Group Project: Milestone 1

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Thomas Hayes

Apr 19, 2011, 4:03:45 AM4/19/11
Hi class,

The first project milestone will be due this Friday, by midnight.
However, I hope that most of you will be able to finish it up during
your lab section on Wednesday (the TA's will be going over the basics
of Subversion, and what you need to do).

If you have not yet found the members of your group, BE SURE to
come to your lab section, so you can get your group formed! The
TA's will be checking to make sure they have a list of who is in each

For Milestone 1, you will need to set up a Subversion repository for
your group's project, and to check in some skeleton files that we will
provide for you (in another Subversion repository). (These will look
famililar, from Lab 6.) Additionally, each person on your team will
check out the file, add a Javadoc comment (at the top of
the file), containing an @author tag with his/her name, then re-commit
the modified file back into the repository. This should be done
sequentially, with three separate checkouts and commits. It is
essential that you all master this skill, so that your team members
can work somewhat independently on your codebase, without accidentally
overwriting each other's code.

You will also send an email to the instructor and TAs providing the login
information for your subversion repository. We will use this to keep tabs
on your progress, and also to monitor who is doing what within each group.

We will send out further information about how to set up a subversion
repository, and how to work with one within Eclipse. As mentioned above,
this Wednesday's lab will be a great chance for you to learn these skills,
and to meet with your teammates.

I will discuss the further Milestones in separate emails, but here is a
capsule summary, with due dates.

Milestone 1 (subversion): By this Friday, 4/22.
Milestone 2: complete all TODO's in the provided class hierarchy.
By next Wednesday, 4/27.
Milestone 3: implement a Board Editor class, with a GUI interface
that allows the user to create or modify a layout of Roborally Tiles,
and save to/read from a file. By the following Monday, 5/2.

Your final exam will be held during the last regular class period, 5/6.

Ultimate project deadline: Wednesday 5/11, by midnight. Once you have
successfully completed Milestone 3, if desired, you may choose to add
further features to your project, of your choice. However, I will
expect each group to send your TA and me a detailed outline of what
you have in mind, at least a week in advance (by Wednesday 5/4), so
that we can provide you with guidance.

Happy coding!

Joseph Collard

Apr 20, 2011, 12:29:41 AM4/20/11
Attached are instructions for setting up an SVN repository using your
netid and password. If you are on a mac / linux computer you can use the
built in "ssh" command from the terminal. If you are using Windows,
download Putty here:
<>. It is a free ssh
application for windows. You will need to log into the
machines to set up an SVN. If you would like to set up your SVN
somewhere else, this is fine. However, you will need to provide the TAs
with an account for logging into your repository to check up on you.

Finally, once you have Subclipse set up in Eclipse (also in the attached
file), you should connect to the following repository:

Please check out this project and copy it over to your repository (which
you set up using the attached instructions). Once done, create the file in the correct location add an @author tag (as
described in Professor Hayes' email). Commit it. Then, have the
remaining group members check out add their name and commit. This MUST
be done by Friday. We will be helping you fix any issues you have in lab
tomorrow. If you are unable to bring your laptop, please bring your
workspace on a flash drive. If you bring your workspace directory any
packages you install using Eclipse on the lab machines will be installed
when you return to your workspace on any other computer.

See you in lab!




Apr 20, 2011, 2:37:23 PM4/20/11
i committed my file, and it gave me this error message
add -N /media/C0DCF17CDCF16CD2/workspace/Group SVN
svn: '/media/C0DCF17CDCF16CD2/workspace/Group SVN Project/src/board'
is not a working copy
svn: '/media/C0DCF17CDCF16CD2/workspace/Group SVN Project/src/board'
is not a working copy

the file was committed, but I was wondering if there was anything else I
needed to do before friday. Thank you very much!

Timothy Crisler

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