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Samantha Christianson

Aug 5, 2021, 1:45:51 AMAug 5
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Hello, I'm looking for some CPs and hopefully new writing friends!
I have two Adult Fantasy manuscripts, both of which are nearly finished and range in length from 90,000 to 110,000 words (give or take as I'm still revising them) . I'd be fine to swap chapters for either or both depending on interest.

(Adult Fantasy Heist)  Synopsis:

Ada Vard has made it her life’s goal to become the most powerful crime boss in the city of Grislow.
Dabria Kimura has returned to the Hound’s Teeth gang at the promise of sharing a position of leadership with Ada who she’d once left on the worst of terms.  
Old lovers and current rivals, they’re constantly at each other's throats, which makes a dangerous combination as Ada’s increasing influence has already earned them more enemies than most.
When rival gangs band together to run them out of the city for good, Ada proposes her biggest heist yet: Take out each of the rival crime bosses and finally establish the Hound’s Teeth as the top gang in the city.
For Ada success would mean the reward of finally controlling the city. For Dabria, it would be an opportunity to seize the power she’d been falsely promised. Both women are forced to set aside bad blood and work together to navigate the dark games and cons of both criminals and royalty alike.  

(Adult Fantasy) Synopsis:

In the Kingdom of Ravenna only a rare handful of people known as Incarnate can use magic. Equally feared and respected, they are afforded every luxury by the royal family and treated as saints or would be gods. But after the suspicious deaths of Ravenna’s monarchs, a collaterally damaging power struggle is set into motion between four Incarnate. Each vying for a vacant seat of power for their own desires.
Zoe: The daughter of a disgraced merchant. Determined to win back her family’s legacy at increasing costs.
Gabriel: A self-proclaimed man of luxury who takes darker paths to secure his crumbling place in high society.    
Niklas: A disinherited and exiled prince. Trying to escape the ghosts of his past and secure a new future for himself.
Silje: An assassin who will stop at nothing until every broken promise in her life has finally been fulfilled.
Infighting and betrayal runs rampant as each risks becoming worse than their problems in order to solve them.

I'm searching for timely and extremely honest feedback, which you can be assured to receive in kind from story structure to line by line details. I want to swap at least one chapter a week, minimum, but ideally closer to several would be best as I'm wanting to start querying this fall.
I'm open to reading most fiction genres but definitely prefer SFF either Adult or YA as well as Historical Fiction.  

I'm currently reading 'Rule of Wolves' and 'The Atlas Six' and my favorite books are 'Six of Crows' and 'Gideon the Ninth'.

If you'd like to try swapping some chapters to see if we'd be a good fit, message me here or at: samanthach...@gmail.com  
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