Experimental BladeRF 2 support in ODR-DabMod

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Matthias Brändli

Nov 26, 2021, 11:08:59 AM11/26/21
to mmbtools
Hello all,

Thanks to the bachelor project of Steven Rossel, ODR-DabMod now has
direct support for the BladeRF 2 devices, without going through
SoapySDR. This is now part of the "next" branch and will get in the next

If anyone of you has such a device and would be willing to do some
testing, I'd appreciate getting some feedback!

We had hoped that using the libbladerf driver directly would make it
possible to use the device in SFN scenarios, but it appears the
timestamping support the bladerf offers is usable for synchronising two
devices that are next to each other, but not for a scenario where
several devices have their own GPSDO.

Sadly, this makes it impossible to use them for SFN, even though I
believe this is a FPGA firmware limitation, and not a hardware limitation.

Many thanks to Steven for his work!

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