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Larnie Fox

Jan 24, 2019, 4:17:07 PM1/24/19
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Hi everyone ~

Welcome to 2019.

In 2017 a friend who curates visual art for San Francisco’s Center for New Music asked me to produce some work in honor of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death on May 2, 1519. I think he asked me to do this because I use notebooks to plan work that some find reminiscent of the Master’s (maybe because of the ornithopters). Of course I recognize that my work is very different from his, and at a much lower level. Nevertheless I was intrigued, and spent much of this last year learning and thinking about Leonardo. The show will tentatively run from April 29 through May 31.

Bodil and I will both have pieces in Arts Benicia’s 32nd annual Art of a Community exhibition ~ the membership show. Members can show whatever they choose, not limited by theme or media ~ only by size. The show is generally packed salon-style, and illustrates the surprising variety and depth of our local art scene. We’re proud to be part of that.

Arts Benicia also has me teaching tinkering to 3rd graders in four Benicia Schools. There is a lot of hope for the future to be found in working with 3rd graders.

And furthermore, Arts Benicia has asked me to join a panel discussion: “Creating Your Legacy: Estate Planning for Artists” on February 2. They wanted me because of my work for the estate of Jon Schueler.

Speaking of panel discussions ~ The Creative Work Fund is now launching its next funding round for traditional and visual artists and inviting people to submit letters of inquiry by March 1. As part of the process they are sponsoring a panel discussion about “What makes a good collaboration?” on January 28.

When I was directing Arts Benicia, Mark Brest van Kempen and I spent a few years collaborating to bring ideas about public art to Benicia. When Celeste Smeland took over as director, she joined our collaboration ~ which the CWF has deemed a model collaboration. Join us for the discussion, a glass of wine and some treats, especially if you are interested in getting a CWF grant.

For many years, Bodil and I have been singing with Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in San Francisco. It became more difficult when we moved to Benicia, so we were happy when Maestro Urs Leonhardt Steiner asked us to help set up a Benicia Chapter of the GGSO&C ~ which we did ~ and now have over 30 participants. We’ve started rehearsals! We will join the full orchestra and chorus to perform Carmina Burana on Mother’s Day in Benicia, and do two performances in San Francisco (Herbst Theatre, and Southern Pacific Brewing Company) later that month.

It’s not too late to join us! We’d like more singers, especially basses and tenors. It’s really fun.

Finally ~ a little political advice: By all means let's all reduce our little carbon footprints, but let’s also work to get that big fossil-fuel company carbon jack-boot off our neck.

Onward ~

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