follow a gpx in Cruiser 2.0.1 for Android 8

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Michele Anselmini

Jul 18, 2021, 7:20:13 AM7/18/21
to Cruiser Users
I loaded a gpx in Cruiser for Android (e.g. a paved  road or  a path in the mountains...) and want Cruiser to follow, autoscrolling the map on the screen of my handy.

My Hardware :
Samsung S7 edge on Android 8.0.0, Knox 3.1 API level 25.
BRouter is installed and works properly with Cruiser.

I do as follows:
Routing ->Import -> mytrack.gpx
Overlay: automatic
Routing: track
Unchanged: Unchanged
Extend route: no
Max waypoints 50

I then long press on location button (bottom-right) and the map will auto center on my  location: this should set Cruiser in follow location mode.
Cruiser displays mytrack.gpx as a track and the Brouter track as route

My questions:
1) do I all right or miss any option?
2) who can explain the options listed in Overlay, Routing, Unchanged, Extended route and max waypoints?


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