is the following:
"./ -v $TOKEN /user/
currentcost.CurrentCostBridge.3046 --min=01d"

From what I can pick up, I think it should be something like .d1 that
gets appended but that does not work for me.

Has anyone else got this to work?

thanks in advance,



May 16, 2011, 1:42:57 PM5/16/11
to Current Cost
I get that information from the CurrentCost application that runs on
the PC - version x.x.24 by enabling debug information. The token and
user ID information is displayed there and you can copy from the
screen and paste to another file. I could not get the logging directly
to a file option to work. Also you get part of the information from
the Google PowerMeter Settings menu but it will not show the .dx value
and the GPM CC data is duration based.{20digits}/{20digits}/variable/currentcost.envi.MyEnvi.d1/durMeasurement

======Sample log with Token and User removed.==========

Command: [7/30/2010 6:34:32 AM] Hitting google
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:32 AM] authToken: {YourToken}
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:32 AM] id:{20digituser}/{20digituser}/variable/currentcost.envi.MyEnvi.d1/durMeasurement
Response: [7/30/2010 6:34:32 AM] Success talking to google: OK - OK
Status: [] Using the authToken:{yourToken}
Response: [] Using the path:{20digituser}/{20digituser}/variable/currentcost.envi.MyEnvi.d1/durMeasurement
Command: [] checking db for live data...
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Status: Data last uploaded 2010-07-30
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Status: Looping through the live data
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Status: Live database records found
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Status: Building the XML for google
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Building the file for Google PowerMeter
with 87 records
Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?
><feed xmlns="" xmlns:meter="http://" xmlns:batch="
gdata/batch"><entry><category scheme="
2005#kind" term=""/
meter:startTime><meter:duration meter:uncertainty="1.0">588</
meter:duration><meter:quantity meter:uncertainty="0.001"
meter:unit="kW h">0.142753333333333</meter:quantity></entry></feed>

Command: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Start batch uploading

Status: [7/30/2010 6:34:44 AM] Ready to post to Google PowerMeter
Response: [7/30/2010 6:34:44 AM] Response Status Code is OK and Status
Description is: OK
Response: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] Batch upload to google complete: 87
records Successfully posted to Google: OK

Response: [7/30/2010 6:34:33 AM] db updated
Response: [] Live upload compled successfully

=== End of log ====


May 17, 2011, 4:59:02 AM5/17/11
to Current Cost
Thats brilliant. Ill check this out and try it. Thanks very much
Neko :)


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