Attendee Letter of Invitation | 會眾行前信 COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022

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蔣偉志 Toomore

Jul 27, 2022, 10:16:19 PM7/27/22
to coscup-general
Hi Everyone~


COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 is coming up soon. We have designed a guide for you, so you won’t miss every detail of COSCUP!

This mail also has the online version, welcome to share to your friends!

Main Information

Before the Conference

Before Departure

  • Find out the best route to the venue (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
  • Check out the venue map, so you won’t get lost!
  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and join us Online

Arriving at the Venue

  • For the health and safety of all participants, EVERYONE HAS TO WEAR SURGICAL MASKS AT ALL TIME during the conferences. 😷
  • Both Building TR(研揚大樓) and Building RB(綜合教學大樓) have registration desks.
  • We will take pictures of the event on the COSCUP. If you do not want photos containing you to be published on our album, we will provide the red badge lanyard for you on the registration desks.
  • If You Are…
    • A Speaker: You should head directly to your classroom.
    • A Participant: You can find the classroom of the first session from the agenda.
    • A Participant in the Healing Market: You should head to Volunteer desk TR-309 for check in your class.
    • A OSCVPass VIP: You could head to Volunteer desk TR-309 to exchange the free ticket for nitro coffee or register for the professional portrait.
    • Bringing luggage: You can bring your luggage to TR517 to use luggage deposit service.

During the Conference

  • We have ~60 talks in English or Japanese this year, check it out on the schedule or OPass app.
  • Register the Lightning talk and this year the lightning talk is only in 3 mins!! ⚡️
  • Visit sponsors(TR-309、TR-312) and community booths(TR 2F、TR-309、TR-312) to collect points using the OPass app. Show your QR code from OPass app to collect points. Redeem your points for gifts at the COSCUP Shop(TR 3F). These gifts are limited quantities and when they're gone, they're gone!
  • Visit “Volunteer Tasks” and collect rewards. Or come to the Volunteer Desk(TR-309) to register as a volunteer of COSCUP 2023!
  • Go to BoF/hacking room(TR-413-2, TR-510) to find your gathering. Share new findings with fellow FLOSS folks.
  • There will be a small dining car(TR 1F). You can order a cup of nitro cold brew(NCB) coffee by private chefs.
  • My body is so tired, I need to relax more! You could head to Massage Station(TR-515) to relax.


The following are the coordinates of the venue and stores. Use map software to easily guide you the right direction. (The links will go to wiki maps, you can select your preferred map software from the four map services on the screen)

===== 分隔線 =====

COSCUP x KCD Taiwan 2022 即將在 07/30 - 07/31 於臺灣科技大學舉辦!

由於我們現在不用報名、自由參加,但我們還是有一份「會眾行前信」幫你設計簡單的引導手冊,讓你不錯過 COSCUP 每個小細節。



  • 大會活動時間為 2022-07-30 - 2022-07-31
  • 地點在台灣科技大學(台北市大安區基隆路四段43號)




  • 請全程配戴口罩!😷
  • TR(研揚大樓)、RB(綜合教學大樓) 都有設置報到處!
  • 我們有提供「紅色頸繩」,給不希望出現在大會相簿照片內的您。如有需求,請在報到處拿取,並全程佩戴在明顯之處供相關人員識別。
  • 如果...
    • 我是講者,我應該直接前往所屬的社群議程教室。
    • 我是會眾,可以先看看行程上第一個議程教室在哪。
    • 我有報名「療癒市集」,請前往 TR-309 志工服務台報到。
    • 我有 OSCVPass 資格,請前往 TR-309 志工服務台兌換氮氣咖啡或預約形象照拍攝時段。
    • 我有厚重行李,可以到 TR-517 使用寄放行李服務。


  • 今年有超過 60 場英日文議程,歡迎邀請你的外籍朋友一起來參加!
  • 報名閃電秀,今年的閃電⚡️只有3分鐘,想來挑戰看看嗎!
  • 逛逛贊助商攤位(TR-309、TR-312)、社群攤位(TR 2F 走廊、TR-309、TR-312)、使用 OPass app,秀出 QRcode 讓攤位人員掃描取得點數,並到大會攤位(TR 3F)兌換贈品,數量有限!
  • 逛逛志工任務、蒐集獎勵,或到志工服務台(TR-309)報名 COSCUP 2023 的志工!
  • 除了聽議程,也可以到 BoF (TR-413-2) 或 hacking room(TR-510)尋找屬於您的聚會,與同好暢談彼此在相同主題上的新發現。
  • TR 1F 有小餐車,也可以來這裡點杯氮氣咖啡。
  • 逛到肌肉痠痛,你可以前往按摩小站(TR-515) 放鬆一下、舒緩酸痛!


以下為會場與商店的座標位置,透過地圖軟體可以方便指引位置。(頁面將前往 wiki maps,請依畫面四個地圖服務圖示選擇使用)

蔣偉志 Toomore(Chiang Wei-Chih)
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