Seeking Beta/CP for Adult Contemporary Romance (97K words)

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Bekah B.

Dec 22, 2021, 4:10:36 PM12/22/21
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Hi there!

I just finished my first adult contemporary romance (I used to write exclusively YA) and am looking for another pair of eyes on it before I submit it anywhere. I'm not sure if the edits and rewrites I did on it are enough or if it still needs work. 

The last book I read was The Heart Principle, In The Wild Light, The Woman in the Window. I read a LOT of books in a LOT of different genres as you can see. XD 

I am agented and would love someone else who is, but even if you aren't, pls reach out! I would love to work with anyone. Here's the back cover copy of my book and a little of what it's about: 

 To very few does the Universe give a second chance, but what if that chance comes six years too late to say “I’m sorry”?

Justin Becker is LA’s hottest artist, climbing his way to the top of streaming charts, and racking up millions of social media followers fawning over his down-to-earth bad boy vibe. The paparazzi love his scandals and keep him on the front page as often as possible, the critics love his music, and fans sell out his concerts in minutes. He’s on top of the world…until he’s not. 

The songs aren’t coming anymore and with his EP set to drop in less than four months, he only has a handful of half-finished songs he hates and his record label breathing down his back to show for it. Not only that, but music critics hate his latest single that admittedly isn’t doing as well as he’d hoped either. 

As a last resort, the label gives him an ultimatum: they hire a producer to come on board and help him finish his EP or they terminate his contract. The only thing is Justin’s never not written his own songs. A charm that captured the hearts of the media and millions around the country, and he lives by the belief that the fewer hands on his art the better. But he really doesn’t have a choice in the matter, however, he didn’t expect that the producer they hired would be the up-and-coming LSA, or Lisa Sanchez. 

Aka, his ex. 

Before he was famous and his face plastered all over the tabloids of their small hometown, Justin Becker was her high school sweetheart; a boy with dreams as numerous as the stars and willing to sacrifice anything to achieve them. Even their relationship. 

Every day since then, has been a blur of compulsive dating and trying to erase the taste of his lips from hers, but when they’re forced to work together contractually or risk losing their jobs, the days spent together reignite old feelings and memories begging them to ask the question: is love really over between them?

~ ~ ~ 

I'd be willing to read for you too, but note I don't read things really explicit. If you're interested the best place to contact me is either my email: OR my Instagram: 

I look forward to hearing from you and working something out. <3

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