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There is always something wonderful with having someone who is always there right by your side.

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However, there are some couples whose relationships overflow with so much passion and love that they feel the need to share it with someone else.

Engaging in couple dating doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple no longer has any love between them. Instead, they just use it as an excellent way to add new spice and spark to their relationship to make it stronger and better than ever before.

To simplify your quest, read on to know some of the best couples dating sites and apps that are available to help you unleash all of your desires.


Time and time again, Ashley Madison always tops the list of the best dating sites and apps for couples and this doesn’t even come as a surprise anymore.

A site made especially for open-minded members, it has members who are fans and lovers of swingers, polyamorous relationships, and open relationships. Since its launch way back in 2001, Ashley Madison has survived through its initial difficulties and currently thrives as one of the best places to go for all couples and singles who are open for some unique dating fun and excitement.

This interesting site caters to users who are already part of a marriage. On the surface, you can tell right away that this is different from other matchmaking services out there, making the site truly one of its kind. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a side piece or you are already part of a committed relationship, Ashley Madison might suit your needs.


If you are up for something naughty and nice, that will surely be your first reaction the moment you arrive at

From the outside, the site looks tame and shy but the moment you enter, be ready to see an eyeful that is something that you should never open while at work. If some websites encourage its members to wear their clothes, this rule doesn’t apply here. In fact, nudity just marks the beginning of your dating experience here. is definitely the dream of any voyeur with all of its steamy hot videos and pictures. The site allows its members to add their own video introductions and chat on and view the live video streams of other members. With its member blogs and dirty niche chat rooms, you can expect to be lost for hours on end while exploring the site.

99Flavors is undeniably the best place to be for those who might be searching for new flavors. If you think that your sex life is starting to go downhill, worry no more because the platform will make it easier for you to meet and engage with hot encounters with all the local swingers in your area.

You might want to avoid this site if you are looking for love but if you are just after some fun and group sex, you can expect to offer everything there is to offer for those who are actively searching for hot couples open to the idea of naughty swinger nights.

Despite being a new adult swinger hookup site, you can already expect a world of adrenaline rush and exciting apps here. There are millions of opportunities that await you here and all you have to do is to make a choice.

Kupple is another unique couples dating site with a mission of connecting twosomes with another twosome for date night buddies, advice, and friendship, instead of swinging.

The website firmly believes that every soul in this planet has a mate and every couple also has a match and they help their members find and meet their perfect matches with no need to pay for anything.

Married couples can take advantage of the comprehensive search feature of this dating site to browse for their matches based on location, newest members, sexual orientation, and similar interests. Thanks to Kupple, you can look forward to making your marriage more satisfying as it lets you socialize with fellow couples and form deep friendships.

Kupple truly sets itself apart from other naughty sites out there because this is meant for richer social life and deeper conversations instead of flirting and hookups.


No list of the best couple dating sites and apps will ever be complete without mentioning The best place to be if you are looking for a threesome, also caters to all singles that are searching for other singles that will let them unleash their deepest sexual fantasies.

With its large membership base, there is no denying that this platform can make your pursuit for happiness very much possible. During your sign up to the page, you can use your Facebook account so you don’t have to worry about exposing your personal information.

Since this is made up of members who share the same beliefs and interests, you are always more than welcome to explore the site that is fit for all people who want to further explore their sexuality and engage in fun and exciting threesomes.

BisexualScene is a free to join and use online dating community that caters to those who are firm believers of the dating philosophy of no strings attached. Instead of having your options just limited to males, females, or couples, it is now possible to have everything that your heart desires with one of the biggest couples dating sites right now.

There are a lot of couples who join to engage in discreet dating with third person who can be a long term or short term partner. The members sponsor different local fetish events, orgies, and group sex parties in the hopes of spicing up their dating lives.

It is among the few dating websites that will help you make it feel that hooking is a group activity instead of a solo adventure.


Feeld is labeled as a dating app meant for open-minded singles and couples, making it your go-to place if you are looking for a threesome. You could browse the site as a couple or on your own, chat with others online, and schedule a meet up.

If you want to ensure that your sexcapade remains a top secret, don’t worry because the app lets you hide from all of your Facebook friends to ensure that you will never be matched with someone you know. This way, you can save yourself from awkward conversations.

A still somewhat new addition to the couples dating scene, it is safe to say that Feeld is a true all-around sex positive app. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a threesome, you are hoping to meet someone will match your kinks, or you are curious to learn more about ethical non-monogamy. You can be sure to find exactly what you are searching for.


There is a big chance that you already downloaded Tinder or you are planning to use it soon. Tinder is a very easy to use couples dating app that can help you look for an eager third. This is also meant for all couples who might be searching for a thirsty single.

All you have to do once you have downloaded the app is to choose your sexual preference, the gender you are searching for, upload some of your photos and that of your special someone, and start swiping right away.

Make sure that you have a super clear bio to ensure that people won’t be confused. Doing so is the best way for you to reap the advantages of using one of the most popular apps for dating that you can use to find flings and more.


Tabuu is one of the best places to meet open-minded local singles and couples. The main goal of this app is to help its users create friendships. After all, life is meant to be something that is fun and exciting.

Having helped create millions of friendships and matches, Tabuu is your go-to app to help you meet new singles and couples near or around your area. This is also the best app to use if you ever find yourself lonely during an out of town trip.

It is super easy and simple to use this app because all you have to do is swipe right if you are interested or left if you are not.


There is nothing that comes close to FNTSY if you are searching for a comprehensive app that will teach you of all your curiosities and kinks. You can use this app in different ways, whether you are joining as a single individual or a couple.

You can choose from the three primary options for using the app. You can flirt, play some games, or learn. There are a lot of things that await you once you download this app so you can get started with your couples dating experience right away without wasting any minute. If you want to turn your fantasies into reality, FNTSY is the app for you.

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