Oil Spill Disaster in Mauritius - Request for help from Mapping/Data experts in crisis conditions

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malina c

Aug 11, 2020, 3:04:59 AM8/11/20
to CrisisCommons
Hi all,

I am requesting help from people experienced in mapping technology and especially the data collecting portion of it, during a disaster.

I am reaching out from Mauritius, which has been hit, for the first time ever, by an ecological catastrophe of this magnitude. An tanker hit our reefs last week and thousands of tonnes of oil and diesel have been spilling into our lagoons - a biodiversity hotspot, where we have a marine park and designated Ramsar wetland site.


Since the slow-acting local authorities lack the resources, equipment, expertise and preparedness to handle the situation, the Mauritian people have stepped up. Devastated by this unprecedented loss, they have self-organized day and night to make fiber booms, using hair and bagasse. They are now being supported by experts from a neighboring French island. However, the situation not under control yet.

We are also having to self-organize around information sharing to mobilize volunteers and distribute resources to where there is the need.

I am currently coordinating efforts between a marine & environmental scientist and the developer of an app, Discover Mauritius, which has integrated a map feature to act as oil spill tracker. It uses data from, and provides data to, NGOs and the public concerning the locations of the spill. We want to also include the magnitude and other details about the spill, as well as weather/tide conditions and the other needs (e.g wildlife). It is currently being used by oil spill responders and scientists to intervene.
However, the developers have never worked in such a crisis situation, and they are struggling to keep track of the data and updating the map in real time. This is why I am requesting the help of someone knowledgeable in mapping technology especially in the crisis/disaster settings.

We have both an immediate need for this, as it is crucial to better mobilize and direct help & resources, and also a longterm need for it due to extent and long lasting consequences of the problem, unfortunately.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help the developers, with advice or your connections.

Thank you!

Paola Di Maio

Aug 11, 2020, 3:37:23 AM8/11/20
to crisis...@googlegroups.com
Well done
I am very busy and under resourced as usual, but happy to help! 
(been there done that)  feel free to contact me off list if you are not working for a secret state and need any advice/input/guidance
I can help with information structuring and shared workflow/process and general project management
Dont forget to post the info when you gather it
Best wishes

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