Issue with Elevate5.xml in Cruisr2.1.2

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Feb 19, 2022, 1:49:44 PMFeb 19
to Cruiser Users
Thx for the advice on moving to version 5 of styles
and using the zip file. That fixed the problem.

But revealed another problem.
Not with Cruiser but with the version 5 elevate.xml.

So I'm hoping someone out there has a version 5 elevate.xml that
is usable in Cruiser2.1.2. In version 4 Elevate.xml the topo lines
become visible while zoomed out at what I would describe
as when 1cm on the screen represents about 1km on the map.
Looks like a nice topo map and can plan a direction to take
to follow peaks and valleys and can see a potential destination
a few kilometers away.

Now with version 5 elevate.xml the topo lines do not become visible
until the map is zoomed in much more. At a zoom level of
1cm on the screen is about 300meters. This must be an
easy thing too change in elevate.xml (version 5). I'll investigate
on my own for now.

More info. In older version elevate.xml, topo lines look good at
zoom level 13. In new version of they don't appear nice until
zoom level 15. I'll look for that in the version 5 elevate.xml.

It also appears in Cruiser 2.x, loading a map in the
GL version now also loads the map in the non-GL version.
And the reverse is true.
So setting up Cruiser-gl for road navigation and the non-GL
Cruiser with topo maps for hiking can no longer be done.
Not a problem, just an inconvenience. Will just have to keep re-loading



Feb 20, 2022, 6:21:56 AMFeb 20
About the Elevate theme please write in OpenAndroMaps forum,
where you can contact its developer.


Feb 20, 2022, 3:12:52 PMFeb 20
to Cruiser Users
thx for the answer.
I'm hesitate to call this a real issue. Everyone has there own preferences.
I was just surprised when I did the import of Elevate5.xml and the topo lines
did not show up when I expected them.
And I couldn't do a "map info" to see if the map got loaded.
Had to zoom in  lot to see them. I fixed it for me.
Think I'll wait and let others decide if this is worth a change to the
reference Elevate5.xml
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