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Larnie Fox

Jul 23, 2023, 8:54:14 PMJul 23
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We have a new gallery in town, here in Benicia: NY2CA Gallery. I have a solo show there, August 10 - September 24, with an invite-only opening reception:

Sunday, August 13th, 2023, 5 to 7pm, 617 1st St, Benicia. 

It is invite-only, and the best way to be invited is to join their invitation list HERE. Second best is to download my special PDF invitation HERE and bring it with you. It would be more fun if you did both, but don’t stress, you are invited. I’m hoping to see friends, old and new, there. It will be the first time you (or me) could see an overview of my work, old and new, in one place, ever. Just a sampling. So I'm excited. And nervous. And working hard to get ready. And taking care of Bodil, who broke her wrist!

We usually take walks in the morning, usually down by the waterfront. On this particular late June day, there was a New Zealand flax leaf extending across the sidewalk. New Zealand flax is like strong green strapping tape. She stepped on one end with her left foot, which effectively tied down her right foot, and she was face down on the concrete before I could blink. I was afraid she had smashed her face! It was just a fat lip, but there was a broken wrist too.

Last week we went into the city. She was x-rayed, and got a cute new orange cast installed. All is going in the direction it should be, and hopefully, in a few more weeks, the cute orange cast will come off, and the regaining of muscle strength will begin.

So I'm working hard to get this solo show put together and functioning as Bodil's left arm too.

Bodil will have a solo show at NY2CA August 2024. She and I will collaborate on an exhibition of interactive sound sculptures there next February, reworking some of the pieces from Probability and some new surprises too. There will be a Jon Schueler show there fall of 2024, which I am helping to facilitate

I’m working with the Jon Schueler Foundation whenever I get a chance. A few of his collectors are downsizing, so we are helping them place those pieces, and more, in museum collections. Interesting work. Get in touch with me if you are curious about this.

In other news, we were featured in a sweet article in Benicia Magazine ~ not focusing on our art so much as on our collaborative process ~ which apparently involves lots of playful bickering.

Our chorus, part of the GGSOC, is on hiatus now, but will start up again in the fall with Handel’s Messiah, the sing-along version, and then next year Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to be performed in Benicia, San Francisco and Switzerland. If you ever wanted to sing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Switzerland, consider joining us

We had a big success with Songs of Truth, music dealing with the Holocaust ~ much of it written in concentration camps. We will be continuing that work too. 

Before our singing in Switzerland, we hope to have a residency in the south of France. We have an artist friend there who is refurbishing an old farmstead to be an artists’ retreat/residency, and we were lucky enough to be designated guinea pig artists for that. More later. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for your super-valuable attention. I hope you and your loved ones are thriving, and see you on the 13th!

Larnie Fox


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