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Abdullah Abdullrhman

Dec 27, 2022, 9:08:28 AM12/27/22
Thank you for this easy and simple app, and I have some suggestions to support off-road routing, a feature found in other apps, and I wish Cruiser had:
This feature is supposed to be when you want the app to route from/to a place where there are no roads drawn on the map, which happens that the routing engines refuse to route and an error message appears, while in other applications there are other solutions where the program calculates a direct line for the nearest road and then It is completed via the routing engine and so on. Here is an example for further clarification:
If you are somewhere in the middle of the desert away from the roads and then you want to go to the nearest road and drive across it and then get off the road to another place in the desert away from the roads, all the navigation solutions available in the Cruiser will not work, while in other applications that support this feature, the application draws a line Direct to the nearest road and then routed through the road, this feature is in OsmAnd (it is fully supported), Navitel and Organic maps (for destination only).
I do not know, it is possible that the solution is with the developers of routing engines such as (GraphHopper, BRouter, etc.) or it may be from the developers of applications in a way that integrates with the routing engines, and there are solutions such as OruxMaps as it contains this feature, but in an indirect way. Through the route planner, where the user puts a point in each stage (this is a good solution, but it takes time and effort unlike what happens in other applications)

  I have attached a video of other programs that support this feature, for more clarification.

Thank you and regards
Organic maps.mp4


Dec 27, 2022, 9:33:26 AM12/27/22
Hi and thanks for the suggestion!

Straight line profile can be implemented in 2 ways:
- It is provided by the routing API, then called by the app
- It is implemented by the app for all routing services

1. Cruiser already supports "Straight line" profile for the routing services that provide it.

One of them will be the next version of BRouter (offline) 1.6.4, now available as Beta:
For the apk and more details:

Install BRouter 1.6.4 (Beta) apk, select BRouter (offline) in Cruiser routing settings and you can set "Straight line" via:
- Long press on route segments
- Long press on end waypoint of route segments
- Waypoints list (menu "Routing | Waypoints")

2. However I already plan to implement "Straight line" profile support in Cruiser for all routing services.

It is more complicated, but it would help all the cases where the routing service does not provide it.



Dec 27, 2022, 1:10:06 PM12/27/22
to Cruiser Users
Example 1.
You can produce this already right now by using the Cruiser_BRouter app Beta version.
The Beeline/Straight Line BRouter function was and is mainly intended to bridge shorter non-routable stretches.
Much offroad traffic is sure not necessary in EU environment. Possibly offroad users can think of something more optimal.
You can add any free editable name to Via Points that are than TTS announced when approaching the Via points.

Example 2.
The following example cannot be produced as quickly by the Cruiser app.
This can just be done by intensive MANUAL gpx track and trackpoint edits.
This so probably only makes sense for well-prepared offroad mass events.
But anyway it can succesfully be used in this way if you prepare it all very carefully.

You can provide ANY gpx track (including records) MANUALLY with either turn or (only) via instructions at any track point.
You can usefully use announced Via Points by a free name edit, such as for example "Water source on the Right".

Cruiser will announce these processed gpx imports with the attached and desired instructions at the expected track point locations.
However, do NOT enable (auto)rerouting or even trigger manual rerouting. Offtrack warnings still can be used normally as usual.

Translated with (free version)

Op dinsdag 27 december 2022 om 15:33:26 UTC+1 schreef Emux:
2_Abdullah_TBT_follow any (offroad) track by Cruiser.gpx
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Dec 28, 2022, 4:22:23 AM12/28/22
to Cruiser Users
Also, do not forget that BRouter is extremely powerful in customizing routing profiles.

You can make one of the BRouter profiles to be more "off-road".

BRouter profiles documentation:



Dec 28, 2022, 6:08:03 AM12/28/22
to Cruiser Users
The BRouter "snap to nearest street" matching distance range = max 250m.
A planner point outside this max matching distance so gets "isolated"
BRouter msg: "(from or to) position not mapped in existing BRouter data file"

- The snap to street resulting locations of Shaping or Via points can be demonstrated during the route built by the Cruiser function: "Place waypoints on street".
- Anyway Shaping or Via route(way)points, in the 250m matching distance, are ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY "snapped (placed) on street" in the export navigation track.

See  .gif attached.  
Positioning the route(way)points (inclusive start and end) was explicitly NOT very precise, this to DEMONSTRATE the "place route(way)points on street" effect ;-)

Op woensdag 28 december 2022 om 10:22:23 UTC+1 schreef Emux:
Place route(way)points on street.gif
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