April 24 coworking postmortem. Returning to Downtown Credo on May 1.

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Apr 26, 2012, 5:59:41 PM4/26/12
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Hiya.  Short version:  We tried Downtown Credo.  Not bad.  We will go back next Tuesday, May 1.

Last week, I proposed switching the Cow Orking venue to see if Downtown Credo was as good or better.  We had these observations, and you are free to decide if they're good or bad.

Downtown Credo has less organic vitality than Stardust.  There are no tricycles to ride, no Pynchon-reference graffiti on the restroom wall, no free concert tickets to obscure bands, no crazy regulars that we all know and (ahem) love, no kids playing chess, no Page of the Day, the tables are purchased instead of created.

The people at D-C had serious conversations.  The loud conversation at the next table was about some businessy thing, not the metaphysics of the Doctor Who universe.  (E.g.)

The morning barista at D-C wears more clothes than Stardust's.  Also has Y chromosome, so there's that.

D-C has no kitchen.  Baked goods at the counter are comparable.  B Y O Tots.

D-C also has no alcohol.

D-C has voluntary pricing; pay what you like.  In reality, you will end up paying more.

There's no way we could move and join tables at D-C.  Electrical outlets are accessible with long cable from anywhere, though.

Internet!  It was rather good at D-C.  No poltergeists in the access point.

No beer.

At Stardust, parking sucks.  In contrast, at Downtown Credo, parking sucks.

No beer at all.  No St Bernardus.  No Bud Lite Lime.  Nothing.

Chairs were  more comfortable at D-C.  Air conditioning seems stable too, though we did visit on one of the 20 gorgeous days this year will have and didn't stress the environment much.

- c
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