Cruiser and BRouter.

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Nov 2, 2022, 11:35:54 AM11/2/22
to Cruiser Users
Cruiser in conjunction with the BRouter app offers.

- U-turns (180°) activated by via or shaping point at the same located trackpoint.
- Turnpoints and via and or shaping points are transferred in the gpx navigation track.
- Straight (bee)line support that is also added and transfered in the gpx navigation track.
- A tool to prevent unexpected track glitches due to slightly misplaced planing points.

All this is currently only testable by installing the next Beta Brouter app.
Download and install (or update) by the apk.  BETA (tested) version !

In a next post more info how to activate the trackglitch prevention tool.

Translated with (free version)


Nov 2, 2022, 1:33:56 PM11/2/22
to Cruiser Users
Avoid trackglitches tool

Currently only available in Android. 
By the offline (beta) BRouter app operation

- A nice HELP tool devised by BRouter designer afischerdev. Thanks.
- Optimal is so a careful design then this tool should not even intervene.
- Always place the planner points slightly away from critical road junctions

How to activate the avoid trackglitches tool ?  
- MUST use the current BRouter Beta app.
- Add next text lines in your preferred routing profile(s).

assign correctMisplacedViaPoints = 1
assign correctMisplacedViaPointsDistance = 40

As such short out-and-return track glitches followed by a u-turn are corrected up to 40m.
If a planner point is placed further away inclusive a generated u-turn, it is assumed that it is so plotted anyway.
The 40m correction distance can be set freely but this is a fairly correct well-chosen distance anyway.

Find a single example by the trekking profile.
This has been renamed to trekking_ap1.brf
You can add to the Brouter profiles2 folder.

In the Brouter app, you can than freely set 6 profiles.
In the gif find a BRouter app and Cruiser app setting example.

All these active 6 Brouter profiles are so selectable in the Cruiser app.
Example in the Cruiser app you do than select Bike Shortest. (trekking_ap1.brf)

Find a  trackglitch correction demo in the next gif image.

A (not announced) shaping point triggers a trackglitch or does not ?

- 40 meter distance is corrected so does not create a glitch nor a u-turn.
+ 40 meter (44) distance is to be considered a correctly planned u-turn.

Op woensdag 2 november 2022 om 16:35:54 UTC+1 schreef Willy:
Profiles selection Brouter and Cruiser app.gif
Avoid trackglitches_false turninstructions.gif


Nov 2, 2022, 4:23:41 PM11/2/22
Thanks for the very useful information Willy!

Next BRouter will be a very interesting release with all the planned improvements.
And the straight line profile will be very useful in route planning (like on the website).

Everyone can test the next BRouter 1.6.4 (with straight line) with the new Cruiser 3.



Nov 3, 2022, 4:03:49 AM11/3/22
to Cruiser Users
Cruiser_BRouter straight line.

Indeed, in the attached .gif image find out editing is similar to the BRouter web version operation.
Press a segment between two planner points, then choose the desired straight line profile and done.
Android gpx navigation track export includes the segment profile in addition to turn via and shaping points.

By gpx navigation track transfers, you continue an edit after (re)import and adjust as desired.
To repair unintended changes, use Cruiser menu history to go back to a previous situation(s).

To know.
Currently only offered by Android Cruiser app PLUS the Brouter BETA version.
Desktop Cruiser through the current online BRouter service does not (yet) offer.
Find a short demo track inclusive a straight line segment in the attachment.
Contains 2 very short immediately consecutive straight line segments.

Op woensdag 2 november 2022 om 21:23:41 UTC+1 schreef Emux:
Segment profile switch straight line to none and back.gif
Add extra info by announced via points.gif


Nov 7, 2022, 12:16:34 PM11/7/22
to Cruiser Users

Jürgen Dörr

Nov 8, 2022, 3:33:17 PM11/8/22
to Emux, Cruiser Users
Not sure if I understand the use case of the straight line profile. In what cases is this useful - if you want to route through a route which is closed and the navigation refuses to use it? Or if there is no road on the map, but you know a way how te get through it (e.g. Offroad)?

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Nov 9, 2022, 2:31:40 AM11/9/22
to Cruiser Users
Read: Website > = Cruiser_Bouter app.

Op dinsdag 8 november 2022 om 21:33:17 UTC+1 schreef Frog:

Nov 9, 2022, 9:05:28 AM11/9/22
to Willy, Cruiser Users

Thanks, Willy. I will also hardly ever cross continent borders with my motorbike – but a useful use case will be to route through streets where you have an interruption of the street (digitalization error) in the OSM database – this I have discovered already several times, and this is then a great feature to force the routing over this break – which is otherwise not possible.

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