Science curricula attacks

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Nov 15, 2008, 2:04:36 PM11/15/08
to Critical Teaching
Just curious as to who else out there is experiencing attacks on
teaching science in your state. Here in Texas the creationists are
trying to improve on the progress they made the last time the state
school board adopted new science curricula. Larry heard Eugenie Scott
mention that it is that season again. You can hear her comments at in podcast #5.



Nov 15, 2008, 6:07:47 PM11/15/08
to Critical Teaching
California does not usually need to defend against this particular
problem, but it is interesting that I am, at the moment, watching
"Expelled" at the request of one of my students.

I know that I will be spinning my wheels, but...

Matt Lowry

Nov 17, 2008, 9:32:37 PM11/17/08
to Critical Teaching
I have had to fight a few battles with creationists in my neck of the
woods, the suburbs north of Chicago, IL. Specifically, we have had
some issues with creationists on the boards of a couple of big local
districts. Thankfully, they are not in the majority on these boards,
but they have caused a bit of trouble so we've organized a group
called Darwin's Bulldogs to keep tabs on them.

Here's our group's URL -

We have organized letter writing campaigns as well as given talks
about evolution & creationism in many local venues. We have also been
present when local creationists do their talks, and we challenge them
on their pseudoscience. Lastly, we have worked on a political level,
helping to turn back an attempted takeover of one of these local
school boards. In fact, we have our eyes on ousting the one lone
creationist on one particular board in the elections next April. I
can hardly wait.

Cheers - Matt
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