GPM Updater software, error messages & lost data.

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May 10, 2011, 6:38:04 AM5/10/11
to Current Cost
In the last few days I have lost so much data on Google Powermeter
because of failed uploads that I'm about ready to throw my hands up in
the air and simply stop logging.

The GPM updater simply errors out in Windows, popping up a dialogue
box stating "Live Upload Failed. Returned Message: There is no
database records for the live data".

This morning I woke up to 38 of these dialogue boxes and no updates to
GPM since about 9:30 last night. I also lost virtually all of our
weekend data as well when we went away Friday and it crashed out on
Saturday morning.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any idea why?


May 10, 2011, 1:24:23 PM5/10/11
I get this occasionally on my solar generation record. [It's a damn nuisance having to close down all those windows  in some order I don't quite understand]. I can't be certain of the cause but I've always put it down to an overloaded PC (Its running at 40%-100% most of the time). Once I can disconnect from the Envi and reconnect it sails on merrily.

The good news is that you have not lost your data. The raw data is sitting in a SQLite Database on your PC. Its a bit of a chore to reprocess, but its quite easy to drag it into MS Excel to crunch the numbers and graph them. I haven't tried to reload to GPM but it looks possible via the API. If you go down this path be aware that the timestamps on the logged data are in GMT. I'm 10hours ahead of GMT and my first attempt had peaks in the middle of the night!

If you need any pointers on how to proceed I'm happy to expand on it.


May 10, 2011, 8:20:12 PM5/10/11
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A couple of things that may help.

- Turn on logging / debugging and you can see the activity with google
on the data upload. I typically see 80 to 90 records of the 100
processed for each 10 minute interval.

- there is a SQLite addin for firefox that works well to extract the
data from the database. It doesn't upload the data to google but you
can look to see what it has collected. Also there is a queue table
that shows the transmissions to Google but I'm not sure what to tell
you to look for in the queue table. If you really want to get the data
back into Google, there is an API document from Google that describes
what has to be done. It doesn't look easy but it is doable.



May 11, 2011, 1:44:40 AM5/11/11
Hah! I had barely submitted the above when I struck the same problem. Gave me a chance to look into it while it developed.

Firstly, Nothing to do with PC load.  My 9y-o PC was loafing along at 30%.

What happened was that I lost my WAN Connection. Home network was OK so I missed checking on the Cable Modem initially, When I did i saw in the modem log that it had  lost its lease to the ISP server and couldn't renew. It happened at almost the same time.

Looks to me like CCPM can't recover once a second connection to the server is spawned. After that its downhill all the way. 
I'll test his by turning off the modem for 10 and 20 minutes. - Probably tomorrow.

Dexter McIntyre

May 11, 2011, 8:59:47 AM5/11/11
I've noticed the same happens with my system.


seekeraftertruth wrote:
> Hah! I had barely submitted the above when I struck the same problem.
> Gave me a chance to look into it while it developed.

John h

May 14, 2011, 1:26:21 AM5/14/11
to Current Cost
I had this happen last night. It was a real pain closing all the
error boxes.

What needs to be done is the software should store any data that has
not been sent due to connection issues and then attempt to resend at a
specified interval until successful.
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