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Ivan Chew

Jun 29, 2012, 12:58:37 PM6/29/12
CC Korea shows why they are the leading CC jurisdiction in Asia (IMO). See forwarded mail.

Wish I knew how to code. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could have a URL, where the site automatically aggregates & displays items tagged with cc-sg (Flickr, tweets, instagram, blog posts?... Pull from APIs?) OK, maybe half of what I said are inaccurate technically but you get the idea.


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From: 강현숙
Date: Thursday, 28 June 2012
Subject: [cc-affiliates] Existing art Project.
Cc: 이미영_지메일 <>

Dear all. 

I am jennifer of CC KOREA. 
I'd like to introduce a fun project going on in Korea to you today.
MiYoung YI, our former CC Korea office member, became an independent artist.
She says that she tried to introduce CC and CCL content cases to existing artist industry but clearly there has been a limit to persuade them. 

So, she decided to quit the career as CC Korea office worker, started a project creating art works and distributed them CCL.
She created illustration works from her trip to iSummit Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe last year. These are all opened under CCL. She also published a book with these works, and the book can be found on the Internet under CCL as well.
I think this is a perfect example of what we're aiming.

You can view her works on her blog:

p.s., Paul from Europeana and Alek from CC Poland are visiting Korea. We're gonna meet on Friday for dinner.
I'm really looking forward to ask them how they think of Korea and have a great time.


"Every Book its Reader; Every Reader his Book"
S.R. Ranganathan. 1892 - 1972
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