Re: Endless Loop - possible Bug?

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Hendrik Brandenburger

Apr 29, 2004, 10:17:23 AM4/29/04
I tried to the Bug in my Code, but i can not find anything. I have
reduced my code somewhat more, but the problem remains. Can it be a bug
in Crypto++ or do i something wrong?.

> Hello to all,
> i have some problem with crypto++.
> First, i use Crypto++5.1 on Windows XP Proffessional, my development
> Enviroment is Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.
> My problem is as following: I try to create an InvertibleRSAFuction
> Object and initialize it with the private exponent the public exponent
> and the modulus. Probably I do something wrong because after calling
> Initialize the object goes in an endless loop. Please can someone say
> what i doing wrong. As attachement there is a minimal sourcecode that
> produces the error.
> Thanks
> Hendrik

Wei Dai

Apr 29, 2004, 10:54:38 AM4/29/04

The RSA key you pass in is not a valid key (the modulus is even,
which can't be valid), and also the order in which the parameters are
passed is wrong.

I've added checks to the code in CVS to detect invalid keys when only n,
e, d are passed in and to throw an exception in that case instead of going
into an infinite loop.

Hendrik Brandenburger

Apr 28, 2004, 8:54:36 AM4/28/04
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