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Dec 25, 2022, 1:39:54 PM12/25/22
Indeed this is related to how each routing engine parses the OpenStreetMap data with its active vehicle profile.

However Cruiser allows all 3 travel modes [car | bike | foot] in both BRouter and GraphHopper.
The "car", i.e. driving profile is expected to work differently on BRouter vs GraphHopper vs ...

Can you try the "Bike" selection in GraphHopper?

With BRouter in Cruiser you can also change the "Route type" [fastest | shortest].

Cruiser uses the BRouter profiles as follows:

- Car / Fastest = car-fast
- Car / Shortest = car-eco

- Bike / Fastest = fastbike
- Bike / Shortest = trekking

- Foot = shortest

BRouter profiles are here:

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Dec 26, 2022, 5:35:53 AM12/26/22
to Cruiser Users
Various routers and the  many low (non) tolerant at all routing profiles. Routers and routing profiles devised behind a keyboard by people who hardly drive or use ?
I (tourist cyclist) am often too confronted in a design with such almost sometimes totally incomprehensible restrictions by the various applied routers and routing rules.

Example.   Cruiser by the offered OSRM (online) router by the tourist cycle trekking profile.
With my touring bike I ride almost always through track 4,5 grade tracks. But that intolerant online OSRM router engine does not allow any routing over here.  There is no way to go, you are so completely stuck than with your simple design. A main design with a foot profile also makes no sense, because then you are sometimes led for many kilometers on footpaths where a cyclist should optimally not be.  Annoying, because you simply cannot design what you want to design anyway. That osrm router engine is apparently here so your unwilling boss.

Route You web online. ( A customised osrm engine)
The Route You web router however does offer you the expected solution and the necessary freedom.  
You briefly can switch from " recreational cycling - nicest to "mountain bike - nicest" or "shortest - OSM (all ways)" or ultimate even to a "manual beeline" profile.   "Shortest - OSM (all ways)"for example allows design over any (small or large) predefined osm path without ANY restriction.  So you can easily overcome a problem piece that does not "fit" this according to the applied main routing profile selected.  

An example of a gpx navigation track design, a short distance demo traject by RouteYou  web here attached.  (See also by Notepad++ or the gpx editor windows program)
A switch from "recreational cycling - nicest" profile to" mountain bike - nicest" and later back to "recreational cycling - nicest" profile was necessary just to be able to traverse  the 4,5 grade tracks in this short distance demo traject.

BRouter offline.  
By the Brouter beta-test apk, see previous posts. With this Beta test apk you will now already have a profile 'beeline' available.
The BRouter is already a more tolerant router. You can so allow cyclists tours to pass a pedestrian area by adding several Shaping points. By getting off the bike, the Brouter than penalizes this with a lower speed. Pedestrian areas are thus discouraged, but not completely impossible. Also with one-way traffic, you can also continue walking with your bicycle in hand. This is understandably than not offered in car (motorcycle) profiles.

BRouter apk (offline) custom profiles. 
The BRouter is initially a bicycle and walking router engine and has not initially been optimized for car or motorbiking routing. The standard offered car profiles are so not either! Anyway find examples of Brouter profiles as provided by a Kurviger app mortobiker user in a previous post. If you feel comfortable with the process,  edit in such a way to add more "cattle grid' tolerance?

Translated with (free version)

Op zondag 25 december 2022 om 20:18:17 UTC+1 schreef MotoRiderUK:
Interesting - "Bike" seems to fix all of this in Graphhopper.

Cofusingly, I regard a "Bike" as a thing you pedal, and this wants to take me on some rather adventurous routes I couldn't ride my Motorcycle on, eg: a cycleway, so that's not good ;)  The "moped" option in BRouter kind of worked, offering a slightly more "me" route but wouldn't take me through the local "gate".  I have all those profiles in my BRouter folder on the phone.

Attached is a sample from a Scotland route: Notice how it (Graphhopper) misses the B797 (due to a cattle-grid half a mile up that road).  BRouter takes the road.  There is no reason why a car cannot drive that road other than Graphhopper telling me to go the other way and do more miles.

These "gates" which aren't really barriers make me wonder how many times I need to change the vehicle profile in the app to stay on course :)  It's actually easier/safer to drive a car over a cattle-grid than a 2-wheeler.
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Dec 26, 2022, 7:51:10 AM12/26/22
> RouteYou web online

RouteYou routing will be available in one of the next Cruiser releases.

Cruiser can already import / export the GPX navigation format.
It allows to load / save navigation routes with turn instructions, etc. completely offline.

- In Cruiser, select "Navigation" in GPX import / export dialogs

- In RouteYou, select "Locus Map" in download list to get this format

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