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Veselin Penev

May 16, 2013, 4:02:08 AM5/16/13
I made a rebuild and modify the Cspace code.

Get rid of ncrypt library, now it is using pyOpenSSL and python-crypto instead.

Ncrypt library is no longer supported and unit tests was failed on Ubuntu machines.
So I decided to replace it with another OpenSSL wrapper. I am using pyOpenSSL in my project so this was my choice.

I can not understand yet how to make Diffie-Hellman key exchange in pyOpenSSL so this stuff was disabled, however old CSpace code has it.
Also set_session_cache_mode and set_mode for SSL.Context is not yet supported in pyOpenSSL so I cant use it. All other things seems to be working correctly.

The new public keys location is placed on our Identity server:

The root DHN Network node is started on our web hosting machine: http://DataHaven.NET.

I do not have access to .
You can get the sources from here:

I wish to use this library to improve peer to peer communications in my project called DataHaven.NET. Going to build another transport protocol using CSpace to transfer encrypted files between users, CSpace seems to be very smart library to do that. 

Not sure yet how to organize public keys for CSpace users. Because DataHaven.NET users will need to have own keys too and they will be mixed with CSpace users. 
I think would be smarter to make another public key store for CSpace users only.

Jose Becerra

Jun 10, 2013, 1:24:37 AM6/10/13
Hi Veselin, I like to know if you know how can I change the Key Server config in CSpace, because I cant use it, I cant register or make whatever. 

Veselin Penev

Jun 10, 2013, 1:58:22 AM6/10/13
Did you tried mine code? 
It should be working with the new Key Server.

I made lots changes in the original code. 
If you have plans to use original code I dont think I can help you, because I store Keys in text format now but original code .uses binary format.
You can scan the code and search the string "". This is the old key server location but the server is not working now.

Connect me if you need more help with CSpace.


Sep 17, 2013, 5:28:58 PM9/17/13
Hi Veselin,

I tried your new version and I can generate the keys. But the connection fails... Do you know why?

How can I setup a identity server on my raspberry pi? I will share the keys with my friends.



Sep 20, 2013, 8:53:22 AM9/20/13
Hi Michael,

I've gone the other way and revived the old CSpace code and created a key server and a DHT-Server/Router. I also compiled a new version of ncrypt for the Raspberry Pi and CSpace itself, the key server and the DHT server may run on the RPi. I've also got a linux (Ubuntu 12.04) version of everything and a Windows version of the client. Everything is already in use inside a small private circle.

The key server is not public and is managed with user accounts. So small groups can be founded which use their own keyserver and DHT-server.

The new CSpace version has also a lot of changes regarding security matching current standards.

I'll publish it within the next few weeks. Contact me in the Raspberry Pi forum by PM, if you like. My nick there is "gkreidl".

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