Cross compilation with clang and LLVM tools

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Grigori Fursin

May 26, 2019, 4:41:46 AM5/26/19
to Collective Knowledge, ctuning-discussions

BKK19-210 - Cross compilation with clang and LLVM tools.

Clang and the LLVM tools promise to be a drop in replacement for gcc and
support cross compilation out of the box. In practice trying to make
this work can be a frustrating experience, with little documentation or
guidance available. This presentation will distil some of the experience
gained by TCWG, covering: - Clangs model of cross compilation and how it
differs from gcc. - Why there isnt a clang cross-compilation toolchain
that I can download. - Building a toolchain based on as many LLVM tools
and libraries as possible. - How to use clang when cross compiling with
cmake. - How some existing open source projects use clang tools
targeting Arm and AArch64. - Common problems encountered when using
clang as a substitute for gcc.

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