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Rich Kemp

May 5, 2015, 10:16:08 AM5/5/15
to culham-...@googlegroups.com
Dear all,

We're trying to put together a proposal to management that they might let us have some space for a bike workshop on site, where people could work on their bikes and also offer advice to other cyclists on bike maintenance and repair -- e.g. if someone has an equipment failure on the way to work and they want to do a good enough job to get themselves home but don't have the experience to know how, hopefully there would be someone around to help out.

As well as some equipment and consumables, there would need to be a group of volunteers who could be around -- say at lunchtime and after work for a while, a few times a week -- so that people who need advice know when they can come and talk about bikes. If we have enough people we can work out a rota so that any one person is not needed too often. The plan would also be for the more experienced to help train the less experienced, and if possible to organise links with, for example, the Oxford Broken Spokes Co-op (http://bsbcoop.org/ ) to run some training or similar. Ambitiously we would aim for there to be one or two old bikes (perhaps abandoned ones from site) that people could practice stripping down and rebuilding before working on their own bikes for the more complicated jobs.

If you would be willing to volunteer to help out, please let me know. This is the sort of thing that can only really get running with enough people interested on site to maintain the facility.



May 6, 2015, 4:58:43 PM5/6/15
to culham-...@googlegroups.com
Hi Rich,

I like the flavour of this, but suspect it might be a tall order to man a workshop on a rota.  (I stand to be proven wrong by a welter of enthusiasm for this!)

How about a lower effort variant that mainly responds if there is clear demand:
---  space where we have a bunch of bike tools, consumables, and possibility to work on a bike indoors if its rubbish weather
--- ADVERTISE a list of people who are willing to e contacted IF someone needs help with something specific?
---  occasional guru sessions where someone demonstrates a particular job?

Just my tuppence ha'penny's worth


PS Your email was just flagged to me by Clive in the KHB!!
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