3102 terminal eproms?

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B Degnan

Aug 8, 2021, 9:29:08 PM8/8/21
to Cromemco
Hey all,
I got the following inquiry through vintagecomputer.net.  maybe one of you here already has these dumps.  If not I can try.  If you do, please advise so I can assist Norman.  See below:
Bill Degnan


            VintageComputer.net Inquiry Contact Information Name: Norman Rouxel Email: rouxel@ 
Phone: ------------------------- Comments:
            Hi. I'm Norman Rouxel and was the Cromemco distributor in Scotland in the 1980's.  I saw a fairly recent post that I think is yours showing a working Cromemco 3102 terminal.   I have 4 of these which were part of a Cromemco System 3 Cromix system that was not powered on for about 20 years.   See http://www.drillpine.biz/v18-vintagecomputers/acatalog/Cromemco-System-Three-1.html#SID=5 After checking their PSU's I powered them on and got warnings about corrupted ROMs on 2 systems (the other 2 would only show unsynced raster).   Next step was to check the EPROMS and each dump produced slightly different data showing that the EPROMS were failing to hold their original programming.   I hoped that by dumping the EPROMS from each system that there would be enough commonality to recreate good code but one EPROM seemed to be very corrupt on all systems.   I'm hoping that I can resurrect these terminals if I can find dumps of these EPROMS.   Do you have such dumps or know where I could find them?   Regards . . . Norman. VintageComputer.net --------------------------------------------------------------- 

cro memcos

Aug 9, 2021, 10:10:38 AM8/9/21
to crom...@googlegroups.com
Hello Bill,

So I can add the following .

First I already made Norman Rouxel a full member of this Google Group and hoped that he would post something there!    Norman, if you read this,  how about an introduction :-)


Next, I would comment that the Cromemco C3102 terminal is in fact a rebadged Beehive MicroB DM10.  I wonder if the C3102 ROM is standard, or if in the worst case it is marginally different to the Beehive original, but that the Beehive ROM, which might be more available,  could instead be sourced and used.

Personally I took my C3102 out all the way from UK to Switzerland but then gave it away when I left (too much to move to another home). Hmm.


Of course it is no substitute for the original physical terminals or getting them working but remember that the PCCOM emulator is a 16 bit MSDOS program  that is available in the Github.  PCCOM can not only precisely emulate a 3102 terminal but using a small program that you deposit on the Cromix or UNIX side allow text and binary file transfer from host PC to Cromemco


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1979 Beehive MicroB DM10 DM1A Terminals 197911.pdf

B Degnan

Aug 9, 2021, 10:38:35 AM8/9/21
to crom...@googlegroups.com
Very likely Norman has the manuals and such given his background, and he may have new info/files/docs he can share here as we all help each other here.  My PDF copy of the 3102 manual is not as legible as the PDF of the Beehive, so thank you for that.  They're just about the same thing.  I have uploaded to vintagecomputer.net/cromemco/3102/ if anyone wants to have a copy of either manual.

Does anyone have a 3102 willing to pull a ROMs dump or should I pull them?  I assume the ROMs are 2716's ? 

I have never had need to open the terminal, I have no idea what actual ROMs are there now but I can read most regular types of ePROM.  I suppose there is a memory space that the ROMs are written to, I could read the manual and pull the values without actually reading the chips too, I guess we'll see.


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