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Oct 21, 2019, 9:12:47 AM10/21/19
to CTAT Users
I've been trying to add detectors to my tutor. I've created new folders to represent the path as it is shown from the download page.
Example: HTML/Assets/Detectors/Adaptivity/gaming.js
But when I import a detector directly from the HTML editor, the file is added directly to HTML/Assets/gaming.js
Which is the correct method? The quick start guide is as follows:

Including detectors in an HTML tutor
- Insert the following line into the head of your tutor interface. Transaction_mailer_users.js handles messaging between detectors, the tutor, and TutorShop (if you are running the tutor from TutorShop):
<script src="Assets/tutor_adaptivity/transaction_mailer_users.js"></script>

- Now, open ../HTML/Assets/tutor_adaptivity/transaction_mailer_user.js in a text editor.
- Examine the “scripts” property of the TransactionMailerUsers object. This property should list the detectors that you would like to have active in your tutor, by their relative file paths.

Do I have to create the folders and add the scripts?

Thank You
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