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Larnie Fox

Nov 4, 2019, 6:45:33 PM11/4/19
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Hi everyone ~ 

I hope you are all ok with all the wildfires and the rampant TID (Trump Induced Depression) around. 

I have a few things to share to perk you up. 

Early this year, Bodil and I collaborated with our friend the Maestro Urs Leonhardt Steiner to start a Benicia Chapter of the Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra and Chorus ~ and then we performed Carmina Burana together. We are at it again. Come to the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on November 10, or the Benicia Clocktower on November 17 to see and hear Beethoven’s immortal 9th Symphony. Tickets and information are HERE. If you look there, you’ll also see that we’re doing Handel’s Messiah in December, likely in both SF and Benicia ~ venues and times TBD. You could still squeak into the chorus for that if you want to sing with us, especially if you know the piece. Or join us next year. There is no experience that is quite like singing with a full symphony orchestra. Beginners welcome.

Arts Professionals ~ for the past several years I’ve been doing consulting work for the estate of Jon Schueler. We currently have a beautiful traveling show, Lost Man Blues, that deals with the aftermath of war and the catharsis that art can bring. We’re looking for venues for 2021 and 2022, and we have a window in 2020 as well. It will be at the Museum at Turtle Bay in Redding, CA, January 2020 through early May. It would be great to find a venue during the summer before it goes the Housatonic Museum in Massachusetts in November. HERE is a sample proposal. I know, really short notice, but maybe someone has an exhibition that is being cancelled. Please pass this on to people who can make it happen. 

And THIS ~ I’m not happy about it: “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has just proposed to dredge a deeper channel through 13 miles of the San Francisco Bay and Carquinez Strait.” It would tear up sea life and stir up toxins, but much worse would allow local refineries to import tar-sands oil from Canada ~ which are dirtier to refine, and much harder to clean up if spilled (they sink) ~ not to mention destroying pristine Canadian forests and pissing off Greta. I hope this is now on your radar. Let’s try to stop it. 

What I am happy about is THIS. Bodil and I have been working ~ collaborating on sound sculptures and looking forward to an interactive installation and performances at Pro Arts, downtown Oakland next May-June. A little nervous too ~ they have some big walls to fill. HERE is a fun little piece. Bodil embedded one of my homemade contact microphones in one of her concrete pieces with wires sticking out of the bottom. I added some Benicia street sweeper truck steel bristles ~ et voila! 

You all stay healthy and happy, ok?

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