The C++ Network Library

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Welcome to the C++ Network Library discussion group. Please observe the following rules when posting:
  • Please don't top post -- keep your replies in-lined to the paragraph/sentence that you're responding to. This allows us to keep the context of the discussion and to keep discussions easier to follow.
  • Please be civil -- we'd like to think everyone's friends on the mailing list and in case you disagree with someone please disagree in a civil manner. There's no room for nastiness here.
  • Please contribute! If you find a topic that's interesting to you please don't hold back. Let everyone on the list know what you think, everybody is welcome no matter how big or small your contributions may be.
If you're new on the list or are using the library and have encountered a problem -- and are posting to get support -- please search the archives first before asking your question. Your question may already have been answered. In case your question hasn't been answered yet please post a descriptive message that would include as much detail as you can so that we can help you easily. We'd like to help you so please help us help you.

This group is for general discussions relating to the C++ Network Library -- please keep the posts on topic.

Thanks for visiting the discussion group and I do hope you get involved or find what you're looking for here!

Cheers! -- Dean Michael Berris, C++ Network Library Maintainer