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Jean-Guilhem Cailton

Mar 7, 2010, 2:16:49 PM3/7/10
to crisismap...@googlegroups.com
(Version in English follows)

Estimados todos,

Después de los emails que siguen, un grupo GeoChat "Chile" ha sido creado, en respuesta al terremoto de Chile para ayudar a coordinar la respuesta. Usted está invitado a suscribirse:

1. abrir una cuenta en http://geochat.instedd.org/
2a. Una vez activada su cuenta, inscribirse para el grupo en geochat llamado "Chile"

También, Julio ha creado un grupo de GeoChat "OpenStreetMap Chile", "Grupo de Usuarios de OpenStreetMap en Chile". Para suscribirse a este grupo:

2b. Una vez activada su cuenta, inscribirse para el grupo en geochat llamado "OSM_CL"

He encontrado el proceso de inscripción muy fácil y "amigable". (Entré mi nombre, correo electrónico, número de teléfono celular y ubicación). Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor hágamelo saber.

También una lista de correo "tradicional" ha sido creada para apoyar a este grupo GeoChat:
- Para suscribirse, envíe un correo electrónico a geochat-chi...@yahoogroups.com
- Para enviar un mensaje a toda la lista: geocha...@yahoogroups.com

Saludos cordiales,


Version in English

Dear all,

After this discussion, a "Chile" GeoChat group has been created, in response to the Chile earthquake to help responders coordinate. You are invited to join :

   1. sign up for an account at http://geochat.instedd.org/
   2a. once your account is activated, sign up for the group in geochat called "Chile"

Note that Julio has also created a GeoChat group, "OpenStreetMap Chile", "Grupo de usuarios de OpenStreetMap en Chile". To join this group :

   2b. once your account is activated, sign up for the group in geochat called "OSM_CL"

I have found the signing up process very easy and "user friendly". (I entered my name, email, cell phone number and location). If you have any question, please let me know.

Also, a "traditional" mailing list to support this GeoChat group has been created :
   - to subscribe, send an email to geochat-chi...@yahoogroups.com
   - to post a message to the group : geocha...@yahoogroups.com

Best regards,


Eduardo Jezierski a écrit :

On Sat,Mar 6, 2010, at 2:30 , Jean-Guilhem Cailton wrote:


Exactly Eduardo.

An example picture I had in mind can be seen at the bottom of http://www.instedd.org/ (click on it to enlarge).

Yes that is the main geochat UI - http://geochat.instedd.org when you sign in and are looking at group messages. We would have to look at how the javascript to display the bubbles and images etc would need to change.  Anyone willing to help?

For a potential use by OSM-Chile, I think it would be better to have OpenStreetMap as the basis for the map view. So that the map updates can be seen quickly.
Agree - 

Mikel's blog is very interesting regarding how GeoChat can also help feeding updates to OSM, by sending by SMS grid coordinates seen on a walking paper.

I am wondering whether, in some areas, cell phone companies can supply e.g. antenna information, which could help localizing SMS approximately, when no more precise mean is available (or better localization info if possible, of course).
The technology is there; but the regulatory issues are tricky. E.g. in haiti to correlate a phone number with a tower it takes ~ 3 days to clear the paperwork from the Haitian National Police. The telcos have no opt-in system to let citizens jump onto this yet. 

Could preparing an example set-up for, e.g., the subscribers to OSM-talk-Chile (talk-cl) (at most about 40 addresses at the moment) be a good way to get started experimenting with GeoChat in Chile ? Some live in hardly impacted areas (Concepción, Pichilemu, ...), some in Santiago, some in Punta Arenas...
Please go ahead! Join the geochat users lists to ask for some help and get going. We dont have any chile-specific shortcodes yet but MVNO numbers should be working.

I haven't yet started experimenting with GeoChat from here (I live in Toulouse, France). I could help doing some translation to Spanish.

Maybe we could follow on this topic on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/geochatusers , which those interested could join ? Or by direct mail ? Nicolás, everyone, what do you think ?

Lets continue on that group! Looking fwd to helping you out.

Best regards,


Eduardo Jezierski a écrit :
Yup, Camp Roberts was a cool joint effort (brought lots of feedback, integration w geocommons for geocoding in some of our components, and MGRS support)

I think Jean means using OSM as the basis for the map view that makes the main GeoChat UI; Jean maybe you can clarify?

~ ej

On Fri,Mar 5, 2010, at 16:06 , Kate Chapman wrote:

There has been integration before between InSTEDD and OSM.

Mikel wrote a blog post about it: http://brainoff.com/weblog/2009/08/10/1435


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Jean-Guilhem Cailton <j...@arkemie.com> wrote:
Dear Julio,

I just found out about InSTEDD (http://www.instedd.org/) and think it might
interest you to have a look at what they offer.

As a recent example of their activity, they technically supported the
emergency short code SMS system in Haiti.

In particular, InSTEDD GeoChat was apparently designed as a communication
means for "major humanitarian crises". (http://www.instedd.org/geochat)

A quote from http://www.instedd.org/technology_overview follows:
(I do hope nobody takes offence that there might be some common points
between crisis situations anywhere in the world and common situation in the
developing world)

"InSTEDD GeoChat is a unified mobile communications service designed
specifically to enable self-organizing group communications in the
developing world.   The service lets mobile phone users broadcast
location-based alerts, report on their situation, and coordinate around
events as they unfold, linking field, headquarters, and the local community
in a real-time, interactive conversation visualized on the surface of a
map.  Once you create a GeoChat group, you may use it as the text equivalent
of a push-to-talk radio:  send the group a message on the Web, by email, or
by SMS, and the rest of the group receives it.  GeoChat allows information
to flow over multiple messaging channels, including dedicated SMS servers, a
cell phone plugged into a laptop, a satellite phone, and even Twitter.  You
may learn more about InSTEDD GeoChat here. Please join the online community
around GeoChat here. GeoChat is hosted "in the cloud" via Amazon, so there
is no server to deploy.  GeoChat has global SMS coverage through Clickatel,
has a US domestic SMS shortcode, and may easily be integrated with gateways
of local carriers.  Users have referred to GeoChat as “Email for the Bottom

GeoChat is in Beta.

I do not know whether it is easy to have OSM as the map used in GeoChat
(example pictures display Google maps), but since it is free and open source
(GPLv3), it would certainly be possible to adapt it if necessary.

I am just learning about InSTEDD, so there may also be other potentially
interesting things on their website (like http://www.trackernews.net/, for

Hoping this helps,


HOT mailing list

Eduardo Jezierski, InSTEDD, VP of Engineering
skype: eduardojezierski
twitter: @edjez
mobile: +1 425 269 8378
Iridium +88 16 32 51 61 85


Eduardo Jezierski, InSTEDD, VP of Engineering
skype: eduardojezierski
twitter: @edjez
mobile: +1 425 269 8378
Iridium +88 16 32 51 61 85

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