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 CSR Racing 2 – cash, keys and gold. Cash is the soft currency and you can earn it by winning races and investing back into various car upgrades. You can also buy cash in the in-game store for real money. Gold can be used instead of cash to buy cars and import car parts immediately and avoid waiting for them to arrive. Since gold is not easy to win, you can easily buy it for real money through in-app purchases and there are several packages of gold purchases, from 300 gold for $2.99 to 16,500 gold for $99.99.

Keys are a bit more complicated. There are three types of keys in the game – bronze, silver and gold. The keys are used for the game’s gacha element and they unlock different tiers of random rewards. You can also buy them for real money (100 bronze for $0.99), and the bronze keys get you a selection for car parts which you can use to upgrade cars. Silver keys (50 for $2.99) can get you a random car of any quality, and 10 gold keys ($9.99) will score you a rare car of at least 3-star quality. 

There are various packages of currencies you can buy. If you want a quick start you can get the starter bundle which has 500 gold, 56,000 cash, and 350 bronze keys priced at $2.99. This is more than enough to get you through a lot of races or at least the first Crew Battle. 

However, there are many people who’d like to avoid spending real money for in-app purchases. Without currencies it is hard to progress in the game, and you can easily get free cash and gold for CSR Racing 2. All you have to do is figure out how to hack CSR Racing 2, and we are here to help!


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