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A Mulder

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Eleven year-old Lacrimosa trains under her adopted mother Innana to become a Tribunalist-- an immortal, magic-wielding mechanic tasked with keeping the Tetrahedra Arcologies clean, dry, and not on fire. Out one day on a job, she makes a disgusting discovery that sets in motion a series of events that cause her to be convicted of a crime she did not commit. She's thrown into a stasis pod and frozen in time.

Four hundred years later, scrap salvager Amon and his father Matek free Lacrimosa from her prison. The world she once knew is gone - literally blown to bits - but she believes Mom and her sister are out there somewhere, and vows to find them. Her liberators offer help, but old hurts make it difficult to trust the overbearing and secretive Matek.

Lacrimosa - Act of Destruction is the first 119k word entry in a planned YA fantasy novel trilogy. It's a novel about trust, overcoming one's past, and relearning to find happiness. Also: magic powers, a catnip-addicted tiger-goddess, and a house with legs.

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." -- Pablo Picasso


About myself
My name is Alex. I'm not agented, the last book I read and liked was Courtney Alameda's Seven Deadly Shadows, and the book I think best epitomizes me as a reader is Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Though I'm new to swapping full manuscripts, I'm familiar with the critiquing process through interactions on websites such as CritiqueCircle.com. My strengths, I like to think, are mostly high-level subjects-- plot, structure, characters and their personalities. I also have an eye for paragraphs which don't pull their weight and are better off cut. If there's anything in particular you'd like feedback on, please tell me in your message and I'll keep it in mind.

I greatly prefer my shit sandwich served without the buns. Don't be shy or afraid to tell me what doesn't work.
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