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Ivan Chew

Oct 25, 2012, 2:31:14 AM10/25/12
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Hello all,
If you are working on Open Education Resources, or know of someone in Singapore who does, the forwarded email might be of interest to you.

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From: Christian Hjorth Lund <c...@basidia.dk>
Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Subject: OER projects in Singapore
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Dear Giorgos and Ivan

We're a group from the danish (Denmark) non-profit Basidia working with Open Educational Resources policy work and an open-source tool to create ressources (with Creative Commons integrated).

We attended the UNESCO World OER Congress June 2012 and we've been following the international community for open licensing and OER for quite some time. It would be great with more collaboration across countries and languages, especially for the many of us who are not from english-speaking countries.

Our focus is on education for young people pre-university age and we believe there is a great potential. Most initiatives focuses on or comes from Higher Education. Also most initiatives are from english speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, UK).

Therefore we're trying to gather cases, people and a network for non-english projects. Do you know any in your country who's working with OER for pre-university students? (e.g. typically age 6-18)

If yes, we would love if you could forward them this e-mail or tell them about http://www.flozt.org, where we will collect and share information on projects, and connect people with relevant projects. So for example if you have people in your country either working on software or needing software, maybe we'll have another project in our network working with the same. We ourselves have found OERPUB for example, who are doing a bit the same as we do in Basidia.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates on Flozt: http://www.twitter.com/floztorg

All the best,
Christian Hjorth Lund


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1203 København K

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