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Jean-Guilhem Cailton

Mar 3, 2010, 1:23:54 PM3/3/10
to h...@openstreetmap.org, crisismap...@googlegroups.com, tal...@openstreetmap.org
Forwarding this message from Bruce Willett (bdwi...@ravel.n2.net) also
to crisismappers-chile, which was in the to: list, because I don't see
it there.



Hi Nate,

Thanks for the email. I am CC:ing just some of those involved whether
they understand English or not. I am doing this in the hopes that some
connections might form.

Desculpa para el ingles NO PUEDO ESCRIBIR EN 2 AHORA!

I am going to play with this until the 10th and then off on my bike with
a friend for a couple weeks in Tierra de Fuego and out of contact the
whole time, so if something come up

Yes, it is too bad we didn't know about him as we have a couple of us
down here in Punta Arenas interested in helping with mapping, GIS, GPS,
most of these are Chilean. We also have another couple in Santiago
looking to help, both Chilean and foreigners. Most of us have been just
spinning our wheels down here looking for a way to help. I did the same
after Katrina even though I was working directly for FEMA at the time.

I donated blood a couple weeks ago and $$. I am currently uploading GIS
data (no metadata, of course) and making maps of the areas affected,
others are looking for imagery and making similar contacts with similar
results. Region 8 and 9 - don't know if it will be used but.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the collective efforts, contacts and

ONEMI - emails don't work, phone calls don't go through, people don't
know what GIS is or don't care, all taken care of and don't need help,
don't do GIS We talked to the local jefe and he didn't even know what
GIS is..

US State Dept / Embassy - don't do GIS, don't know what it is, email
this person, email this email I have been in touch with them since 1999
on GIS issues, lot of talk

Immap - Joe D at waiting for a request and could provide assistance

GISCorps - Shoreh is waiting for a request and could provide assistance

ESRI - Carmelle Terborgh could be involved if tasked, others I have not

ESRI-Chile - don't get me started

Other in local government - don't really know anything and waiting for
direction from above

ChileAyuda - ??????

Intendencia - ?????

UN OCHA - ???

MapAction - ???

Could you provide us with updated access to Quickbird of the affected

Some of us are loading data onto:

Same with this group:

We are now looking to do some work down here in Punta Arenas but with or
without any leadership from those directly involved.



Bruce D. Willett
GIS Specialist Punta Arenas, Chile
bdwi...@n2.net www.n2.net/bdwillet

Photo log: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bdwillet/

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

"La Civilizaci�n de un pueblo se mide por la
forma que tratan a los animales". Gandhi

Disclaimer: Opinions stated herein are mine, mine,
mine, all mine and not those of anybody else!!!!

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, Smith, Nate wrote:

> Bruce,
> I saw your offer to help in the email traffic and while we don't have a
> good way to pull you in to our efforts, I may have a suggestion or two
> and I wanted to send a note to introduce myself as it seems our paths
> may have actually or nearly crossed in the past few years. Ironically,
> our GIS Data Specialist was just stranded in Punta Arenas for several
> days and has only recently travelled overland to Argentina to begin the
> long trip home. He should get back to Washington on Sunday. I wish I
> had gotten your note earlier and could have linked you up. He and his
> wife spent a couple weeks in the region hiking Torres and Fitzroy.
> I actually spent a few days there in 1995 with some buddies as we did
> the circuit at Torres. I also did some GPS training in Liberia back in
> 1997 with Shawn Messick, who you probably know from VVAF (now IMMAP).
> Regarding the response, consider reaching out to GIS Corps as Shoreh is
> seeking linkages within ONEMI and SNIT to try and find a way to position
> some volunteers to help. Perhaps you can assist her in this effort and
> find a means to volunteer through them. You may also be well positioned
> to link up with local governments or the Chilean Red Cross and assist in
> their efforts.
> Feel free to drop me a note if you want to discuss.
> Good luck and best regards,
> Nate Smith
> **********************************
> GIS Coordinator
> Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
> 1429 N. Quincy Street
> Arlington, VA 22207
> ph - (703) 526-2061
> Cell - (703) 981-1224
> **********************************

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