Cruiser2.1.2 "smooth movement"

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Feb 19, 2022, 10:18:12 PMFeb 19
to Cruiser Users
I can't seem to find where to turn on "smooth movement"
In Cruiser1.11 this was in the "Location" menu. Map is very
jerky while moving. Still great for navigation but I really liked
that smooth movement "animation" for lack of a better word.

Update on the map style issue. Seem with the addition of a just
one line:
<hillshading zoom-min="9" zoom-max="17" />
any of the older versions of Elevate.xml can be used in Cruiesr2.1.2
The older ones just seem to give a more useful topo map for hiking.

Thx for any advice.


Feb 20, 2022, 6:25:16 AMFeb 20
Map moves when there is a real location update from GPS.

For smooth movement you can try the Kalman filter option.


Feb 20, 2022, 2:10:23 PMFeb 20
to Cruiser Users
I think you did not understand me.

has both
"kalman filter" option
"smooth movement" option
in the
"location" menu.

I did use the "smooth movement" option in Cruiser1.11
It gave the screen map updates a very fluid non-jerky animation.
I never used the "kalman filter" option in Cruiser1.11
it did not seem to do much. Kalman filters can be sub-optimal
in non-gausian noise environments, still they are popular to use.

The GPS updates are coming is at about 1 a second.
Yet with "smooth movement" enabled, the screen
updates are occuring so fast it appears fluid. Seemed
to me some kind of interpolation was occurring based
on past movement direction and velocity to allow
much more rapid screen update rate. Seemed so fluid
the screen update rate must have been at least 10 per second.

has no "smooth movement" option
only a
"kalman filter" option
in the
"location" menu.

Are you telling me the "smooth movement"
performs both functions now?
Both filtering of the incoming GPS data and
also changing screen updates to appear very fluid.
I've got a long trip tomorrow, I'll give it another try.

side note:
did a little test trip yesterday to the local Walmart.
Not sure what happened but somehow the voice
part of the navigation did not agree with the visual
navigation on the screen.

Screen tells me 15 miles to go, 30 minutes away
and I can see the end of the blue route is going the
the right place. But the voice navigation kept telling me
I am off route, would recalculate, tell me I've got 118 miles
to go and will be there in 2 hours. later this week I'll see if
I can get that to happen again. Must have done some strange
sequence. I think I might have changed routing service from
online OSMR to offline Bouter during the trip, and it when crazy.
When I get time I'll repeat it.

Feb 20, 2022, 2:36:51 PMFeb 20
to Cruiser Users
Meant to say: Does "kalman filter" in Cruiser2.1.2
combine both functions "smooth movement" and "kalman filter"
that Cruier1.11 had?

Feb 20, 2022, 3:33:10 PMFeb 20
to Cruiser Users
I did an A B comparison between two phones.
One running Cruiser1.11-gl
the other Cruiser2.1.2-gl
But them on my dashboard, took a drive.
There is no comparison.

"smooth movement" is clearly not in Cruiser2.1.2

In Cruiser2.1.2-gl with "kalman filter" on, the movement of the blue dot/blue arrow
position indicator gets much smoother as it moves on the map, but the map still
jerks around terribly as my direction changes. When I say jerky, I mean the
map is rotating at an update rate of maybe once a second. I'm in "3D GPS" mode.

In Cruiser1.11-gl with "smooth movement" on, both the blue dot/arrow position indicator
is moving smoothly on the map, but ALSO, when my direction changes, the map rotates
very smoothly. The map is rotating at a update rate of at least 10 per second.
It's like I'm watching a video replay of my actual journey. The graphics
performance required to do that on a phone is staggering.

In Cruiser2.1.2-gl
map rotation cause by a direction change acts like I'm running
Cruiser instead of Cruiser-gl, buts it's in 3D GPS mode so I know
I'm running Cruiser2.1.2-gl

Hope you take this in the kind manor in which I intend it.
Cruiser is by far one of my favorite apps and love playing with it.


Feb 20, 2022, 4:41:39 PMFeb 20
to Cruiser Users
And it not just during map rotation. With Cruiser2.1.2,
going in a straight line the map/blue combined
jerks across the screen. The but the blue dot relative to the
map is smooth.

In Cruiser1.11 , Everything was smooth.
1. Blue-dot relative to map.
2. rotation of map relative to screen (frame rate high enough to not be perceived)
3. linear motion of map/blue relative to screen (frame rate high enough to not be perceive)


Feb 21, 2022, 1:38:05 AMFeb 21
Users complained that smooth movement had slow reactions to GPS sensor.
It may return via an improved implementation in the future.

You can try a different location service in settings
and see if it works better on your device.



Feb 24, 2022, 12:14:34 PMFeb 24
to Cruiser Users
Thanks for the detailed feedback.

It will return in the next app update.

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