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Ivan Chew

Feb 1, 2015, 10:17:58 AM2/1/15
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Hello everyone, 

Please welcome Mr Michael Tegos. He hails from Greece and is currently staying in Singapore for a while. Michael met up with Chung Nian, Hisham and myself for a chat last week. He's interested in doing something with/ for CC-SG as a volunteer. We tossed a few ideas and we'll see how things goes in the months to come.

I'll let Michael do a self-introduction. AND this will also be an excellent chance for everyone else in this list to introduce themselves to Michael (which is also my thinly disguised attempt to reacquaint with most of you; there are also several members in this list who's names are new to me, so please feel free to say hello).

Most of you will know CC-SG is not a registered organization. It makes for a rather interesting situation, as you might see below (item 4).

As a refresher, the current list of 'volunteers' are:
- Hisham, co-admin of the mailing list and cc-sg blog
- Michael Tegos -- possibly will be writing a few articles for/ about cc-sg
- Chung Nian, Legal Lead
- Ivan Chew, Public Lead (was community manager)

Some of you play the role of CC advocates in your own capacity, as it were. I suppose the definition of a cc-sg volunteer is somewhat of a work-in-progress. For the purposes of coordinating with CC HQ/ Asia-pac (plus the occasional local enquiries about cc-sg from interested persons), the liaisons are the Legal Lead and Public Lead. 

Which brings us to this -- Giorgos has decided to return to Greece, mainly to look after his mother who has been ill. In the meantime, I've agreed to hold the fort as the public lead.

That's not to say the Public Lead role is closed to everyone else. If we were a formal organization, there would be an election. Since we are not, I suppose it's a matter of nominating some people you know, or perhaps volunteering for it yourself. I find it makes more sense to work out some guidelines on cc-sg 'appointments' only when more people step up (feel free to disagree!)

The question mark is deliberate, more to signify that it's open season for ideas right now. I think it'll be useful to hold a meetup, see who turns up, and what develops from there. Perhaps in Mar. 


"Every Book its Reader; Every Reader his Book"
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Michael Tegos

Feb 2, 2015, 4:56:39 AM2/2/15
to creativecomm...@googlegroups.com
Hello everyone, and many thanks Ivan for the welcome!

As Ivan said, I'm Michael and I'm from Greece. I moved to Singapore a few months ago with my wife, and will be here for the foreseeable future. My wife is working, and I'm in the process of seeking employment in the legal sector (I know, I know!).

Back in Greece, I worked as a lawyer in the fields of Intellectual Property and TMT (that's Technology, Media, and Telecommunications). I also worked as a technology journalist and blogger.

I have been using Creative Commons for some of my own creative projects for a while (mainly blogging and podcasting), and now that I'm in Singapore I thought I would see if I could be useful to the local CC community in any capacity by volunteering. That's how, after a couple of googling sessions, I met Ivan, Chung Nian, and Hisham.

This is the short and hopefully non-boring version; if anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot them my way. I'm very happy to be a part of this community, and I look forward to seeing what we can do together!

All the best,
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