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Julien Nioche

Jun 29, 2020, 1:16:12 PM6/29/20
to crawler...@googlegroups.com

We are glad to announce the 1.1 release of Crawler-Commons.

Here is the list of changes

- [sitemaps] Sitemaps to implement Serializable (cdalexndr, sebastian-nagel) #244
- [sitemaps] Allow to deduplicate sitemap links in sitemap indexes (sebastian-nagel) #262
- [Robots] Upgrade the toString() method of the Base/Simple RobotRules (Avi Hayun) #264
- Upgrade GitIgnore (Avi Hayun) #260
- [Robots] Deduplicate sitemap links (sebastian-nagel) #261
- EffectiveTldFinder to log loading of public suffix list (sebastian-nagel) #284
- SiteMapParser getPublicationDate in VideoAttributes may throw NPE (panthony, sebastian-nagel) #283
- SimpleRobotRulesParser: Trim log messages (jnioche, sebastian-nagel) #281
- SimpleRobotRulesParser: counter _numWarnings not thread-safe (sebastian-nagel, kkrugler) #278
- ParameterizedTest not executed by mvn builds (sebastian-nagel) #273
- [BasicNormalizer] Empty path before query to be normalized to `/` (Avi Hayun, sebastian-nagel) #247
- EffectiveTldFinder to validate returned domain names for length restrictions (sebastian-nagel, Avi Hayun) #251
- Upgrade unit tests to use JUnit v5.x and parameterized tests (Avi Hayun) #249, #253, #255
- [Robots] Robots parser to always handle absolute sitemap URL even without valid base URL (pr3mar, kkrugler, sebastian-nagel) #240
- [Sitemaps] Adding asMap to ExtensionMetadata Interface (evanhalley)  #288
- [Sitemaps] NewsAttribute.equals() compares the instance variable PublicationDate with itself (evanhalley) #289

The dependencies should be available on Maven central shortly.

Thanks to everyone involved in the project.

Have fun!



Lewis John Mcgibbney

Jun 30, 2020, 8:37:09 PM6/30/20
to crawler...@googlegroups.com
Nice Julien and team. Great work!

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