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Jan 11, 2022, 5:27:46 PMJan 11
to Cruiser Users
Been using cruiser for navigating for several years. Seems to do everything I need while still remaining a relatively simple app. I also follow and use Osmand but this app has grown into something that can be difficult to comprehend.

Just updated to cruiser 2.1.2 from cruiser 1.9. I am at  a loss as to how to create the routing data from the pbf file. What happened to the "create graph" menu pick under the "routing" menu in the desktop version?
thx for help


Jan 12, 2022, 4:12:44 AMJan 12
GraphHopper dropped support of offline routing and Android compatibility.
(and it does not work with Android scoped storage)

And it constantly changes its public API, so it is impossible to maintain graph creation in Cruiser.
If you want to create graphs, please see the instructions in Cruiser website.
You can create offline routing graphs with mapsforge-creator or GraphHopper 1.0.

But it is better to use BRouter for offline routing. Installation instructions:


Jan 12, 2022, 10:05:16 AMJan 12
to Cruiser Users
thx for the reply.
Is there a simple file to download to create the routing data?
I have to admit I'm confused as to what is going on with cruiser version 2.

Creating routing data from a custom pbf required some level of skill for cruiser version 1. I was able to do
this since I have a electrical engineering degree. But for most people its was beyond their ability.
(I create a custom pdf file of a tri-state area so i can route across state lines)
Which was was quite simple.

1. I used BBBike to create custom pbf.
2. Then cruiser desktop to create routing data.

I even was able to osmfilter and osmconvert as part of my flow to create routing files of the
entire United States. By filtering road data only keeping the high level "motorway" down to
"secondary_link" I created a very sparse routing data network. I could the route across the
entire USA in a matter of seconds. I don't need residential roads while traveling.

Now with version 2, the skill level required is much higher. Is cruiser version 2 only intended for developers to use?
Does anyone actually download cruiser from the google app store and use it? I'm at a loss as to what is going
on with what used to be my favorite navigation app.

I suppose I can just remain with cruiser version 1. It works quite well. But is this the end of the
road(no pun intended) for Cruiser  for the average person?

from a very sad cruiser user.


Jan 12, 2022, 10:11:50 AMJan 12
As mentioned above, it is better to use BRouter offline routing.

It has cross border routing and you can customize the profiles.

Installation instructions:

- Download BRouter app

- Run it and select storage location
- Zoom / select the regions to download the routing data

- Select BRouter (offline) in Cruiser settings


Jan 12, 2022, 10:27:34 AMJan 12
to Cruiser Users
I will investigate.


Jan 12, 2022, 10:35:40 AMJan 12
Applications can not do anything about GraphHopper library.
It is GraphHopper decision about Android support and offline routing.

In the future GraphHopper may be removed completely from Cruiser.

So please use BRouter for offline routing.
Now it is the best supported offline router on Android.


Jan 12, 2022, 12:32:14 PMJan 12
to Cruiser Users
Got Brouter working. I have to admit that was painless.
Playing with it but it seems to work fine.

I guess the only thing I will miss is being able to do an
accurate route 5000km in only a few seconds by using the
sparse routing graphs I was creating. But I will admit that this ` is
not what I do on a normal basis. Typically I only route a few hundred km
at a time. But it was fun to play with very long routes and seeing them
completed in a few seconds.

Cruiser is the most elegant routing app in my opinion.
Clear, simple, and to the point.

I still play with osmand, and it works quite well, but in my
opinion its an example of
"design by committee"  and  "creeping elegance".

thx for your help.


Jan 13, 2022, 3:37:42 AMJan 13
Thanks for the kind words!

If you have ideas for any improvements in Cruiser,
please create new topics and write your thoughts.

I can check to see what is possible for the future.


Jan 14, 2022, 12:59:04 PMJan 14
to Cruiser Users
It's always temping for an engineer make suggestions. We will improve it to the point
making it impossible to use. I can't make any suggestions at this time. I gravitated to
Cruiser because it was easy to learn with out a manual(good measure of software quality)
If 15 minutes I understood the whole app. And I do really like Osmand,. But there is
no way I could ever teach my wife how to use Osmand with out us getting divorced.
Cruiser has everything for it's stated purpose of navigating from point A to B but  no more
than necessary. Has the ability  to select maps and graphs and you have both 2d and 3d
map projections. All organized in a menu system that simple to master. I'm a retired
Electrical Engineer and worked for Motorola for 30 years. Mostly the semiconductor
group designing the chips that go into cell phones. I've written a lot of software but
mostly what I would call in the "small". Little chunks of software to test a small section
of a cell phone or to achieve some mathematical purpose. Never written any large
piece of software. Too much complexity to manage. I'm going to keep following
cruiser. Just keep doing what you are doing.

I did a test route using the sparse graphs I make for graphhopper. Has the entire
USA road network in a 545 megabyte file . But residential streets are left out.
Route from Bangor, Maine to Seatle, Washinton, 3356 miles(5401km) computes in 12 seconds
on my low end phone. And the route is accurate. Only a couple miles missing to
complete the route at the start and end of the route. For some reason I get a kick out
of that ability.

Jan 14, 2022, 1:44:09 PMJan 14
to Cruiser Users
Soon as I wrote that I did think of one thing. As you add more abilities and complexity
to Cruiser the options and menu system will necessarily get more complex. I've seen
in some apps the concept of a simple mode switch. Simple more would be ON by default.
Just selecting units, language, and maps/graphs to download. If simple mode
is off then the full menu system and options are accessible.  This would give you the
ability to give us "power" users ability  to play with and test the app, but keep it simple for
the average user. This frees you from having to make what decisions about what to
hide from the average user. When the app is installed the default would be to have
simple mode ON. This is likely the only suggestion I will ever make.

Example: the "map" "info" and "graph" "info" the average user would be confused with,
but us power users could have some use for that.

This would also give you the ability to add something to Cruiser that is speculative or
experimental that us power users would test and play with but the average user
would not see.



Jan 15, 2022, 5:37:57 AMJan 15
> the concept of a simple mode switch

Thanks for the suggestion, it is an interesting idea that I could examine.

OsmAnd is an excellent app with many features using OpenStreetMap data.
Of course it has a company that support it and many developers to write new functions.

Cruiser has only 1 developer and I try my best. :)


Jan 16, 2022, 12:08:27 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
Been playing with Cruiser 2.1.2. I like it. Found no issues so far.

Brouter seems to work mostly fine.

Found I have to keep my routes shorter that what I used to do with graphhopper else
I hit a timeout limit or some kind of node count limit. This is not a problem. By
repeated use of "extend route" I can build any length route I want.

Occasionally with brouter I get a route calculation terminated
with "error backtracking". The only way around this seems I have to
move way point a few miles. So for now I will remain with Cruiser 1.11
until brouter matures a little more.


Jan 16, 2022, 12:10:50 PMJan 16
> Occasionally with brouter I get a route calculation terminated
with "error backtracking".

Can you share a route example (start / end) that has this result?


Jan 16, 2022, 1:51:53 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
update: if I shorten the route, "Brouter: error re-tracking track"  problem also goes away.
So none of these seem to be real issues.

But for the more average user.
The "time limit", "node count", and "error re-tracking track" message should probably
be presented by Cruiser as a "please shorten route" message.

Jan 16, 2022, 1:55:49 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
The route was 210 mile (336km) route verified by grapphopper.

Jan 16, 2022, 2:06:08 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
While shorting the route eliminated the problem, If "error re-tracking track" message is
not supposed to occur, then the clue is that it is triggered by long routes, but the
"time limit" and "node count" triggers did not occur yet.

Jan 16, 2022, 2:30:52 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
Did the same route on the Brouter web client. It works fine.
I exported the gpx track file.

Starts as

   <trkpt lon="-84.199870" lat="35.025851"><ele>572.0</ele></trkpt>

then ends as
  <trkpt lon="-81.674716" lat="36.216433"><ele>978.5</ele></trkpt>
   <trkpt lon="-81.674598" lat="36.216413"><ele>979.25</ele></trkpt>

Jan 16, 2022, 2:36:38 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
That's from my house to Boone, North Carolina.
Why you up so late?

Jan 16, 2022, 2:40:40 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
Oh yeah.
I'm using cruiser 1.11
It's the only one that I can use both graphhopper and Brouter.
Perhaps I should try in Cruiser 2.1.2.

Jan 16, 2022, 3:19:02 PMJan 16
to Cruiser Users
This might be an example of "simple mode" vs "expert mode"

In simple mode the user would get the message "shorten the route" or add "via point"
But in expert mode the real Brouter message would be presented.


Jan 17, 2022, 5:29:44 AMJan 17
> Did the same route on the Brouter web client. It works fine.

BRouter website works differently from its Android offline app.

See more details here:

"BRouter always does it's best on the quality, but has a processing time that scales quadratic with distance, leading to a limit at about 150km in air-distance, which is enough for a bikers daytrip."

Usually for very long routes, it helps all routing services to add intermediate via / shaping points.


Jan 17, 2022, 2:56:05 PMJan 17
to Cruiser Users
Most times I do have a preferred route.
So I do use shaping/intermediate points.
Which removes all issues.

Probably should be cautious getting advice from me.
I'm a bit of nerd and like to play around with these apps
and explore the limitations. But the limitations I find
are not real issues.

Case in point:
I created an obf file for the entire USA. Contains
all roads minus the lowest level roads(residential)
Using Osmand 4.11 my phone did a route from Bangor, Maine to Seattle, Washington
3300 miles, about 5280km. Phone did the route in 90 seconds.
And the route looked good. Meaning it appeared to be the
same as the online routers I try.  But the first few miles and the
last few miles are not created of course. I have no idea
why I do this. Just playing around I guess

I finally upgraded to Osmand 4.11. I have a new respect
for Osmand. Someone did some major cleaning up. The
menus are much better and simpler.

Jan 18, 2022, 1:23:32 PMJan 18
to Cruiser Users
Yeah, I'm aware how a long route greatly increases the search space.
I assume Brouter does not use contraction-hierarchies.
And as I said, I do make use of shape/intermediate points.

But 150km is quite a limit( I know 150km is just an estimate and really depends density
of the road network in the search space).
But that means if I want to plan one days worth of driving I have to get
really involved with with several intermediate via points. Likely missing the
best route. A days driving for me can be as long as 8 hours x 60mph.
480miles (768km).

That's the reason I generated the sparse grapphopper graphs.
Ignoring the residential roads, I can route plan, and create an accurate route
in less than a second for a 480 mile route. I just have to fill in the last couple
miles at each end.

To plan my days driving. I know I could do this online then copy the gpx track file
to my phone. But I prefer to be able to do that from my car even If I don't have
a cell tower near by.  It also gets lets me get around grapphopper not being able to create
a route across multiple graph structures. So I have a  now great route planning tool and
I don't need cell tower access. Not sure if I was solving a real problem,
but I saw a way to do it, and I liked the technical challenge.

I guess someone could generate sparse Brouter data. Then a route planing app
could be created that would work well even though Brouter does not use
contraction hierarchies. Again, I'm introducing a lot extra junk here. Not sure
if this makes sense, or if anyone would use it. But that's what engineers like to
do is create unnecessary work just for the challenge.
But the technical challenge seems interesting.

Sorry I'm so wordy here.

Jan 18, 2022, 1:57:30 PMJan 18
to Cruiser Users
This could be part of Cruiser. A route-plan menu, using sparse graphs.
If the route plan is acceptable, could click on a button and Cruiser would
fill in  the couple miles at each end.

Again, I'm generating extra complexity. Which is not always a good
thing. So a judgement would have to be made if anyone really needs

I think the reason this works so well for me is.
1. Most residential roads end in a dead end.
    No connection to any other part of the graph.
2. At least in the USA, it's generally always true
    that to change from a (motor_way, primary, secondary road)
    to a different (motor_way, primary, secondary road) tertiary roads are
    never involved.

  If in Europe this not the case, then occasional a detour could occur
  as the router avoids residential roads making the route a little longer in distance but not
  necessarily longer in time. But if using a shortest time algorithm then
  this is a non issue.  But this has never happened
  to me so far. So I think the idea has merit.

 It's going to boil down to if you want you monetize Cruiser. If it remains free, then
competing with other apps is less of an issue.

Again, sorry for being so wordy.


Jan 19, 2022, 5:16:56 AMJan 19
> It's going to boil down to if you want you monetize Cruiser. If it remains free, then
competing with other apps is less of an issue.

Cruiser platform is already used in other projects.

Kurviger Android app (I develop it) is based on Cruiser platform:

More details about Kurviger:


Jan 19, 2022, 3:01:50 PMJan 19
to Cruiser Users
Yes I am aware of kurviger.
But kurviger uses grapphopper, so Im sure it will work fine.

Trying to plan a trip from my house to Knoxville.
straight line distance 121 miles.
Very sparse area of the country. Very sparse road
network. Using the online routers, the same roads are used
a distance of 132km. Using cruiser2.1.2 desktop the route failed
with "route not found" I put a via point on road that I knew the router
would select(based on online routers) and the route succeed. 
And was calculated in less than second. This is a very trivial route.
For the above test Cruiser desktop is set to use Brouter online.

If I set to OSRM the correct route is found 132.9km

Using Crusier 2.1.2 on my phone, the issues are worse.
Using the same start and end, I got the "re-tracking" error.
I added a via point on the expected route that OSRM gets.
I still get "re-tracking" error.
I added a second via point. So now I am selecting roads every 40km.
Know I am the router. All Cruiser is doing is coloring in the roads
I select with a blue line.
At this point Cruiser2.1.2 is not usable.

I can't be the only one running into these issues.
The Brouter segments were downloaded by brouter just a couple
days ago. So I'm sure they are up to date.

It goes without saying everything is fine I cruiser1.11
I'll keep following to see where this goes.
Good Luck
below is the track file with the via point that made cruiser desktop
work. But this was not sufficient for the phone version of cruiser.

Delete the via point and cruiser desktop should fail to route a 132km

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<gpx version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <rtept lat="35.026042" lon="-84.19988">
      <sym>Flag, Green</sym>
    <rtept lat="35.373649" lon="-84.304625">
      <sym>Flag, Blue</sym>
    <rtept lat="35.804602" lon="-83.98799">
      <sym>Flag, Red</sym>

Jan 19, 2022, 3:13:07 PMJan 19
to Cruiser Users
Below is export track file that all the online routers generate.
and Cruiser desktop generated if I select OSRM as the routing service.
the previous gpx file was a ""route" export.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<gpx version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
      <trkpt lat="35.02604" lon="-84.19985" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02594" lon="-84.19986" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02565" lon="-84.19989" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02552" lon="-84.19993" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0254" lon="-84.20004" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02529" lon="-84.20023" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02514" lon="-84.20042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02502" lon="-84.20055" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02654" lon="-84.20191" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02728" lon="-84.20256" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02769" lon="-84.20295" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02796" lon="-84.20323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02829" lon="-84.20361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02857" lon="-84.20401" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02883" lon="-84.20438" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02907" lon="-84.20474" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02939" lon="-84.20526" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02982" lon="-84.20598" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03019" lon="-84.20665" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0304" lon="-84.20707" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03056" lon="-84.20746" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03068" lon="-84.20786" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03076" lon="-84.20824" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03081" lon="-84.20865" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03082" lon="-84.20901" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0308" lon="-84.20938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03075" lon="-84.20977" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03066" lon="-84.21017" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03058" lon="-84.2104" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03048" lon="-84.21069" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03033" lon="-84.21102" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03029" lon="-84.21109" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03008" lon="-84.21148" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02973" lon="-84.21199" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02876" lon="-84.21337" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02749" lon="-84.21515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02602" lon="-84.21723" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02562" lon="-84.21781" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02535" lon="-84.21824" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0251" lon="-84.21871" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02486" lon="-84.21922" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02469" lon="-84.21966" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02452" lon="-84.2202" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02438" lon="-84.2208" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02427" lon="-84.2214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02422" lon="-84.22183" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02418" lon="-84.2223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02419" lon="-84.22274" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02425" lon="-84.22449" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02426" lon="-84.22506" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02425" lon="-84.22558" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02417" lon="-84.22617" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02409" lon="-84.22669" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02395" lon="-84.22718" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02381" lon="-84.22759" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02369" lon="-84.2279" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02354" lon="-84.22824" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02331" lon="-84.22868" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02292" lon="-84.22932" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02156" lon="-84.2314" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02089" lon="-84.23245" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02038" lon="-84.23324" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02019" lon="-84.23357" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01997" lon="-84.23402" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0198" lon="-84.23445" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01963" lon="-84.23506" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01954" lon="-84.23559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01949" lon="-84.23607" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01945" lon="-84.23675" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01941" lon="-84.2385" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01939" lon="-84.23938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0194" lon="-84.23964" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01944" lon="-84.24011" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01951" lon="-84.24055" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01968" lon="-84.24139" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02013" lon="-84.24353" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02064" lon="-84.246" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02101" lon="-84.2477" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02114" lon="-84.24838" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02122" lon="-84.24894" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02124" lon="-84.24948" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02122" lon="-84.25004" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02114" lon="-84.2505" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02103" lon="-84.25101" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02094" lon="-84.25131" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02075" lon="-84.25176" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02056" lon="-84.25212" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02032" lon="-84.25249" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01996" lon="-84.25295" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0184" lon="-84.25492" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01731" lon="-84.2563" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01606" lon="-84.25791" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01512" lon="-84.2591" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0144" lon="-84.26004" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01388" lon="-84.26073" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01271" lon="-84.2622" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01236" lon="-84.26264" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0121" lon="-84.26297" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01195" lon="-84.26325" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01179" lon="-84.26361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01166" lon="-84.26395" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01153" lon="-84.26452" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01148" lon="-84.26493" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01148" lon="-84.26525" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01151" lon="-84.26574" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0116" lon="-84.26622" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01176" lon="-84.26669" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01195" lon="-84.2671" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01223" lon="-84.26752" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01247" lon="-84.26781" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01272" lon="-84.26805" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01303" lon="-84.26826" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01344" lon="-84.26847" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0144" lon="-84.26883" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0151" lon="-84.2691" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01553" lon="-84.26929" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01599" lon="-84.26957" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0163" lon="-84.26982" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01667" lon="-84.27014" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01701" lon="-84.27051" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01727" lon="-84.27083" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01752" lon="-84.27116" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01776" lon="-84.27157" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01795" lon="-84.27198" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01807" lon="-84.27243" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01816" lon="-84.27285" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0182" lon="-84.27329" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0182" lon="-84.27346" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01818" lon="-84.27381" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01814" lon="-84.27429" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01803" lon="-84.27477" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01782" lon="-84.27525" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01761" lon="-84.27564" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01737" lon="-84.27595" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01709" lon="-84.27622" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01672" lon="-84.27651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01566" lon="-84.27732" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01512" lon="-84.2777" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01481" lon="-84.27792" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01457" lon="-84.27816" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01423" lon="-84.27851" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01403" lon="-84.27888" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01385" lon="-84.27924" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01371" lon="-84.27962" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01362" lon="-84.28" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01356" lon="-84.28039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01354" lon="-84.28085" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01357" lon="-84.28128" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01364" lon="-84.28172" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01375" lon="-84.28215" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01388" lon="-84.28248" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01407" lon="-84.28285" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01445" lon="-84.28339" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01573" lon="-84.28512" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01608" lon="-84.28565" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01637" lon="-84.28614" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01658" lon="-84.28659" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01682" lon="-84.28721" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01701" lon="-84.28778" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01712" lon="-84.28824" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01721" lon="-84.28873" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01726" lon="-84.28926" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01728" lon="-84.28974" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01727" lon="-84.2901" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01721" lon="-84.29056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01707" lon="-84.29108" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01692" lon="-84.29145" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01671" lon="-84.29182" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01647" lon="-84.29213" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01608" lon="-84.29253" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01562" lon="-84.29292" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01496" lon="-84.29347" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01473" lon="-84.29367" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0145" lon="-84.29392" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01423" lon="-84.29426" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01398" lon="-84.29465" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01376" lon="-84.29513" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01362" lon="-84.29549" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01354" lon="-84.29579" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01345" lon="-84.29618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01339" lon="-84.29659" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01338" lon="-84.29703" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0134" lon="-84.2977" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01352" lon="-84.29919" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01362" lon="-84.30019" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01369" lon="-84.30095" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01385" lon="-84.30202" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01405" lon="-84.30333" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0141" lon="-84.30372" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01419" lon="-84.30446" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01439" lon="-84.30637" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01465" lon="-84.30921" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01469" lon="-84.30958" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01475" lon="-84.30997" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01484" lon="-84.31036" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01497" lon="-84.31078" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01516" lon="-84.31124" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0154" lon="-84.31167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01555" lon="-84.31189" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01572" lon="-84.3121" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01615" lon="-84.31252" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01653" lon="-84.31282" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01694" lon="-84.31306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0182" lon="-84.31363" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01863" lon="-84.31384" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0191" lon="-84.3141" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01948" lon="-84.31437" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01969" lon="-84.31453" />
      <trkpt lat="35.01995" lon="-84.31477" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02028" lon="-84.31509" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02062" lon="-84.3155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02091" lon="-84.31591" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02184" lon="-84.31729" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02201" lon="-84.31755" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02249" lon="-84.31829" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02277" lon="-84.3188" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02305" lon="-84.31943" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02317" lon="-84.3198" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02333" lon="-84.32038" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02346" lon="-84.32112" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0235" lon="-84.32159" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02352" lon="-84.32201" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02349" lon="-84.3237" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02344" lon="-84.32564" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0234" lon="-84.32743" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02332" lon="-84.32992" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02321" lon="-84.33425" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0232" lon="-84.3351" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02322" lon="-84.3355" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02328" lon="-84.3359" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02339" lon="-84.33638" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0237" lon="-84.33746" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02385" lon="-84.33807" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02391" lon="-84.33859" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02393" lon="-84.33898" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0239" lon="-84.33935" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02382" lon="-84.33981" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02373" lon="-84.34023" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02355" lon="-84.34069" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02335" lon="-84.34109" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02282" lon="-84.34202" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02264" lon="-84.34241" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02248" lon="-84.34289" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02241" lon="-84.34325" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02237" lon="-84.3437" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02238" lon="-84.34402" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02241" lon="-84.3443" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02245" lon="-84.34458" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02256" lon="-84.34493" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02286" lon="-84.34566" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02352" lon="-84.34668" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02384" lon="-84.34726" />
      <trkpt lat="35.024" lon="-84.34761" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02421" lon="-84.34828" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02432" lon="-84.34879" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02437" lon="-84.34931" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02438" lon="-84.3498" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02434" lon="-84.35037" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02425" lon="-84.35092" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0238" lon="-84.35287" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02323" lon="-84.35535" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02309" lon="-84.35624" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02302" lon="-84.35709" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02304" lon="-84.35774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02308" lon="-84.35837" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02321" lon="-84.35914" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02346" lon="-84.36021" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02363" lon="-84.36104" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02377" lon="-84.3619" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02386" lon="-84.36278" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02401" lon="-84.36433" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02412" lon="-84.36583" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02429" lon="-84.36685" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02443" lon="-84.36747" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0247" lon="-84.36824" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02505" lon="-84.36898" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02535" lon="-84.36953" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02598" lon="-84.37037" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02679" lon="-84.37126" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02707" lon="-84.37152" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02754" lon="-84.37198" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02781" lon="-84.3723" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0281" lon="-84.37269" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02832" lon="-84.37311" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02856" lon="-84.37384" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02867" lon="-84.37451" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02866" lon="-84.37527" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02867" lon="-84.37593" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02869" lon="-84.37642" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02873" lon="-84.37685" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02876" lon="-84.37729" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02882" lon="-84.37771" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0289" lon="-84.37816" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02898" lon="-84.37855" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02911" lon="-84.379" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02913" lon="-84.37909" />
      <trkpt lat="35.029" lon="-84.37915" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02842" lon="-84.37941" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02828" lon="-84.37952" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02816" lon="-84.37965" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02808" lon="-84.37981" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02804" lon="-84.37999" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02804" lon="-84.38017" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02809" lon="-84.38038" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02816" lon="-84.38052" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02828" lon="-84.38067" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0284" lon="-84.38076" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02855" lon="-84.38079" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0287" lon="-84.3808" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02886" lon="-84.38078" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02923" lon="-84.38062" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02948" lon="-84.38056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.02977" lon="-84.38052" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0303" lon="-84.38049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03079" lon="-84.38049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0309" lon="-84.38049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0311" lon="-84.38058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03149" lon="-84.38062" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03186" lon="-84.38068" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03216" lon="-84.38075" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03254" lon="-84.38088" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03287" lon="-84.38101" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03321" lon="-84.38118" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03349" lon="-84.38133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03376" lon="-84.38152" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03401" lon="-84.38169" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03429" lon="-84.38193" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03454" lon="-84.38217" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03545" lon="-84.38317" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03606" lon="-84.3839" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03639" lon="-84.38425" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03673" lon="-84.38452" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03712" lon="-84.38477" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03747" lon="-84.38491" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03777" lon="-84.38501" />
      <trkpt lat="35.03827" lon="-84.38516" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04046" lon="-84.38576" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04132" lon="-84.386" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0417" lon="-84.38613" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04202" lon="-84.38627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04229" lon="-84.38642" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04247" lon="-84.38653" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0426" lon="-84.38665" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04277" lon="-84.3868" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04291" lon="-84.38695" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0435" lon="-84.3876" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04362" lon="-84.38774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04379" lon="-84.38787" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04394" lon="-84.38798" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04395" lon="-84.38799" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0445" lon="-84.38832" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04478" lon="-84.38845" />
      <trkpt lat="35.045" lon="-84.38853" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04526" lon="-84.38858" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04548" lon="-84.38862" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04571" lon="-84.38864" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0459" lon="-84.38867" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04611" lon="-84.38878" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04633" lon="-84.38895" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04652" lon="-84.38911" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04674" lon="-84.38926" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04698" lon="-84.38942" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04728" lon="-84.38957" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04798" lon="-84.38986" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04838" lon="-84.39002" />
      <trkpt lat="35.04864" lon="-84.39012" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0492" lon="-84.39026" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05025" lon="-84.39042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05085" lon="-84.39055" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05113" lon="-84.39061" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05183" lon="-84.39083" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05268" lon="-84.39101" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05302" lon="-84.39109" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05325" lon="-84.39119" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05349" lon="-84.39133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05379" lon="-84.39155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05409" lon="-84.39181" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05441" lon="-84.39203" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05459" lon="-84.39214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05474" lon="-84.39218" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0549" lon="-84.39221" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05525" lon="-84.39225" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0554" lon="-84.39225" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05551" lon="-84.39223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05561" lon="-84.39219" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05574" lon="-84.39211" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05586" lon="-84.39199" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05598" lon="-84.39184" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05631" lon="-84.3913" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0568" lon="-84.39052" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05695" lon="-84.39029" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05713" lon="-84.39006" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05741" lon="-84.38978" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05772" lon="-84.38954" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05798" lon="-84.38938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05825" lon="-84.38924" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05858" lon="-84.3891" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05923" lon="-84.38877" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05966" lon="-84.38855" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05978" lon="-84.38851" />
      <trkpt lat="35.05992" lon="-84.38848" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06004" lon="-84.38848" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06018" lon="-84.38851" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06047" lon="-84.38861" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06119" lon="-84.38888" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0622" lon="-84.38917" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06251" lon="-84.38925" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06276" lon="-84.38937" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06294" lon="-84.38948" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06331" lon="-84.38962" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06366" lon="-84.38967" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06408" lon="-84.38968" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06472" lon="-84.3897" />
      <trkpt lat="35.065" lon="-84.38965" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06519" lon="-84.38956" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06535" lon="-84.38945" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06544" lon="-84.38938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06709" lon="-84.38799" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06791" lon="-84.38732" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06883" lon="-84.38661" />
      <trkpt lat="35.06982" lon="-84.38583" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07038" lon="-84.38541" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07059" lon="-84.38528" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07083" lon="-84.38517" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07107" lon="-84.38509" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07145" lon="-84.38498" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07196" lon="-84.38486" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07254" lon="-84.38474" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07266" lon="-84.38472" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07278" lon="-84.38473" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07294" lon="-84.38478" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07307" lon="-84.38487" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07339" lon="-84.3852" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07363" lon="-84.38537" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07381" lon="-84.38545" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07423" lon="-84.38554" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07445" lon="-84.38557" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07457" lon="-84.38558" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07513" lon="-84.38562" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07552" lon="-84.3856" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07597" lon="-84.38553" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07689" lon="-84.38539" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07736" lon="-84.38527" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07769" lon="-84.38515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07804" lon="-84.38502" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07856" lon="-84.38483" />
      <trkpt lat="35.07927" lon="-84.38459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08063" lon="-84.3841" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08151" lon="-84.38385" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08238" lon="-84.38359" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08271" lon="-84.38345" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08287" lon="-84.38332" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08299" lon="-84.38318" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08312" lon="-84.38302" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08322" lon="-84.38288" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08331" lon="-84.3827" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08341" lon="-84.38254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08353" lon="-84.38235" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08361" lon="-84.38223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08376" lon="-84.38205" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08394" lon="-84.38188" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08421" lon="-84.38167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08448" lon="-84.38146" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08468" lon="-84.38132" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08516" lon="-84.38095" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08527" lon="-84.38086" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08536" lon="-84.38079" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08549" lon="-84.38068" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0856" lon="-84.38058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08586" lon="-84.38034" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08602" lon="-84.38016" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08643" lon="-84.37957" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08666" lon="-84.37925" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08681" lon="-84.37908" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08705" lon="-84.3788" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0876" lon="-84.37807" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08774" lon="-84.3779" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0878" lon="-84.37785" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08787" lon="-84.37779" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08798" lon="-84.37765" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08842" lon="-84.37687" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08856" lon="-84.37669" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08877" lon="-84.37649" />
      <trkpt lat="35.08974" lon="-84.37559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09044" lon="-84.37497" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09065" lon="-84.37475" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0916" lon="-84.37362" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09229" lon="-84.37289" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09238" lon="-84.3728" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09275" lon="-84.37246" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09316" lon="-84.37215" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09386" lon="-84.37168" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09447" lon="-84.37136" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09476" lon="-84.37126" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09509" lon="-84.37118" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09551" lon="-84.37112" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09645" lon="-84.37113" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09666" lon="-84.37111" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09683" lon="-84.37108" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09702" lon="-84.37101" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09717" lon="-84.37095" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09739" lon="-84.37083" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09763" lon="-84.37069" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0978" lon="-84.37057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09792" lon="-84.37048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09807" lon="-84.37041" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09826" lon="-84.37039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09859" lon="-84.37042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0988" lon="-84.37044" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09889" lon="-84.37044" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09907" lon="-84.37044" />
      <trkpt lat="35.0992" lon="-84.37041" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09931" lon="-84.37035" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09942" lon="-84.37022" />
      <trkpt lat="35.09955" lon="-84.37001" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1" lon="-84.36918" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10038" lon="-84.36844" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10055" lon="-84.36804" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10071" lon="-84.36756" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10085" lon="-84.36728" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10102" lon="-84.36708" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10119" lon="-84.36688" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10137" lon="-84.36672" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10173" lon="-84.36661" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10214" lon="-84.36652" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10259" lon="-84.36647" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10289" lon="-84.36643" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10323" lon="-84.3664" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1034" lon="-84.36639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10355" lon="-84.36638" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10376" lon="-84.36636" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10399" lon="-84.36635" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10422" lon="-84.36629" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1044" lon="-84.36621" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10452" lon="-84.36614" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10459" lon="-84.36608" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10516" lon="-84.36565" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10566" lon="-84.36536" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10604" lon="-84.36514" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10625" lon="-84.365" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1064" lon="-84.36484" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10672" lon="-84.36451" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10714" lon="-84.36407" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10733" lon="-84.36391" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10818" lon="-84.36338" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10839" lon="-84.36322" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10855" lon="-84.36304" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10898" lon="-84.36256" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10908" lon="-84.36245" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1095" lon="-84.36203" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10965" lon="-84.36192" />
      <trkpt lat="35.10985" lon="-84.36183" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11001" lon="-84.36183" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1101" lon="-84.36183" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11043" lon="-84.36192" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11062" lon="-84.36194" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11073" lon="-84.36194" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11087" lon="-84.3619" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11114" lon="-84.36181" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11135" lon="-84.3617" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11153" lon="-84.36155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11167" lon="-84.36141" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11179" lon="-84.36125" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11212" lon="-84.36085" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11246" lon="-84.36036" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11264" lon="-84.36015" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11281" lon="-84.36003" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11295" lon="-84.35997" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11318" lon="-84.35991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11344" lon="-84.35991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11347" lon="-84.35991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11362" lon="-84.35991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11365" lon="-84.35991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11414" lon="-84.35996" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11434" lon="-84.35995" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11454" lon="-84.35995" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11466" lon="-84.35993" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11484" lon="-84.35986" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11494" lon="-84.35978" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11504" lon="-84.35967" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11513" lon="-84.3595" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11517" lon="-84.35932" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11523" lon="-84.359" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11533" lon="-84.35869" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11545" lon="-84.35853" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11559" lon="-84.35841" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11579" lon="-84.35831" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1161" lon="-84.35821" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11629" lon="-84.35811" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11645" lon="-84.35802" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11683" lon="-84.35772" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11708" lon="-84.35757" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11737" lon="-84.35746" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11774" lon="-84.35737" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11823" lon="-84.35722" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11858" lon="-84.35711" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11907" lon="-84.35697" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1194" lon="-84.35694" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11963" lon="-84.35696" />
      <trkpt lat="35.11974" lon="-84.35696" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1201" lon="-84.35701" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12031" lon="-84.35702" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12044" lon="-84.357" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12062" lon="-84.35687" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12142" lon="-84.35618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12149" lon="-84.35614" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12164" lon="-84.35604" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12175" lon="-84.35598" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12185" lon="-84.35593" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12195" lon="-84.35589" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12205" lon="-84.35585" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12215" lon="-84.35582" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12235" lon="-84.35582" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12251" lon="-84.35583" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12264" lon="-84.35587" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12275" lon="-84.35589" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12285" lon="-84.35592" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12296" lon="-84.35595" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12305" lon="-84.35596" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12315" lon="-84.35597" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12323" lon="-84.35598" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12333" lon="-84.35598" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1234" lon="-84.35597" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12372" lon="-84.35588" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12408" lon="-84.35573" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12444" lon="-84.35561" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12467" lon="-84.35555" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12493" lon="-84.35551" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1251" lon="-84.35552" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12525" lon="-84.35549" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12547" lon="-84.35544" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12569" lon="-84.35533" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12591" lon="-84.35512" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12616" lon="-84.35481" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12637" lon="-84.35447" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12646" lon="-84.35429" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12655" lon="-84.35397" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12663" lon="-84.3537" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12677" lon="-84.35317" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12698" lon="-84.3525" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12708" lon="-84.35221" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12717" lon="-84.35193" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12721" lon="-84.35171" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12731" lon="-84.3507" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12732" lon="-84.35042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12728" lon="-84.3499" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1272" lon="-84.3496" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1271" lon="-84.34934" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12704" lon="-84.34916" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12682" lon="-84.3487" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12656" lon="-84.34827" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1264" lon="-84.34797" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12632" lon="-84.34773" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12628" lon="-84.34752" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12627" lon="-84.34729" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12629" lon="-84.34708" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12635" lon="-84.34671" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12643" lon="-84.34631" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1266" lon="-84.34562" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12669" lon="-84.34526" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12672" lon="-84.34503" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12672" lon="-84.34468" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12666" lon="-84.34445" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12659" lon="-84.3442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12645" lon="-84.34398" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12636" lon="-84.34387" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12628" lon="-84.34377" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12616" lon="-84.34361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12609" lon="-84.34345" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12604" lon="-84.34329" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12602" lon="-84.34299" />
      <trkpt lat="35.126" lon="-84.34275" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12603" lon="-84.3425" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12609" lon="-84.3423" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12617" lon="-84.34217" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12644" lon="-84.3417" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12652" lon="-84.34145" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12657" lon="-84.34121" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1266" lon="-84.34098" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12659" lon="-84.3407" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12655" lon="-84.34042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12626" lon="-84.33964" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12621" lon="-84.33946" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12617" lon="-84.33924" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12615" lon="-84.3389" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12615" lon="-84.33856" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1262" lon="-84.33815" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12622" lon="-84.33775" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12621" lon="-84.33744" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12618" lon="-84.33713" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12611" lon="-84.3368" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12602" lon="-84.33652" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12596" lon="-84.33635" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12584" lon="-84.33613" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12572" lon="-84.33591" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12558" lon="-84.33571" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12536" lon="-84.33545" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12508" lon="-84.33518" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12493" lon="-84.33505" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12475" lon="-84.33493" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12406" lon="-84.33444" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1238" lon="-84.33424" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1236" lon="-84.33408" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12309" lon="-84.33359" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12296" lon="-84.3334" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12286" lon="-84.33326" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12277" lon="-84.33314" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1227" lon="-84.333" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12262" lon="-84.33282" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12257" lon="-84.33263" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12252" lon="-84.33246" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12248" lon="-84.33224" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12244" lon="-84.33201" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12232" lon="-84.33118" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12215" lon="-84.32979" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12212" lon="-84.32947" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1221" lon="-84.32924" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12209" lon="-84.32897" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1221" lon="-84.32871" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12211" lon="-84.3285" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12214" lon="-84.32833" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12217" lon="-84.32813" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12221" lon="-84.32795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12226" lon="-84.32779" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12229" lon="-84.32766" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12233" lon="-84.32757" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12247" lon="-84.32725" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12257" lon="-84.32705" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12265" lon="-84.3269" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12275" lon="-84.32674" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12298" lon="-84.32639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12344" lon="-84.32568" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1235" lon="-84.32559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12355" lon="-84.3255" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1236" lon="-84.32539" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1237" lon="-84.32519" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12398" lon="-84.325" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12415" lon="-84.3249" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12427" lon="-84.32481" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12435" lon="-84.32475" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12441" lon="-84.32469" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12448" lon="-84.3246" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12454" lon="-84.32452" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12461" lon="-84.32441" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12473" lon="-84.32411" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12482" lon="-84.32382" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12501" lon="-84.32287" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12512" lon="-84.32268" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12522" lon="-84.32256" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12544" lon="-84.32242" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12569" lon="-84.3223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12709" lon="-84.32149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12787" lon="-84.32105" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1281" lon="-84.32093" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12851" lon="-84.32059" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12866" lon="-84.32044" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1289" lon="-84.32022" />
      <trkpt lat="35.12986" lon="-84.31924" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13012" lon="-84.319" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13037" lon="-84.31882" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13082" lon="-84.31862" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13118" lon="-84.3184" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13131" lon="-84.31832" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13172" lon="-84.31795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13207" lon="-84.31771" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13229" lon="-84.31759" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13246" lon="-84.31752" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13253" lon="-84.31749" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13264" lon="-84.31745" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1329" lon="-84.31735" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13311" lon="-84.31723" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1332" lon="-84.31714" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13327" lon="-84.31704" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13331" lon="-84.31693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13335" lon="-84.31659" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13341" lon="-84.31587" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13344" lon="-84.31555" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13349" lon="-84.31499" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13353" lon="-84.31471" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13359" lon="-84.31449" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13368" lon="-84.31431" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1338" lon="-84.31418" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13394" lon="-84.31407" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13422" lon="-84.31386" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13442" lon="-84.31373" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13457" lon="-84.31365" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13526" lon="-84.31348" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13544" lon="-84.31338" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13553" lon="-84.31332" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13563" lon="-84.31322" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13598" lon="-84.31285" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13646" lon="-84.3123" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13675" lon="-84.31196" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13688" lon="-84.31186" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13704" lon="-84.31178" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13752" lon="-84.31162" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13782" lon="-84.31147" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13802" lon="-84.31137" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13824" lon="-84.31125" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13853" lon="-84.31107" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13887" lon="-84.31083" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13916" lon="-84.31067" />
      <trkpt lat="35.13936" lon="-84.31064" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1402" lon="-84.31053" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14041" lon="-84.31049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14064" lon="-84.31048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14081" lon="-84.31051" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14096" lon="-84.31058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14112" lon="-84.31067" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14136" lon="-84.31083" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14159" lon="-84.31098" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14223" lon="-84.31143" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14252" lon="-84.31161" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14292" lon="-84.3118" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14322" lon="-84.31192" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14354" lon="-84.312" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1437" lon="-84.31203" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14391" lon="-84.31207" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14406" lon="-84.31209" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14426" lon="-84.31209" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1445" lon="-84.31209" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14487" lon="-84.31205" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14521" lon="-84.31196" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14592" lon="-84.31178" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14632" lon="-84.31165" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14686" lon="-84.31157" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14711" lon="-84.31154" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14743" lon="-84.31151" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1477" lon="-84.31154" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14783" lon="-84.31157" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14797" lon="-84.31164" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14818" lon="-84.31177" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14834" lon="-84.31195" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14845" lon="-84.31214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14861" lon="-84.31246" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14894" lon="-84.31326" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14926" lon="-84.31393" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14937" lon="-84.31409" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14961" lon="-84.31442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14977" lon="-84.3146" />
      <trkpt lat="35.14997" lon="-84.31479" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15018" lon="-84.31494" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15042" lon="-84.31508" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15191" lon="-84.31575" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15206" lon="-84.3158" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15231" lon="-84.31583" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15251" lon="-84.31582" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15268" lon="-84.31579" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15288" lon="-84.31571" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15312" lon="-84.31561" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15347" lon="-84.31549" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15371" lon="-84.31547" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1539" lon="-84.31546" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15416" lon="-84.31549" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15466" lon="-84.31568" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15506" lon="-84.31592" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15528" lon="-84.31606" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1554" lon="-84.31614" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15587" lon="-84.31641" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15613" lon="-84.31653" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15627" lon="-84.31658" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15635" lon="-84.31661" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15667" lon="-84.31663" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15684" lon="-84.31661" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15706" lon="-84.31655" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15722" lon="-84.31649" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1574" lon="-84.31639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15754" lon="-84.31627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15771" lon="-84.31608" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15783" lon="-84.31593" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15792" lon="-84.31577" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15834" lon="-84.31494" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15846" lon="-84.3148" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15863" lon="-84.31464" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15881" lon="-84.31451" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15901" lon="-84.31444" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1591" lon="-84.31441" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1592" lon="-84.31439" />
      <trkpt lat="35.15972" lon="-84.31439" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16062" lon="-84.31442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16118" lon="-84.31444" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16134" lon="-84.31442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16157" lon="-84.31438" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16178" lon="-84.31429" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16189" lon="-84.31421" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16201" lon="-84.31412" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16211" lon="-84.31401" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1622" lon="-84.31391" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16228" lon="-84.31378" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16235" lon="-84.31361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16271" lon="-84.31288" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16283" lon="-84.31269" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16297" lon="-84.3125" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16317" lon="-84.31228" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16337" lon="-84.3121" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16365" lon="-84.31189" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16391" lon="-84.31171" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16406" lon="-84.31157" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16425" lon="-84.31133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16437" lon="-84.31115" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1645" lon="-84.31099" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16475" lon="-84.31071" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16494" lon="-84.31056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16512" lon="-84.31048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1653" lon="-84.31042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16546" lon="-84.31039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16561" lon="-84.3104" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16585" lon="-84.31047" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16604" lon="-84.31056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1662" lon="-84.3107" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16638" lon="-84.31086" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16651" lon="-84.31108" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16659" lon="-84.31125" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16663" lon="-84.31142" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16668" lon="-84.31166" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1667" lon="-84.31187" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16664" lon="-84.31268" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16667" lon="-84.31298" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16676" lon="-84.31326" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16689" lon="-84.3138" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16703" lon="-84.31511" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16712" lon="-84.3155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16728" lon="-84.31585" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1674" lon="-84.31605" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16773" lon="-84.31639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16782" lon="-84.31651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16791" lon="-84.31664" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16798" lon="-84.31681" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16803" lon="-84.31693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16807" lon="-84.31714" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16808" lon="-84.31731" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16807" lon="-84.3175" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16803" lon="-84.31775" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16793" lon="-84.31812" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16785" lon="-84.31844" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16781" lon="-84.31861" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16776" lon="-84.31883" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16774" lon="-84.31907" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16774" lon="-84.31938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16777" lon="-84.31954" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16783" lon="-84.3197" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16791" lon="-84.31993" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16806" lon="-84.32017" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16819" lon="-84.32033" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16839" lon="-84.32051" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16926" lon="-84.3211" />
      <trkpt lat="35.16952" lon="-84.32126" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1698" lon="-84.32142" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17008" lon="-84.32154" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17206" lon="-84.32219" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17349" lon="-84.32289" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17376" lon="-84.32306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17393" lon="-84.32318" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17406" lon="-84.32331" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17425" lon="-84.32354" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17488" lon="-84.32456" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17527" lon="-84.3253" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17542" lon="-84.32566" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1755" lon="-84.32601" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17572" lon="-84.32746" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17584" lon="-84.32799" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17601" lon="-84.32847" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17613" lon="-84.32867" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17656" lon="-84.32935" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17695" lon="-84.33007" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17738" lon="-84.33106" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17748" lon="-84.33124" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1776" lon="-84.33139" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17778" lon="-84.33155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17796" lon="-84.33164" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17811" lon="-84.33167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17826" lon="-84.33168" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17839" lon="-84.33167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17856" lon="-84.33163" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17873" lon="-84.33156" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1789" lon="-84.33143" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17904" lon="-84.33128" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17914" lon="-84.33114" />
      <trkpt lat="35.17928" lon="-84.33093" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1797" lon="-84.33012" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18007" lon="-84.32955" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18048" lon="-84.32907" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18129" lon="-84.32817" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18145" lon="-84.32798" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18164" lon="-84.32768" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18194" lon="-84.32724" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18209" lon="-84.32706" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1822" lon="-84.32695" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18236" lon="-84.32687" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18305" lon="-84.32663" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18319" lon="-84.3265" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18328" lon="-84.32637" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1834" lon="-84.32618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18349" lon="-84.32591" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18359" lon="-84.32549" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18367" lon="-84.32515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1838" lon="-84.32483" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18392" lon="-84.32459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18463" lon="-84.32378" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18605" lon="-84.32229" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18676" lon="-84.32156" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18687" lon="-84.32149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18702" lon="-84.32142" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18717" lon="-84.3214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18734" lon="-84.3214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18753" lon="-84.32145" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18767" lon="-84.32152" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18785" lon="-84.32165" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18823" lon="-84.32202" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18841" lon="-84.3222" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18855" lon="-84.32237" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18868" lon="-84.32257" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18897" lon="-84.32328" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18908" lon="-84.32346" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18924" lon="-84.32361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18979" lon="-84.32399" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19008" lon="-84.32425" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19034" lon="-84.32457" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19043" lon="-84.32477" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19047" lon="-84.32491" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19049" lon="-84.32506" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19051" lon="-84.32527" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19052" lon="-84.32543" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19049" lon="-84.32562" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19044" lon="-84.32583" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19022" lon="-84.3265" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19019" lon="-84.32674" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1902" lon="-84.32702" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19021" lon="-84.32725" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19027" lon="-84.32751" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19035" lon="-84.32776" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19059" lon="-84.3282" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19116" lon="-84.329" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19127" lon="-84.32923" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19133" lon="-84.32944" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19134" lon="-84.32961" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19132" lon="-84.32977" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19127" lon="-84.32997" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19117" lon="-84.33014" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19106" lon="-84.33024" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19085" lon="-84.33035" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1906" lon="-84.3304" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19034" lon="-84.33039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19011" lon="-84.33042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18991" lon="-84.33052" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18981" lon="-84.33062" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18973" lon="-84.33073" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1896" lon="-84.33094" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18952" lon="-84.33112" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18949" lon="-84.33129" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18948" lon="-84.3315" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1895" lon="-84.33171" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18957" lon="-84.33196" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1897" lon="-84.33219" />
      <trkpt lat="35.18985" lon="-84.33235" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19016" lon="-84.33259" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19034" lon="-84.33273" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19056" lon="-84.33303" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19096" lon="-84.33371" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19127" lon="-84.3343" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19139" lon="-84.33459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19144" lon="-84.33482" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19146" lon="-84.33505" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19145" lon="-84.33571" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19149" lon="-84.33594" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19155" lon="-84.33618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19177" lon="-84.33671" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19184" lon="-84.33694" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19186" lon="-84.33713" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19186" lon="-84.33733" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19184" lon="-84.33755" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19176" lon="-84.33782" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19163" lon="-84.33813" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19146" lon="-84.3386" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19138" lon="-84.33889" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19138" lon="-84.33904" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19138" lon="-84.33919" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19141" lon="-84.33942" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19145" lon="-84.33956" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19151" lon="-84.3397" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19159" lon="-84.33985" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19184" lon="-84.34015" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19217" lon="-84.34049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19235" lon="-84.34076" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19248" lon="-84.34107" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19256" lon="-84.34137" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19262" lon="-84.34177" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19263" lon="-84.34242" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1926" lon="-84.34284" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19257" lon="-84.34301" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19245" lon="-84.34351" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19243" lon="-84.34373" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19242" lon="-84.3439" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19244" lon="-84.34406" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19247" lon="-84.34426" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19252" lon="-84.34441" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19261" lon="-84.3446" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19271" lon="-84.34476" />
      <trkpt lat="35.1928" lon="-84.34487" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19297" lon="-84.34503" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19314" lon="-84.34515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19326" lon="-84.34519" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19336" lon="-84.34522" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19348" lon="-84.34522" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19362" lon="-84.34521" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19384" lon="-84.34517" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19406" lon="-84.34511" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19668" lon="-84.34362" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19706" lon="-84.34349" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19735" lon="-84.34342" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19759" lon="-84.3434" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19777" lon="-84.3434" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19795" lon="-84.3434" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19852" lon="-84.34361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.19974" lon="-84.34407" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20006" lon="-84.34414" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20065" lon="-84.34415" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20125" lon="-84.34413" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20147" lon="-84.3441" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2016" lon="-84.34405" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20174" lon="-84.34393" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20184" lon="-84.3438" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20192" lon="-84.34368" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20201" lon="-84.34352" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20207" lon="-84.34334" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20213" lon="-84.34307" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20218" lon="-84.34289" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20225" lon="-84.34271" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20236" lon="-84.34255" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20281" lon="-84.34228" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20313" lon="-84.34209" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20344" lon="-84.34195" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20413" lon="-84.34169" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20445" lon="-84.34162" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20477" lon="-84.3416" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20517" lon="-84.34167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2056" lon="-84.34176" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20636" lon="-84.34204" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20669" lon="-84.34219" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20773" lon="-84.34254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20849" lon="-84.34281" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2092" lon="-84.34308" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20951" lon="-84.34317" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20961" lon="-84.34318" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20977" lon="-84.34321" />
      <trkpt lat="35.20994" lon="-84.34323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21008" lon="-84.34323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21016" lon="-84.34323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21044" lon="-84.34322" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21059" lon="-84.3432" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21098" lon="-84.34316" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21145" lon="-84.34308" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21167" lon="-84.34305" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21196" lon="-84.3429" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21219" lon="-84.34272" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21235" lon="-84.34247" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21245" lon="-84.34222" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21265" lon="-84.34193" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21291" lon="-84.34166" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2132" lon="-84.34141" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21339" lon="-84.34127" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21359" lon="-84.34115" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21368" lon="-84.34111" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21377" lon="-84.34108" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21396" lon="-84.34102" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21419" lon="-84.34097" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21441" lon="-84.34093" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21449" lon="-84.34091" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21458" lon="-84.34086" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21465" lon="-84.34079" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2148" lon="-84.34062" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21501" lon="-84.34045" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21513" lon="-84.34036" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21527" lon="-84.3403" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2154" lon="-84.34031" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21559" lon="-84.34039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21572" lon="-84.34047" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21585" lon="-84.34054" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21605" lon="-84.34057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21626" lon="-84.34057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21673" lon="-84.34056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21733" lon="-84.34058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2177" lon="-84.34058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21783" lon="-84.34057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21792" lon="-84.34057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21803" lon="-84.34056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21815" lon="-84.34053" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21828" lon="-84.34048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21842" lon="-84.3404" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21864" lon="-84.34025" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21903" lon="-84.33982" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21917" lon="-84.33961" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21938" lon="-84.33925" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2195" lon="-84.33907" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21963" lon="-84.33897" />
      <trkpt lat="35.21977" lon="-84.33887" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22005" lon="-84.33876" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22052" lon="-84.33862" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22085" lon="-84.33846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22102" lon="-84.33837" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22128" lon="-84.33816" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22138" lon="-84.33804" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22143" lon="-84.33793" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22145" lon="-84.33781" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22144" lon="-84.33767" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22138" lon="-84.33754" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22122" lon="-84.33732" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22105" lon="-84.33705" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22099" lon="-84.33691" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22099" lon="-84.33678" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22103" lon="-84.33663" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22113" lon="-84.33644" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22149" lon="-84.3359" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22169" lon="-84.33566" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22189" lon="-84.33543" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22222" lon="-84.33513" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22236" lon="-84.33498" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22247" lon="-84.33481" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22258" lon="-84.33455" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22274" lon="-84.33392" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22284" lon="-84.33349" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22297" lon="-84.33291" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22306" lon="-84.33272" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22318" lon="-84.33252" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2232" lon="-84.33249" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22329" lon="-84.33238" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22374" lon="-84.33193" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22385" lon="-84.33185" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22402" lon="-84.33178" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2242" lon="-84.33175" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22489" lon="-84.33168" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22496" lon="-84.33167" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22542" lon="-84.33161" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2256" lon="-84.33151" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22575" lon="-84.33141" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22626" lon="-84.33098" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22634" lon="-84.33092" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22646" lon="-84.33082" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22664" lon="-84.33072" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2268" lon="-84.33068" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22709" lon="-84.33066" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22727" lon="-84.33059" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22741" lon="-84.33048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22754" lon="-84.33028" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22768" lon="-84.33" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22799" lon="-84.32945" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2282" lon="-84.3292" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22846" lon="-84.32897" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22911" lon="-84.32862" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22941" lon="-84.32852" />
      <trkpt lat="35.22958" lon="-84.32849" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23" lon="-84.32848" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2303" lon="-84.32843" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23095" lon="-84.32809" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23111" lon="-84.32799" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23189" lon="-84.32752" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2324" lon="-84.32717" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2326" lon="-84.32704" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23335" lon="-84.32625" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23346" lon="-84.32611" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23354" lon="-84.32593" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23358" lon="-84.32576" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23363" lon="-84.32552" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23365" lon="-84.32513" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23368" lon="-84.32492" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23375" lon="-84.32472" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23388" lon="-84.32445" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23397" lon="-84.32432" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2341" lon="-84.32418" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23427" lon="-84.32406" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23451" lon="-84.32391" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23582" lon="-84.3232" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23601" lon="-84.32314" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23619" lon="-84.32316" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23633" lon="-84.32322" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23648" lon="-84.32326" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23664" lon="-84.32325" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23685" lon="-84.32319" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23715" lon="-84.32303" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23743" lon="-84.32267" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23767" lon="-84.32229" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23787" lon="-84.32192" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23791" lon="-84.32186" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23841" lon="-84.3211" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23855" lon="-84.32092" />
      <trkpt lat="35.23938" lon="-84.31977" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24009" lon="-84.31896" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24072" lon="-84.31834" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24105" lon="-84.31808" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24125" lon="-84.31797" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24154" lon="-84.31785" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24234" lon="-84.31759" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24288" lon="-84.31728" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24315" lon="-84.31689" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24349" lon="-84.31627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2439" lon="-84.31585" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24434" lon="-84.3156" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24466" lon="-84.31548" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24494" lon="-84.31515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24526" lon="-84.31487" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24573" lon="-84.31457" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24593" lon="-84.31433" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2461" lon="-84.31405" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24645" lon="-84.31339" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24673" lon="-84.31307" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24708" lon="-84.31275" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24749" lon="-84.31245" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24785" lon="-84.31212" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24811" lon="-84.31182" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24856" lon="-84.31114" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24882" lon="-84.31084" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24911" lon="-84.31059" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24961" lon="-84.31026" />
      <trkpt lat="35.24977" lon="-84.31008" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2499" lon="-84.30988" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25015" lon="-84.30954" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2505" lon="-84.30922" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25102" lon="-84.30886" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2514" lon="-84.30864" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25172" lon="-84.30845" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25205" lon="-84.30829" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2524" lon="-84.30815" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25305" lon="-84.30795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25375" lon="-84.30759" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25444" lon="-84.30718" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25467" lon="-84.30693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25477" lon="-84.30677" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25483" lon="-84.30664" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25486" lon="-84.30648" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25476" lon="-84.306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25459" lon="-84.30556" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25439" lon="-84.30522" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2538" lon="-84.30464" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25367" lon="-84.3045" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25298" lon="-84.30406" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25288" lon="-84.30396" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2528" lon="-84.30385" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25277" lon="-84.30374" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25277" lon="-84.30361" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25279" lon="-84.303" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2527" lon="-84.30188" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25263" lon="-84.30135" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25265" lon="-84.30122" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2527" lon="-84.30107" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2528" lon="-84.30091" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2529" lon="-84.30082" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25343" lon="-84.30026" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25367" lon="-84.30002" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25383" lon="-84.2998" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25391" lon="-84.29961" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25394" lon="-84.29945" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25398" lon="-84.29868" />
      <trkpt lat="35.254" lon="-84.29747" />
      <trkpt lat="35.254" lon="-84.29682" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25403" lon="-84.29664" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25407" lon="-84.29648" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25416" lon="-84.29632" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25463" lon="-84.29576" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25543" lon="-84.29489" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25648" lon="-84.29382" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25703" lon="-84.29331" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2573" lon="-84.29292" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25805" lon="-84.29185" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25824" lon="-84.29158" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25866" lon="-84.29098" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25919" lon="-84.29024" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25981" lon="-84.28933" />
      <trkpt lat="35.25993" lon="-84.28919" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26004" lon="-84.28908" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26019" lon="-84.28898" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26065" lon="-84.28871" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26074" lon="-84.28866" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26128" lon="-84.28839" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26171" lon="-84.28808" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26198" lon="-84.28783" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26233" lon="-84.28756" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26249" lon="-84.28749" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26267" lon="-84.28746" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26282" lon="-84.28745" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26319" lon="-84.28742" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26335" lon="-84.2874" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26351" lon="-84.28733" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2637" lon="-84.28719" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26386" lon="-84.28706" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26426" lon="-84.28671" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26515" lon="-84.28594" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26537" lon="-84.28578" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2656" lon="-84.28568" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26647" lon="-84.2852" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26752" lon="-84.28466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26879" lon="-84.28405" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26933" lon="-84.28374" />
      <trkpt lat="35.26981" lon="-84.2834" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27041" lon="-84.28276" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27083" lon="-84.28233" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27113" lon="-84.28202" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27178" lon="-84.28133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27201" lon="-84.28106" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27229" lon="-84.2807" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27269" lon="-84.28039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27321" lon="-84.28014" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27513" lon="-84.2793" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27612" lon="-84.27887" />
      <trkpt lat="35.277" lon="-84.27846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2774" lon="-84.27825" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27747" lon="-84.27821" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27752" lon="-84.27816" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27756" lon="-84.2781" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27759" lon="-84.27803" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27761" lon="-84.27795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27762" lon="-84.27787" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27761" lon="-84.27778" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2776" lon="-84.27766" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27756" lon="-84.27738" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27755" lon="-84.27727" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27755" lon="-84.27719" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27755" lon="-84.27712" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27756" lon="-84.27705" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27757" lon="-84.277" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27761" lon="-84.27693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27767" lon="-84.27684" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27775" lon="-84.27675" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27782" lon="-84.27668" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27801" lon="-84.27652" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27816" lon="-84.27642" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27824" lon="-84.27638" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27832" lon="-84.27634" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27843" lon="-84.27632" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27855" lon="-84.2763" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27872" lon="-84.27629" />
      <trkpt lat="35.27932" lon="-84.2763" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28003" lon="-84.27627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28024" lon="-84.27631" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28035" lon="-84.27641" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28044" lon="-84.27651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28058" lon="-84.27681" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28067" lon="-84.27698" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28081" lon="-84.27715" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28104" lon="-84.27733" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28171" lon="-84.27785" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28249" lon="-84.27846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28351" lon="-84.27918" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28377" lon="-84.27944" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28398" lon="-84.27971" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28414" lon="-84.28" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28427" lon="-84.2803" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28432" lon="-84.28053" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28434" lon="-84.28077" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28431" lon="-84.28098" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2843" lon="-84.28117" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28433" lon="-84.2813" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28441" lon="-84.28141" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28455" lon="-84.28149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28473" lon="-84.28155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28489" lon="-84.28163" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28504" lon="-84.28179" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28533" lon="-84.28222" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28541" lon="-84.28233" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28563" lon="-84.28283" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28575" lon="-84.28302" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28591" lon="-84.28329" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28612" lon="-84.2837" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28626" lon="-84.28382" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28644" lon="-84.28392" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28716" lon="-84.28409" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28818" lon="-84.28438" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28889" lon="-84.28453" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2892" lon="-84.28462" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28937" lon="-84.28469" />
      <trkpt lat="35.28972" lon="-84.28492" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29007" lon="-84.28524" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29166" lon="-84.28641" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29343" lon="-84.28767" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29484" lon="-84.28864" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29566" lon="-84.28919" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29625" lon="-84.28961" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29693" lon="-84.29001" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29738" lon="-84.29031" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29749" lon="-84.29043" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29757" lon="-84.29054" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29766" lon="-84.29078" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29777" lon="-84.29089" />
      <trkpt lat="35.2979" lon="-84.29095" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29846" lon="-84.29095" />
      <trkpt lat="35.29913" lon="-84.29082" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30093" lon="-84.2899" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30145" lon="-84.28981" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30193" lon="-84.28986" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30244" lon="-84.29003" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30327" lon="-84.29052" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30396" lon="-84.29107" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30462" lon="-84.29154" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30507" lon="-84.29186" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30524" lon="-84.29199" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30538" lon="-84.29213" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30573" lon="-84.29266" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30587" lon="-84.29288" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30602" lon="-84.29299" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30616" lon="-84.29305" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30635" lon="-84.29305" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30659" lon="-84.293" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30725" lon="-84.29282" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30768" lon="-84.29269" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30786" lon="-84.29269" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30807" lon="-84.29271" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30873" lon="-84.29298" />
      <trkpt lat="35.30944" lon="-84.29332" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31035" lon="-84.2937" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3107" lon="-84.29384" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31105" lon="-84.29389" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31126" lon="-84.29386" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31152" lon="-84.29373" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31188" lon="-84.29348" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31217" lon="-84.29338" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3124" lon="-84.29332" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31262" lon="-84.29332" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31282" lon="-84.2934" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31303" lon="-84.29355" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31363" lon="-84.29399" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31414" lon="-84.29427" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31491" lon="-84.2945" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31539" lon="-84.29466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31632" lon="-84.29499" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3171" lon="-84.29522" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31768" lon="-84.2956" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31826" lon="-84.29621" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31898" lon="-84.29692" />
      <trkpt lat="35.31959" lon="-84.29725" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32048" lon="-84.29721" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32163" lon="-84.29679" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32259" lon="-84.29659" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32306" lon="-84.29668" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32352" lon="-84.29702" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32394" lon="-84.29742" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3244" lon="-84.298" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32473" lon="-84.29829" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3253" lon="-84.2988" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32591" lon="-84.29894" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32653" lon="-84.2989" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32721" lon="-84.29842" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32773" lon="-84.29755" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3281" lon="-84.29622" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3287" lon="-84.29546" />
      <trkpt lat="35.32928" lon="-84.29516" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33" lon="-84.29516" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33129" lon="-84.29567" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33206" lon="-84.29588" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33289" lon="-84.29578" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33415" lon="-84.29559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33496" lon="-84.29559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33576" lon="-84.29579" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33666" lon="-84.29638" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33751" lon="-84.29731" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33799" lon="-84.29819" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33835" lon="-84.29923" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33869" lon="-84.30049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.339" lon="-84.30176" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33909" lon="-84.30299" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33875" lon="-84.30394" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33815" lon="-84.3048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33777" lon="-84.30534" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33726" lon="-84.30618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33699" lon="-84.30723" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33702" lon="-84.30765" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3371" lon="-84.30796" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3373" lon="-84.30846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33778" lon="-84.30916" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33845" lon="-84.30943" />
      <trkpt lat="35.33947" lon="-84.30976" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34032" lon="-84.31009" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34076" lon="-84.31039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34235" lon="-84.3111" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34354" lon="-84.31137" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3452" lon="-84.31104" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34633" lon="-84.31026" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34688" lon="-84.30978" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34766" lon="-84.30859" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34828" lon="-84.30774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34833" lon="-84.30768" />
      <trkpt lat="35.34897" lon="-84.30693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35043" lon="-84.30576" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35123" lon="-84.30533" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3522" lon="-84.3048" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35449" lon="-84.30348" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35753" lon="-84.30186" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35823" lon="-84.30147" />
      <trkpt lat="35.35911" lon="-84.30112" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3599" lon="-84.30086" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36066" lon="-84.30071" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36235" lon="-84.3006" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36374" lon="-84.30076" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36448" lon="-84.30096" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36542" lon="-84.3012" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36559" lon="-84.30126" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36637" lon="-84.3015" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36687" lon="-84.30163" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36722" lon="-84.30175" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36833" lon="-84.30203" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36889" lon="-84.30223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.36936" lon="-84.30238" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37078" lon="-84.3029" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37307" lon="-84.30418" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37366" lon="-84.30462" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37417" lon="-84.305" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37464" lon="-84.30545" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37515" lon="-84.30594" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3756" lon="-84.30633" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3762" lon="-84.30701" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37659" lon="-84.30744" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37659" lon="-84.30744" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37743" lon="-84.30845" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37831" lon="-84.30939" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37925" lon="-84.31046" />
      <trkpt lat="35.37997" lon="-84.31136" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38182" lon="-84.31323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38302" lon="-84.31397" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38472" lon="-84.31459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38567" lon="-84.31474" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38621" lon="-84.31485" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3868" lon="-84.31493" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38772" lon="-84.31517" />
      <trkpt lat="35.38847" lon="-84.31552" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39001" lon="-84.31653" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39109" lon="-84.31764" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39183" lon="-84.31874" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39206" lon="-84.31918" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39248" lon="-84.32002" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39272" lon="-84.32056" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39303" lon="-84.32174" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39309" lon="-84.322" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39312" lon="-84.32214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39314" lon="-84.32224" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39331" lon="-84.32334" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39335" lon="-84.32424" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39335" lon="-84.32452" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39335" lon="-84.32515" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39326" lon="-84.32758" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39321" lon="-84.32898" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39317" lon="-84.32971" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39316" lon="-84.33044" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39313" lon="-84.33076" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39309" lon="-84.3325" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39296" lon="-84.335" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39289" lon="-84.33738" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39291" lon="-84.33843" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39294" lon="-84.33958" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39307" lon="-84.34057" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39311" lon="-84.34085" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39355" lon="-84.34295" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39418" lon="-84.34496" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39496" lon="-84.34651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39566" lon="-84.34773" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39587" lon="-84.34806" />
      <trkpt lat="35.3965" lon="-84.34885" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39743" lon="-84.34995" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39817" lon="-84.35061" />
      <trkpt lat="35.39965" lon="-84.35165" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4013" lon="-84.35262" />
      <trkpt lat="35.40209" lon="-84.35298" />
      <trkpt lat="35.40421" lon="-84.35404" />
      <trkpt lat="35.40561" lon="-84.35475" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4058" lon="-84.35483" />
      <trkpt lat="35.40786" lon="-84.35587" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4098" lon="-84.35678" />
      <trkpt lat="35.40983" lon="-84.3568" />
      <trkpt lat="35.41209" lon="-84.35795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.41568" lon="-84.35978" />
      <trkpt lat="35.41618" lon="-84.36003" />
      <trkpt lat="35.41708" lon="-84.36049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.41969" lon="-84.36178" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42006" lon="-84.36196" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42101" lon="-84.36243" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42418" lon="-84.36396" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42702" lon="-84.36542" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42745" lon="-84.36564" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42753" lon="-84.36568" />
      <trkpt lat="35.42846" lon="-84.36601" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4294" lon="-84.36616" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43002" lon="-84.36623" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43245" lon="-84.36618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43463" lon="-84.36557" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43557" lon="-84.36532" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43653" lon="-84.365" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43746" lon="-84.36489" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43808" lon="-84.36494" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43881" lon="-84.36517" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43949" lon="-84.36552" />
      <trkpt lat="35.43995" lon="-84.36592" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44002" lon="-84.36599" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44048" lon="-84.36651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44068" lon="-84.36674" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44128" lon="-84.36744" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44132" lon="-84.36749" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44155" lon="-84.36778" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44182" lon="-84.36812" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44222" lon="-84.36865" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44271" lon="-84.36929" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44346" lon="-84.37018" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44384" lon="-84.37067" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44479" lon="-84.37177" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44588" lon="-84.37323" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44592" lon="-84.37327" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44631" lon="-84.37372" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4469" lon="-84.37442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44739" lon="-84.37501" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44774" lon="-84.37538" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44838" lon="-84.37599" />
      <trkpt lat="35.44977" lon="-84.37702" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45059" lon="-84.3774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45162" lon="-84.37774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45165" lon="-84.37775" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45234" lon="-84.37785" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45311" lon="-84.37797" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4539" lon="-84.37795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45458" lon="-84.37788" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45499" lon="-84.37781" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45503" lon="-84.3778" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45601" lon="-84.37755" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45631" lon="-84.37741" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45689" lon="-84.37715" />
      <trkpt lat="35.45894" lon="-84.3761" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46058" lon="-84.37527" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46405" lon="-84.37353" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46475" lon="-84.37317" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46527" lon="-84.37291" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46532" lon="-84.37288" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46694" lon="-84.37203" />
      <trkpt lat="35.4677" lon="-84.37163" />
      <trkpt lat="35.46838" lon="-84.37127" />
      <trkpt lat="35.47159" lon="-84.36963" />
      <trkpt lat="35.47545" lon="-84.36762" />
      <trkpt lat="35.47854" lon="-84.36606" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48098" lon="-84.36485" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48191" lon="-84.36439" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48294" lon="-84.36398" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48383" lon="-84.36397" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48457" lon="-84.36407" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48568" lon="-84.36441" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48637" lon="-84.3646" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48767" lon="-84.36491" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48912" lon="-84.3651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.48965" lon="-84.36504" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49026" lon="-84.36499" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49129" lon="-84.36481" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49256" lon="-84.3647" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49262" lon="-84.36469" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49379" lon="-84.36466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49457" lon="-84.36469" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49495" lon="-84.3647" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49546" lon="-84.3647" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49568" lon="-84.36471" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49611" lon="-84.36471" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49734" lon="-84.36472" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49865" lon="-84.36493" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49917" lon="-84.3651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.49992" lon="-84.36542" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50048" lon="-84.36561" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50173" lon="-84.36643" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50304" lon="-84.36727" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50349" lon="-84.3676" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50405" lon="-84.368" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50433" lon="-84.36818" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50474" lon="-84.36846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50524" lon="-84.3688" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50673" lon="-84.3698" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50692" lon="-84.36992" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50726" lon="-84.37016" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50796" lon="-84.37026" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50854" lon="-84.37001" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50902" lon="-84.36975" />
      <trkpt lat="35.50971" lon="-84.36921" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51023" lon="-84.36808" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51063" lon="-84.36677" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51089" lon="-84.36594" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51119" lon="-84.3651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51139" lon="-84.36464" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51162" lon="-84.3642" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51214" lon="-84.36338" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51292" lon="-84.36251" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51335" lon="-84.36215" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51395" lon="-84.36165" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51397" lon="-84.36163" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51506" lon="-84.36081" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51603" lon="-84.36001" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51652" lon="-84.3596" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51714" lon="-84.35909" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51733" lon="-84.35888" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51787" lon="-84.35823" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51861" lon="-84.3572" />
      <trkpt lat="35.51971" lon="-84.35561" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5199" lon="-84.3553" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52077" lon="-84.35409" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52162" lon="-84.35298" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52175" lon="-84.35287" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52217" lon="-84.35255" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52265" lon="-84.35233" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52295" lon="-84.35224" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52336" lon="-84.35209" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52386" lon="-84.35185" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52445" lon="-84.35113" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52474" lon="-84.3508" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52498" lon="-84.35043" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5253" lon="-84.34994" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52539" lon="-84.3498" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52576" lon="-84.34923" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52717" lon="-84.34707" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52721" lon="-84.34701" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52773" lon="-84.34648" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52831" lon="-84.34565" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52851" lon="-84.34535" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52854" lon="-84.34531" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52876" lon="-84.345" />
      <trkpt lat="35.52943" lon="-84.34404" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53078" lon="-84.342" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53155" lon="-84.34094" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53199" lon="-84.34032" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53205" lon="-84.34024" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53447" lon="-84.33676" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53483" lon="-84.33623" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5351" lon="-84.33584" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53531" lon="-84.33554" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53636" lon="-84.33403" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53646" lon="-84.33388" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53867" lon="-84.33062" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53881" lon="-84.33042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.53967" lon="-84.32926" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5399" lon="-84.32897" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54098" lon="-84.32744" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54165" lon="-84.32654" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54173" lon="-84.32644" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54241" lon="-84.32544" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54313" lon="-84.32442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54566" lon="-84.32078" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54601" lon="-84.32027" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54608" lon="-84.32016" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54764" lon="-84.31792" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54828" lon="-84.31701" />
      <trkpt lat="35.54954" lon="-84.31519" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55028" lon="-84.31412" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55061" lon="-84.31366" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55097" lon="-84.31313" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55136" lon="-84.31256" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55177" lon="-84.31197" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55207" lon="-84.31155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55235" lon="-84.31113" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5526" lon="-84.31077" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55298" lon="-84.31022" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55361" lon="-84.30932" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55429" lon="-84.30836" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55437" lon="-84.30825" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5559" lon="-84.30602" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55689" lon="-84.30459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55773" lon="-84.30337" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55889" lon="-84.30173" />
      <trkpt lat="35.55915" lon="-84.30133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56014" lon="-84.29991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.561" lon="-84.29867" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56178" lon="-84.29755" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5625" lon="-84.29651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56309" lon="-84.29564" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56341" lon="-84.2952" />
      <trkpt lat="35.564" lon="-84.29437" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56497" lon="-84.29293" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56542" lon="-84.2923" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5663" lon="-84.29101" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56673" lon="-84.29039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56692" lon="-84.29011" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56708" lon="-84.28989" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56731" lon="-84.28957" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56848" lon="-84.28786" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5685" lon="-84.28783" />
      <trkpt lat="35.56987" lon="-84.28584" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57016" lon="-84.28541" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57029" lon="-84.2852" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57044" lon="-84.28496" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57096" lon="-84.28415" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57112" lon="-84.28387" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57126" lon="-84.28363" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57179" lon="-84.28267" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57226" lon="-84.28181" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57393" lon="-84.27871" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57409" lon="-84.27842" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5742" lon="-84.27821" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57533" lon="-84.27616" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57648" lon="-84.27422" />
      <trkpt lat="35.577" lon="-84.27327" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57705" lon="-84.27316" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57752" lon="-84.27231" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57777" lon="-84.27187" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57805" lon="-84.27133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57872" lon="-84.27008" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57895" lon="-84.26966" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57903" lon="-84.26951" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57936" lon="-84.2689" />
      <trkpt lat="35.57999" lon="-84.26774" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58052" lon="-84.2668" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58138" lon="-84.26486" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58196" lon="-84.26306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58241" lon="-84.26137" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58249" lon="-84.26091" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58249" lon="-84.26087" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5826" lon="-84.26021" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58322" lon="-84.25522" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58348" lon="-84.25306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58362" lon="-84.25172" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5839" lon="-84.24982" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58417" lon="-84.24882" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58421" lon="-84.24866" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58451" lon="-84.24785" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58606" lon="-84.2449" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58661" lon="-84.24389" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58733" lon="-84.24258" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58813" lon="-84.24112" />
      <trkpt lat="35.5896" lon="-84.23814" />
      <trkpt lat="35.58969" lon="-84.23795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59013" lon="-84.23718" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59056" lon="-84.23627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59177" lon="-84.23384" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59216" lon="-84.23311" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59404" lon="-84.22954" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59546" lon="-84.22666" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59588" lon="-84.22579" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59607" lon="-84.2254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59615" lon="-84.22532" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59698" lon="-84.22377" />
      <trkpt lat="35.59704" lon="-84.22352" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60013" lon="-84.21904" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60188" lon="-84.21661" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60325" lon="-84.21475" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60353" lon="-84.21445" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60531" lon="-84.21191" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60697" lon="-84.20957" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60766" lon="-84.20873" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60771" lon="-84.20856" />
      <trkpt lat="35.60876" lon="-84.20733" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61139" lon="-84.20428" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61429" lon="-84.20096" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61651" lon="-84.19811" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61673" lon="-84.1978" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61697" lon="-84.19743" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6182" lon="-84.19551" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61833" lon="-84.1953" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61859" lon="-84.19486" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61894" lon="-84.19424" />
      <trkpt lat="35.61981" lon="-84.19281" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62017" lon="-84.19214" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62048" lon="-84.19164" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62245" lon="-84.18812" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62275" lon="-84.18773" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62517" lon="-84.18285" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62657" lon="-84.18001" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62658" lon="-84.17999" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62786" lon="-84.17749" />
      <trkpt lat="35.62822" lon="-84.17669" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63122" lon="-84.1707" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6315" lon="-84.17013" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63245" lon="-84.1682" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6343" lon="-84.16452" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63471" lon="-84.16368" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6353" lon="-84.16248" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63596" lon="-84.16115" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63612" lon="-84.16084" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63729" lon="-84.15846" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63832" lon="-84.15644" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63842" lon="-84.15625" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63873" lon="-84.15564" />
      <trkpt lat="35.63937" lon="-84.15431" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64082" lon="-84.15144" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64171" lon="-84.14958" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64268" lon="-84.14758" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64389" lon="-84.14518" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64405" lon="-84.14486" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64433" lon="-84.14433" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64458" lon="-84.14384" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64464" lon="-84.14371" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64537" lon="-84.14223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64546" lon="-84.14206" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64656" lon="-84.13984" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64688" lon="-84.1392" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64689" lon="-84.13917" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64696" lon="-84.13903" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64729" lon="-84.13838" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64779" lon="-84.13737" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64868" lon="-84.13559" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64956" lon="-84.13386" />
      <trkpt lat="35.64985" lon="-84.13321" />
      <trkpt lat="35.65196" lon="-84.12898" />
      <trkpt lat="35.65378" lon="-84.12528" />
      <trkpt lat="35.65411" lon="-84.12466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6548" lon="-84.12328" />
      <trkpt lat="35.65686" lon="-84.11907" />
      <trkpt lat="35.65949" lon="-84.11368" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66106" lon="-84.11049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66172" lon="-84.10864" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66243" lon="-84.10712" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66431" lon="-84.10337" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6651" lon="-84.10175" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66519" lon="-84.10158" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66552" lon="-84.1009" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66572" lon="-84.10049" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66577" lon="-84.10039" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66601" lon="-84.09989" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66624" lon="-84.09948" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66777" lon="-84.09698" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66814" lon="-84.09628" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66946" lon="-84.09376" />
      <trkpt lat="35.66972" lon="-84.09327" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67007" lon="-84.09254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67056" lon="-84.09151" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67062" lon="-84.09138" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6709" lon="-84.09073" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67161" lon="-84.08903" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67206" lon="-84.08789" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67218" lon="-84.08761" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67239" lon="-84.0871" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67464" lon="-84.08253" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67559" lon="-84.08067" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67605" lon="-84.07975" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67786" lon="-84.07607" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67841" lon="-84.07509" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67899" lon="-84.07413" />
      <trkpt lat="35.67996" lon="-84.07254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6808" lon="-84.07089" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68132" lon="-84.06983" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6822" lon="-84.068" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68266" lon="-84.0671" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68313" lon="-84.06616" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68416" lon="-84.0641" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68525" lon="-84.06179" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68537" lon="-84.06162" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68696" lon="-84.05851" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68713" lon="-84.05823" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68737" lon="-84.05779" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68802" lon="-84.0567" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68884" lon="-84.05544" />
      <trkpt lat="35.68906" lon="-84.05509" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69011" lon="-84.05363" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69096" lon="-84.0526" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69117" lon="-84.05233" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69122" lon="-84.05228" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69202" lon="-84.05133" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69744" lon="-84.04479" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69772" lon="-84.04442" />
      <trkpt lat="35.69935" lon="-84.04249" />
      <trkpt lat="35.6999" lon="-84.04174" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70036" lon="-84.04103" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7009" lon="-84.04011" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70109" lon="-84.0398" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70207" lon="-84.03814" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70292" lon="-84.0369" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70293" lon="-84.03689" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70354" lon="-84.03618" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70553" lon="-84.03382" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70697" lon="-84.03213" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70828" lon="-84.03059" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70857" lon="-84.03021" />
      <trkpt lat="35.70986" lon="-84.02868" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71113" lon="-84.02667" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71229" lon="-84.02434" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71235" lon="-84.02419" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71309" lon="-84.02254" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7139" lon="-84.02077" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71432" lon="-84.01982" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7146" lon="-84.01928" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71481" lon="-84.01884" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71504" lon="-84.01838" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7161" lon="-84.01612" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71647" lon="-84.01526" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71686" lon="-84.01449" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71735" lon="-84.01356" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71742" lon="-84.01342" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71765" lon="-84.01299" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7185" lon="-84.01145" />
      <trkpt lat="35.71922" lon="-84.01012" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72079" lon="-84.00722" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72244" lon="-84.00422" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72265" lon="-84.00381" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7235" lon="-84.00226" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72399" lon="-84.00149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72436" lon="-84.00105" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72496" lon="-84.00054" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72669" lon="-83.99935" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72785" lon="-83.99857" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72786" lon="-83.99856" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72818" lon="-83.99834" />
      <trkpt lat="35.72959" lon="-83.99743" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73015" lon="-83.99703" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73117" lon="-83.99628" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73265" lon="-83.99524" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73335" lon="-83.99466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73476" lon="-83.99345" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73532" lon="-83.99294" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73589" lon="-83.99243" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73611" lon="-83.99223" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73693" lon="-83.99142" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73782" lon="-83.99058" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73817" lon="-83.99025" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73862" lon="-83.98983" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73914" lon="-83.98946" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73961" lon="-83.9892" />
      <trkpt lat="35.73993" lon="-83.98907" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74026" lon="-83.98903" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74059" lon="-83.98911" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74085" lon="-83.98923" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74112" lon="-83.98944" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74133" lon="-83.98969" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74158" lon="-83.99007" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74207" lon="-83.991" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74236" lon="-83.99146" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7428" lon="-83.99199" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74326" lon="-83.99249" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7439" lon="-83.99306" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74427" lon="-83.99336" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74433" lon="-83.99342" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74441" lon="-83.99348" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7449" lon="-83.9938" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74548" lon="-83.99412" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74603" lon="-83.99433" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74639" lon="-83.99445" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74675" lon="-83.99455" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74708" lon="-83.99462" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74741" lon="-83.99466" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74779" lon="-83.9947" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74817" lon="-83.99471" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74902" lon="-83.99468" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74923" lon="-83.99465" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74969" lon="-83.99459" />
      <trkpt lat="35.74979" lon="-83.99458" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75023" lon="-83.99451" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75257" lon="-83.99423" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75364" lon="-83.99401" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75406" lon="-83.9939" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75443" lon="-83.99377" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75511" lon="-83.99348" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7556" lon="-83.99321" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75585" lon="-83.99305" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75611" lon="-83.99287" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75644" lon="-83.99262" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75681" lon="-83.99231" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75706" lon="-83.99207" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7573" lon="-83.99182" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75741" lon="-83.9917" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75769" lon="-83.99137" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75791" lon="-83.99114" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75798" lon="-83.99106" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7586" lon="-83.99036" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75935" lon="-83.98953" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7596" lon="-83.98926" />
      <trkpt lat="35.75985" lon="-83.98901" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76009" lon="-83.98878" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76035" lon="-83.98856" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76062" lon="-83.98835" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76088" lon="-83.98815" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76116" lon="-83.98798" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76146" lon="-83.98779" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76175" lon="-83.98764" />
      <trkpt lat="35.762" lon="-83.98751" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7624" lon="-83.98734" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76266" lon="-83.98725" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76306" lon="-83.98714" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7634" lon="-83.98706" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76372" lon="-83.987" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76409" lon="-83.98695" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76439" lon="-83.98692" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7646" lon="-83.98692" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7648" lon="-83.98692" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76502" lon="-83.98692" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76523" lon="-83.98693" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76554" lon="-83.98696" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76579" lon="-83.98699" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76624" lon="-83.98707" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76725" lon="-83.98729" />
      <trkpt lat="35.76837" lon="-83.98754" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77028" lon="-83.98796" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77102" lon="-83.98812" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77195" lon="-83.98833" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77234" lon="-83.98842" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77243" lon="-83.98844" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77261" lon="-83.98849" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77302" lon="-83.98857" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77415" lon="-83.98882" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77717" lon="-83.98949" />
      <trkpt lat="35.77947" lon="-83.99" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78135" lon="-83.99042" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78275" lon="-83.99073" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78438" lon="-83.99109" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78549" lon="-83.99134" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78577" lon="-83.99139" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78606" lon="-83.99144" />
      <trkpt lat="35.7864" lon="-83.99147" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78675" lon="-83.99149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78714" lon="-83.99149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78751" lon="-83.99149" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78777" lon="-83.99151" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78812" lon="-83.99155" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78847" lon="-83.99162" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78872" lon="-83.99168" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78897" lon="-83.99175" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78925" lon="-83.99184" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78956" lon="-83.99198" />
      <trkpt lat="35.78987" lon="-83.99216" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79016" lon="-83.99232" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79046" lon="-83.99248" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79117" lon="-83.99274" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79164" lon="-83.99284" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79221" lon="-83.99287" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79289" lon="-83.9928" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79325" lon="-83.99273" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79371" lon="-83.9926" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79794" lon="-83.9905" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79857" lon="-83.99018" />
      <trkpt lat="35.79999" lon="-83.98951" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80054" lon="-83.98921" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80093" lon="-83.98901" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80191" lon="-83.98852" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80284" lon="-83.98803" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80333" lon="-83.98777" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80442" lon="-83.98722" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80478" lon="-83.9869" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80486" lon="-83.98678" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80489" lon="-83.98666" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80489" lon="-83.98651" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80487" lon="-83.98639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.8048" lon="-83.98627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80474" lon="-83.98617" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80465" lon="-83.9861" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80455" lon="-83.98606" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80444" lon="-83.98605" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80437" lon="-83.98605" />
      <trkpt lat="35.8043" lon="-83.98608" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80424" lon="-83.98611" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80418" lon="-83.98615" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80409" lon="-83.98627" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80404" lon="-83.98639" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80401" lon="-83.98653" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80401" lon="-83.98665" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80409" lon="-83.98696" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80436" lon="-83.98771" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80443" lon="-83.98786" />
      <trkpt lat="35.80452" lon="-83.98795" />
      <trkpt lat="35.8046" lon="-83.98799" />


Jan 20, 2022, 3:38:09 AMJan 20
to Cruiser Users
Cruiser 2.1.2

Kevin route:  Start > End.
By offline B_router by profile *Kurviger-highways.

Kevin route: Start > End
By online OSRM.

Kevin route. Start > Via > End
By online OSRM.

* BRouter Custom profiles.
Find in the Kurviger forum.

Op woensdag 19 januari 2022 om 21:13:07 UTC+1 schreef


Jan 20, 2022, 4:46:19 AMJan 20
You need to understand that the routes are calculated externally by online or offline routing services.

Navigation apps are not responsible for route calculation or removal of support from routing services. :)



Jan 20, 2022, 5:15:47 AMJan 20
to Cruiser Users
Right Emux.
However, if the simplicity of Cruiser could be combined with a direct routable osm map, this would be particularly attractive.
Osmand does have these routable maps, but unfortunately the entire app structure is imo too complicated.
@ Kevin. The fact that there is even a risk of a divorce when using it, is probably not what the Osmand developers intended ;-)

Op donderdag 20 januari 2022 om 10:46:19 UTC+1 schreef Emux:

Jan 21, 2022, 12:33:25 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
The BRouter online routing web client has the same problem
that occurs when I use Cruiser with brouter offline routing.
Its easy to reproduce. To cause the problem, the secret is to use car-fast profile.
BRouter seems more stable using "trekking biking" profile. But I get
a quite a few "re-tracking errors" when using "car-fast".
And this is reproducible on the web client. This is for a very short
route. Perhaps the BRouter route engine is OK, maybe something
strange in the "car-fast" profile.

If cruiser is really intended for bicycle only then is seem stable.
But I do long trips in the USA sometimes.

For now I will stay with Cruiser 1.11. I'll use the BRouter engine some
but I'll primarily use graphhopper. Got a friend that lives i Waco Texas.
Using the sparse graph i created for graphhopper. My phone calculated
a 1006 mile route in six seconds.  I compared the route to the route
calculated with openstreet map using OSRM. Other than a few miles missing
at the beginning and the end. My phone came up with the exact same route.
I like that ability while I'm on the road.


Jan 21, 2022, 1:14:38 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
The flow I'm using for these experiments is.
osmconvert64 -v .\src\%1.pbf --out-o5m -o=%1.o5m
osmfilter -v %1.o5m --keep="highway=" --keep="place=" --out-o5m >%1_roads.o5m

osmfilter -v %1_roads.o5m     --keep="place=city =town =village" --keep="highway=motorway =motorway_link =trunk =trunk_link =primary =primary_link =secondary =secondary_link =tertiary =tertiary_link" --out-o5m >%1_roads_sm3.o5m

osmconvert64 -v %1_roads_sm3.o5m --out-pbf -o=%1_roads_sm3.pbf

4. Then is use cruiser desktop 1.11 to create the sparse graph from the _roads_sm3.pbf

What amazed me the first time I did this is the whole process takes only about 20 minutes.
15 minutes to create the sparse _sm3.pbf.
Then Cruiser desktop only takes about 5 minutes to create the sparse graph.
This is for the entire USA!! When I get near my destination, I switch to the non-sparse

Think Ill do this for the entire planet. Creating a sparse graph of the planet.
Then I can route plan any where in the world
on my phone. It's quite amazing to see an accurate 5000km route calculated on a phone
in less than 30 seconds. (minus a couple miles of routing at each end)

I've done the same thing for Osmand. The memory requirements and long run times
to create a sparse USA.obf have prevented me from doing it for the USA. I suspect using SQL really
slows things down and requires so much memory.  But i was able to
create a sparse usa_south_sm3.obf. Im using osmand 4.11, which was a big improvement
in usability. I might even be able to teach my wife how to use it.
I can now route 3000km routes in a about a minute on my phone with Osmand.

This exposes the limitation of Osmand however.
For Cruiser I use the non-sparse file.
But I use the sparse graphs to route in the

For Osmand, I create a sparse obf. Which makes routing very fast.
But the road network presented to the user is also sparse since the
obf contains both road and graph data. Mapsforge separates these two
concepts which opened this possibility to me.

Cruiser still out performs osmand  in route calulation time, but its nice to be able
to plan a one day trip and not resort to a web interface on either app.

I know this is quite convoluted what i am doing here. But the phones have become
so powerful I was sure it could be done.

Jan 21, 2022, 1:31:02 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
As a retired engineer, when ever something clever is done to make an improvement
for the customer, you have the potential of getting a patent. If there was a unique
may of combining sparse and non-sparse graphs to route fast on a phone, you guys
could get a patent issued. Then you get license fees if anyone else does this.
Might be something for you guys to purse.

Jan 21, 2022, 1:54:50 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
Sorry to be talking so much....

Even if you think the idea not patent-able.  Just the fact we discussed it here establishes
prior art making it impossible for someone else to patent it and gives you the right to
use it. You can't patent something that's been done before. But to make that defense stronger,
you may want to pursue it somewhat and
document your thoughts. This will protect you from someone else pursuing a patent
and forcing you to pay license fees. One obvious way would be to release a version
of Cruiser using this concept. This being in the public domain will provide a strong defense for
prior art. Even if the idea eventually goes no where. I've got seven patents from my days
of designing pagers and cell phones at Motorola. You would not believe what is considered patent-able.

Jan 21, 2022, 2:34:42 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
Just saw your comments...

"You need to understand that the routes are calculated externally by online or offline routing services.
Navigation apps are not responsible for route calculation or removal of support from routing services."

While we both know that Brouter is external to Cruiser. To the common user this
is not relavate. Ease of use and performance are the only things that matter.
A naviagtion app that cannot plan a one day trip in a car without the user
picking each highway with a multitude of via points, while usable, it will miss
the majority of the market. Perhaps I am underestimating the bicycle navigation
market. But the car navigation market expects the ability to choose a start
and end point at least 400 miles apart. And if possible, be able to plan and
entire week of driving for a long vacation.  It's not like this is a challenge
I've been doing this with Cruiser for at two years.

I'm a little confused as to what this means. So all offline routing will eventually be
removed? Can only route with cell service of wifi? So eventually cruiser will
display a map and put a blue dot where I am, and that's it?

Two years ago my daughter went on a trip to Scotland. She knew her phone would not work
there. When she had wifi she used Whatsapp to call me.
She wanted to ability to walk, get on buses, use uber, explore the area,
look at a map to find places. This includes routing sometimes.
Without getting lost. And has no cell service or wifi sometimes.

I helped her install Sygic. Pre-downloaded the maps she would need. Had routing ability.
She loved it. And used it many times when traveling to other countries.
I thought about hooking her up with Cruiser next time she does a trip.
I guess I'll tell her to stick with Sygic.

You do realize that being lost and not having cell service or wifi are highly correlated.
If you have cell service or wifi, you can just ask someone that if very likely standing
next to you and hopefully speaks your language.

Jan 21, 2022, 6:34:33 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
Well, I've made some progress. I was able to do a route of 603km
and no re-tracking error message.

Seems to be related to configuring route parameters.
There are three menus to configure the route.
As installed I get re-tracking errors, but by playing with this
ridiculous menu system, I seem to get it to work.

1. In Cruiser.
   a. car
   b. foot
   c. bike

2. In BRouter

3.also in brouter

using these three menus I can found a setting that allow much longer routes
without re-tracking errors. Now only get "time out" for a very long route.

one of my longest routes was 603km.

I'm having trouble reproducing it. I must take better notes.
By the way, when someone says "I must take better notes"
that is a sign of bad software.

I think I just was leaving Crusier set to car fast and did all my configuring
with brouter. I'll continue my experiments. But I also notice if I set
cruiser to bicycle, but Brouter too car-fast , motorcar_fast, I get the
retracking-error message again. So there seems to be a relationship

Ever seen a youtube video of a pigeon pecking on buttons randomly trying
to learn how to get food. I have become the pigeon.


Jan 21, 2022, 7:30:08 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
Well. It seems to working quite well now.
I set Cruiser to car-fast
Brouter to "car_fast" and "motorcar_fast"
I did a route from my house to my friends house in Texas
714mile (1142km). BRouter did the route in about 50 seconds.
That's impressive. That was on my high end phone.
On my low end phone I got a "time out" termination.
So It seems planning a days car route might be doable.

1. What ever the defaults are after installation, they don't work.
2. BRouter menus do not indicate what the current settings are so I
    have no idea what they were that caused the problem.
    This should be fixed in BRouter.
3. Not in a millions years will I try to teach my wife how to use this
    app. I would set it up for her, but she always seems to change settings
    and then I get to play system administrator for her phone. And if I don't
    have my notes with me, I would be not able to fix it with out another days
    worth of hunting.

Jan 21, 2022, 7:36:02 PMJan 21
to Cruiser Users
Oh yeah. What ever I did here, needs to be done to the BRouter web client.
It has the same problem. I select car-fast. Try a route of 100 miles
and I get "re-tracking error".


Jan 22, 2022, 4:25:19 AMJan 22
> What ever I did here, needs to be done to the BRouter web client.
> It has the same problem. I select car-fast. Try a route of 100 miles and I get "re-tracking error".

As BRouter (offline or online) routing is done externally on their Android app or website,
it is better to inform them for any calculation problems in their repository and forum:

About offline routing in Cruiser, I can include it as long as there are available offline routing services.
GraphHopper offline routing is uncertain, as it does not work with Android new forced storage (#1940).
So now on Android, apps can only use BRouter app for offline routing.

OsmAnd has nice offline maps and routing, but its license does not permit their usage in other apps.

However, there are other nice offline maps / routers / navigators on Google Play, like HERE:



Jan 22, 2022, 6:21:10 AMJan 22
to Cruiser Users
So we stick with Cruiser_Brouter (Pro).  
A download combi of both Brouter data and maps by a (borderless) coverage selection in squares like BRouter would this be possible ?
Emux as you are the expert mapsforge developer do you consider this as useful or do you reject such out of hand?

Op zaterdag 22 januari 2022 om 10:25:19 UTC+1 schreef Emux:

Jan 22, 2022, 8:02:21 AMJan 22
to Cruiser Users

I've done enough experimenting that I think BRouter is usable in
both Crusier1.11 and Cruier2.1.2. Below is what seems to work
for me.

1. In Cruiser I always keep the route selection set to car.
2. In Brouter I use profile "car-eco" to get a route that prefers highways.
    Same as shortest time. So far "car_eco" generates a route
    the same as "car_fast", but works on long routes.
    And assign this selection to motorcar_fast in BRouter
3. In Brouter I use profile "shortest" to get a shortest distance route.
    And assign this selection to motorcar_fast in BRouter
4. In Brouter, profile "car-fast" should be avoided as it will sometimes fail on routes
    as short as 86miles (137km) with the re-tracking error. And this
    is reproducible on the brouter web client.

When I do the above I can do rather long routes reliably.



Jan 22, 2022, 8:23:14 AMJan 22
> A download combi of both Brouter data and maps by a (borderless) coverage selection in squares like BRouter would this be possible ?

It is better to not mix different things: maps or routing or poi data.

There are many Mapsforge map providers (with their themes):

And BRouter handles better its routing data separately via its app.

You can always open multiple map files.
Or try BBBike to extract custom areas.


Jan 22, 2022, 11:57:44 AMJan 22