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Feb 18, 2022, 4:07:32 PMFeb 18
to Cruiser Users
I know the average user would likely never need this, but here are situations
where I've found it helpful. But again, I'm probably not the average user,
so be cautious taking advice from me.

Many times while experimenting, I'm wondering which map I have loaded.
Previous version of Cruiser was just a "map info" in the menu. The
mapsforge version number was especially helpful sometimes as
some of my apps only work with mapsforge v3. Thankfully Cruiser seems
compatible with all versions.

There is now no way for me to determine which map is actually being
used, or to confirm a map switch has occurred. No way to determine the
current state of the phone. This will be an issue when providing support.

My difficulties with getting topo lines(still not working) to work I was switching maps
to debug was made difficult due to this.
I was constantly reloading the relevant map as I could not recall
what I had most recently loaded.

Or when my friend Steve (whom I recently helped installed Cruiser) will call
me with a map issue. I can no longer ask him, "What map do you have loaded?"

Perhaps in the settings section, the "info" part of the menu

"(i) Cruiser 2.1.2 "
"info" "ok" a select of "info"
could provide a the compete "state" dump of the app.
Providing support would be simplified.

Or just do it the old way. In the
"Tools" menu put back the "map info"
That's probably the simplest.


Feb 19, 2022, 2:31:13 AMFeb 19
to cruise...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for the suggestion.

The old map info was too technical, so there are no plans for its return.

On desktop Cruiser, the opened maps are displayed in the title bar.
On Android Cruiser, I could add a simple info screen, like in Kurviger.

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