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Dec 11, 2017, 3:37:53 PM12/11/17
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Cubes Viewer Studio Server
Issues with 

"In order to use CubesViewer, you need to have a working installation and configuration of the latest version of Cubes Framework version." 
*link refers to which gives a 404

"Once the application is configured, we need to initialize the backend database. Django applications are initialized using the script. Move into your cubesviewer-server/cvapp directory and run the manage script with the syncdb option:

python syncdb"

* Doesn't work and gives an error because "syncdb" has been replaced with "migrate"

"You will be prompted for an "admin" user and password. This is the user that will have access to the administration section."

* No prompt appeared. You have to use the createsuperuser to create the user.

Finally the application ran ok but could not connect to cubes. I realised that I had not started cubes.
I was not able to get cubes to run after many attempts at fixes including reinstall, install on separate machine. Even the hello_world demo doesn't work. 

I get the following error when trying to run slicer:
SyntaxError: Non-UTF-8 code starting with '\x90' blah blah
I have tested with 2.7 3.7 python.

I suspect this error is related to the installation routine and/or at the point slicer.exe is created but i am fairly new to python so its just a wild guess. Before i started with CubesViewer I did have cubes running and slicer worked but somehow after all the messing around and reinstalls it got messed up and no longer works.
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