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cro memcos

Aug 23, 2021, 4:59:33 PM8/23/21
to Cromemco
Dear Everybody,

I have had more than one comment / [justified] grumble at the fact that when you press the contact owners of this Cromemco group you get a rude message /cannot be delivered/ message back.

Years ago I set this Google Group up with the owner K**** H******  but for many years he has been a very silent partner

I have emailed K but no reply.   Today I have tried to posts a message to the Google Forums community because I don't know of a better way.


The guaranteed way to get my attention is to mosey over to the Github page   and that communication will reach me.

Again,  if anybody has a known way of fixing this problem then of course reply here.  
I will delete this thread when everything is fixed and post a resolved message.

Lastly please don't share private information like emails here.

regards m

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