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Jan 4, 2009, 8:28:01 AM1/4/09
to cssutils
I removed the with Epydoc generated API docs and the somehow doubled
self generated HTML docs from the RST doc files to a new combined
documentation based on Sphinx. It is available online directly from
the SVN:
(generated files should not be in the SVN but it is quite nice in this
case as docs do not have to reside on a different server. Google Code
does not support Sphinx directly (yet? ;)...)

Also most docs from the cssutils homepage on
is moved into these docs now (the remaining examples will probable
also be moved).

Not all docs especially the API docs are perfectly markup'd yet but
should be usable. Please let me know if you see any major problems,


Jan 4, 2009, 8:29:53 AM1/4/09
to cssutils
BTW, the docs refer to a release 0.9.6a1 is not released yet but will
be later this month I guess (not many changes yet, see the CHANGELOG
in the online docs)...
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