Seeking CP for Adult Urban Fantasy (vampires, zombies)

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Carolyn Storer

Jan 16, 2022, 3:12:59 AMJan 16
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Hi Everyone,

I'm an unpublished writer working on first draft of first novel. Looking for a writer in a similar position who would like to swap a chapter at a time. I use dropbox, which is great for adding comments etc. so would like to keep using this application, but open to other ways.

Hopefully hear from you soon.


The Crow Chronicles

Jan 23, 2022, 9:05:00 PMJan 23
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Hello Carolyn!

I’m also looking to publish my middle grade fantasy novel. I would also love to swap chapters and share criticism.
If you’re interested, please message me here or at my email:
Here’s the blurb of my novel:

No normal kid has ever tried paranormal ice cream. Nor have they visited a supernatural zoo, experienced mystical holidays, or toured a mesmerizing factory. However, this story isn't about normal children. 

When mysterious men in white suits arrive at the doorsteps of Olivia Lee, David Gonzales, Vanessa Irvine, and Eric Andrews, they don't suspect a thing. However, when they are taken to a different planet, they begin to wonder: was anything they thought they knew about their lives true at all? Once they arrive on Magia, the four not only learn that they were born there, it's also a planet of magic. Before their questions could overcome them, the four meet Mr. Hale, who generously takes the children into his custody and forms a close bond with them. While on Magia, the four visit many sensational sights, and the planet seems like a paradise. However, no place is perfect. Magia has a deep dark secret. A secret that slowly shines through, no matter how wonderful the planet seems. A secret that could threaten all bliss in the realm. A secret that enigmatically revolves around the four...

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